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How ORAI Can Automate Your Entire Customer Engagement Strategy And Execution With Conversational AI

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Automate entire Customer Engagement With ORAI over Whatsapp
Customer Engagement on WhatsApp

For organizations today, engaging customers has become a constant struggle. They turn towards automated platforms to drive efficiency but end up creating a faceless environment that doesn’t connect with customers on a human level.

Many businesses have implemented simple chatbots in hope of resolving all the pain points, but these primitive technologies can’t deliver more than basic FAQs. They don’t offer conversational intelligence to understand and engage the customer. Hence, the interactions bring no valuable insights to the business.

Here, in this post, we’ll talk about the importance of a customer engagement plan and how ORAI can help you prepare an automated customer engagement strategy and run it efficiently.

Why is Customer Engagement Important Using Conversational AI Platform?

With customers being at the centre of your business, you need to engage them to drive sales and build your brand in the long run.

Below are 3 AI-powered customer engagement benefits you should aim for in your business:

1. Customers seek intelligent conversations

Customers are interacting with brands with evolved expectations. They now have voice-enabled gadgets powered by Alexa and Siri, but they desire more than that. Customers want you to recognize their preferences with intelligent understanding and personalization. More than 70% of consumers want chatbots to better understand the context of conversations. Hence, finding a humanized conversational AI for customer engagement ideas becomes a priority for any business.

2. Engaging conversations result in action

Ultimately, a conversation with a customer is more than a conversation, it’s a way to help in making commercial decisions. Successful engagement drives more interest allowing people to become loyal paying customers. This level of engagement is possible only when the power of conversational AI merges with your existing team of human agents.

3. Successful engagement delivers valuable data

Whether it’s a friendly human agent or a humanized AI chatbot, an engaging conversation reveals different valuable information. Over chat or voice calls, customers share insights that you can’t gather anywhere else. This conversational data can prove to be a goldmine of information in improving your products, services, marketing, and customer support as per the customer demands.

ORAI’s Conversational AI for Your Entire Customer Engagement Strategy

We are an advanced Conversational AI platform designed to simplify large scale consumer engagement for modern-age businesses. Our AI-powered customer engagement platform comes along with various solutions/features:

  • Omnichannel: Integration across all digital channels like websites, WhatsApp, Social Media and more!

  • Industry-specific: Customized conversational flow for education, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, HR automobile, etc.

  • 3-way conversations: Instantaneous bot-to-human handover on the same chat platform.

  • WhatsApp drip marketing: Automated drip campaigns on WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp API: Verified business account on WhatsApp with a green badge.

Monthly Car Payment Installment Notification Online  over Verified WhatsApp Business Account

Using our solutions, you can automate and amplify your customer engagement activities for every stage of the consumer buying cycle:

1. Pre-Purchase Engagement

Our conversational AI platform unifies customer experience across all channels you target for engagement. From marketing to query support and sales follow-ups, you can automate everything with our humanized virtual assistant. Users get their questions answered and give feedback. Our AI qualifies leads in real-time while having conversations with them. Hence, you receive a massive growth in conversions and revenue.

Here’s what a person requires during the pre-purchase engagement:
  • Information about the features and benefits of your product or service.

  • One or more conversations with your business asking specific queries.

  • Assistance in picking the right product or service among the choices you provide.

2. In-Purchase Engagement

Our AI-enabled conversational interface is also effective when you want to guide and assist consumers in the process of buying a product or subscribing to a service. Elevating this experience for customers, your business can increase word-of-mouth in the market and earn loyalty from customers.

Here’s what a person requires during the in-purchase engagement:
  • Guidance through every stage of making a purchase.

  • Ability to track their order and delivery of a product or service.

  • Find out about any discounts or package offers you provide.

3. Post-Purchase Engagement

Establishing a 2-way conversation channel after a customer purchases your product is probably the most important aspect of your customer engagement strategy. You keep the personalized assistance open after-sales to build familiarity and trust. This cultivates a brand recall whenever the same customer decides to make another purchase or extend a service.

Here’s what a person requires during the post-purchase engagement:
  • Getting queries resolved if they want to return or change a product.

  • Keeping a track of all new products or features you come up with.

  • Find out about your post-purchase services or assistance.

ORAI Knows Your Customers!

ORAI platform uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing(NLP), natural language understanding, and machine learning(ML) to learn as it continues to interact with users and provides a personalized, conversational experience. It also combines historical information related to interactions, preferences, locations, previously asked questions and so on. These algorithms can create data models that identify customers’ digital patterns, behaviour and footprints.

By learning a user’s history, preferences, and other information, digital assistants can answer complex questions, provide recommendations, make predictions, and even initiate conversations. When looking for conversational AI for customer engagement, ORAI is the comprehensive platform you need!

Come, get a FREE DEMO and talk to our experts to find out how a competitive edge is achieved through AI-powered customer engagement.

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