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How to Use AI Chatbot on WhatsApp for Lead Generation

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

orai's blog on how to use AI chatbot on WhatsApp for Lead generation.
AI Chatbot on WhatsApp For Lead Generation

If you have been noticing online communication, chatbots have taken the center stage.

Not only they are improving customer support but helping with engagement and lead generation through all stages of marketing and sales. These are modern AI-powered chatbots with the abilities of Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Smart businesses are combining AI chatbots with WhatsApp Business API to create WhatsApp chatbots. This combination has expanded the number of use cases in all areas of business communication. Many businesses have already included WhatsApp chatbots in their marketing and sales strategies. They using it to provide personalized, customer-specific communication based on every customer’s behavior. From websites and social media pages to digital advertising, these chatbots are commanding quality conversations everywhere.

Customers nowadays have exposure to a global market, where they get exposed to the most sophisticated services and systems. Hence, they expect improved standards of experience from all kinds of businesses.

Due to rapidly changing customer demands, businesses are trying to understand their needs instantaneously. Every consumer is looking for personalized value and they are pretty sensitive about it – especially in critical service areas such as healthcare, hospitality, real estate, insurance, education, and more.

To understand the evolved customer interaction demands, you can consider the following scenarios:

  • Customers insisting on immediate response

  • Human agents unable to handle all leads and inquiries

  • Customers looking for hyper-personalized information

  • Generic chatbots failing to provide customer-specific information

  • Customers using multiple channels, 24*7

Challenges of Online Lead Generation

1. Human agents unable to use contextual data

Plenty of useful insights can be captured by studying the real-time data of website visitors and people who engage across multiple channels. Their location, names, intent, emotions, and other contextual data can help to provide personalized assistance.

Unfortunately, humans can’t identify these insights while interacting, at least not fast enough to use them in the same conversation. An AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot offers the ability to detect, understand and utilize contextual data in real-time to capture, engage and qualify leads faster.

2. Lead generation needs personalized interactions

Leaving site visitors alone to research on their own can deliver limited results only, especially when the products or services contain a high value. Prospects look for a consultative, personalized experience aligned with their unique needs and their current position in the buying journey.

Phone calls and emails have become ancient with leads are coming through multiple digital channels. Now, businesses wish to capture leads 24*7 without compromising the personalized touch.

3. Manual personalization at scale costs too much

Achieving personalized engagement at a high scale becomes too expensive with manual outreach. The constant high volume of traffic requires a huge team of individual representatives for phone calls and live chat. It is practically impossible to invest in such vast teams to personally engage with every digital channel visitor. Hence, companies need a system where all leads can be engaged on a personal level with only high-value inquiries reaching human agents. This is how the budget and quality of lead generation can be managed.

How can an AI Lead Generation Chatbot on WhatsApp Help?

Using AI chatbots on WhatsApp, businesses are now capturing more leads by effectively engaging consumers online. Consumers are connected instantly with an intelligent bot that uses contextual, personalized data for user-specific responses.

WhatsApp chatbots help you establish a smarter way of interacting with prospects. They can create new business opportunities, build relationships, improve sales conversions, and ensure customer retention.

1. Automated real-time lead qualification

AI bots on WhatsApp can conduct real-time analysis of user data to differentiate between new prospects, existing customers, and qualified leads. It can evaluate user profiles, behaviors, and intentions to offer personalized conversations. This approach works way better than static forms, floating widgets, and unwanted popups.

2. Intent-based omnichannel engagement of leads

Businesses mostly fail to generate quality leads when they can’t provide useful information fast enough. Prospects may bounce from one channel to another in hopes to research more about products, services, and your brand. If you can’t remember their needs across channels, it hampers the experience and potential leads go to waste.

AI chatbots on WhatsApp can be integrated across all channels be it websites, social media, or ads on Google, Facebook, or Instagram. This way, it can assist consumers throughout their buying cycle with personalized, relevant information.

3. Engaging customers in the language they prefer

The best part about having an AI chatbot on WhatsApp is the ability to interact with customers in any language they prefer. A single bot knows more than 100 languages, which makes the globalization of your business cost-effective. More leads are captured and converted when they are engaged in their native languages.

4. Give sales reps more time for consultative selling

With all early stages of marketing and lead qualification handled by an AI, sales reps get more time to provide their undivided attention to consumers. The bot allows instant takeover of conversations on WhatsApp, so sales reps can offer consultation towards conversion. And when they take over such conversations, the bot arms them with valuable history, context, and behavioural insights gathered before. This helps to close deals faster than usual.


This kind of interaction with leads creates richer engagement on digital channels, which in return, gives you quicker conversions. WhatsApp can become the centre of all your business communications when an AI bot is there to provide relevant assistance to prospects.

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CEO-ORAI Robotics

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