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How AI-Enabled HR Chatbots Are Automating Recruitment In 2020

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Recruitment Automating in HR AI Chatbots
Recruitment Automating with AI BOT

After sourcing the prospects, HR managers have to perform various tasks to select the right candidates for interviews. Then, they have to assist candidates with information and assistance they require to attend interviews. These procedures of pre-screening and shortlisting decide the quality of skilled candidates coming to your organization.

There are multiple repetitive questions involved at different stages of hiring such as- required skillset, salary expectations, relocation, and more. So, handling each and every candidate manually increases the time and budget of hiring to a great extent. This is why organizations are gradually moving towards automation with AI-enabled HR chatbots.

HR bots powered by artificial intelligence are simplifying and automating everything that was earlier time and budget consuming in recruitment.

Some Interesting Recruitment Automation Stats

Recruitment Challenges Your HRs Are Facing Right Now

Here are the challenges stopping your HR team from quality talent identification, and onboarding:-

Recruitment Challenges HRs Are Facing

1. High Volumes of Applicants

HRs are required to spend a lot of time and effort on handling hundreds or maybe thousands of candidates, depending on the size of the business. Even before they schedule calls and in-person screening, the HR team has to gather CVs, answer candidate queries, and ask them for details that aren’t available on their resume. Large numbers of candidates make these processes difficult for HR members.

2. Time-Consuming Hiring Model

The manual approach to gathering and sharing information adds unnecessary time to the hiring process. Simultaneously, HRs have to manage their internal activities in the organization every day. This creates a pressurized environment where conversations with candidates are initiated and completed in a hurry.

3. Engaging Desired Candidates

At times, companies attract wrong candidates due to job description discrepancies. Then, it presents the challenge of finding and engaging the right candidates in front of HR team members. Doing it manually, organizations many times lose desired candidates, who get job offers from other companies by the time an HR professional contacts them.

How AI-Enabled HR Chatbots Solve Challenges with Recruitment Automation

Empowered with AI technology, HR chatbots provide human-like experience while interacting with candidates. This conversational AI can engage candidates by answering their queries, gathering information, and notifying them about scheduled interviews. It all happens automatically, which allows HRs to complete other tasks. In fact, if you choose the right conversational AI platform, it’ll automate HR-related internal activities as well.

This is how conversational AI HR automation brings excellent results in recruitment:-

1. Collecting CVs

AI Chatbot Collecting CVs

Conversational AI gives a humanized personality to an HR Virtual Assistant. That virtual assistant collects CVs from all prospects simultaneously. The collected CVs go to a well-defined dashboard for HRs to overview, collect, and share with the internal team.

2. Candidate Assessment

AI Chatbot telling Candidate Assessment

After collecting the CVs, an HR chatbot can automatically assess them to find the best-suited candidates for a job role. This results in saving a huge part of manual labor in the HR department, especially in the case of bulk hiring.

3. Application Tracking

AI Chatbot helping with  Application Tracking

From time to time, candidates would want to know where their application is in terms of approval. Instead of collecting those calls and answering those emails, HRs can automate the process with conversational AI. Candidates can monitor their application simply by giving their reference ID. However, the bot automatically notifies candidates who get shortlisted.

4. Collecting Feedback

AI Chatbot collecting Interview Feedbacks

Candidate feedback regarding his or her interview can help to retain interested candidates and improve the interview process as well. A conversational AI gives an automated yet friendly way of collecting feedback from candidates. This process highlights any issues that candidates might be facing, which can be resolved with instantaneous bot-to-human conversation transfer.

Key takeaways!

Conversational AI innovation in HR is automating how candidates are selected, engaged, and screened throughout the hiring process. Recruiters can save themselves from shortlisting candidates manually from an endless list.

ORAI’s conversational AI for HR has brought a 45% increase in productivity for users. Your recruitment and internal HR challenges will be resolved with a single automation platform.

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