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How To Use Facebook Click-to-WhatsApp Ads To Get More E-Commerce Sales

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Click-to-WhatsApp Ad for E-commerce Sales
Click-to-WhatsApp Ad for E-commerce Sales

Last time we talked about Click-to-WhatsApp ads, their setup process, and how to amplify the results with an AI chatbot for WhatsApp.

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Also, Here’s a Recap...

With a WhatsApp Business API powered by a conversational AI chatbot, you can use the latest Click-to-WhatsApp ad feature on Facebook and Instagram. They allow people to click on your ads and have a chat with your AI chatbot on WhatsApp. Hence, you can answer questions faster and convince people to purchase with excellent features like:

  • Query support

  • Payment assistance

  • Product browsing

  • Product comparison

  • Order tracking

And much more, 24*7! Here, in this post, we’ll be focusing on the specific use cases and ideas of ads to help you get more leads and sales for your online store.

With your customers browsing Facebook and Instagram all day long, it is best to show them your ads there. And, with Click-to-WhatsApp buttons, you can create conversational landing pages to qualify leads and convert them in a snap. So, let’s look closely into various ways you can leverage Click-to-WhatsApp ads for e-commerce to expand your marketing and sales ROI.

12 Click-to-WhatsApp Ads to Help You Get More Online Sales

1. Add this to your cart now

Have something interesting in your product collection?! Ask people to add it to their cart with a single click leading to AI-powered WhatsApp conversation.

Send message on WhatsApp and add product to the cart with the help of ORAI's Conversational-AI platform
Send message on WhatsApp and add product to the cart.

2. Make a personal Wishlist for yourself

You have a vast range of product lines connected to each other. Help your customers create their personal Wishlist by telling it to your WhatsApp AI bot. For example, a fashion store can allow men and women to create a list of clothing items and accessories for themselves.

ORAI helps to get fashion advice from the expert on WhatsApp through it's AI-Powered conversational technology
Get fashion advice from the expert on WhatsApp

3. Get seasonal top-10 product list

Your Click-to-WhatsApp ad can promote seasonal product entries and ask people to get a full list by clicking and reaching your WhatsApp platform. There, your bot can interact with every prospect and encourage buying decisions based on their intent and interests.

ORAI helping in receiving all product details on WhatsApp
Receive all product details on WhatsApp

4. Give your review and get a gift card

A friendly, helpful conversation with an AI on WhatsApp will impress your customers. You can utilize such conversations to get more reviews on your website and products. People who leave feedback can get a gift card and use it to buy your product.

ORAI's Conversational AI technology can help in getting reviews in exchange for rewards
Get rewarded for submitting review over WhatsApp

5. Talk, pay and buy on WhatsApp

Most customers want to make an online purchase as fast as possible, especially when they clearly know what they want. For such customers, you can promote an instant buying option via Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram.

ORAI's conversational ai technology helping in making instant payments
Make instant payment for a product/service through WhatsApp

6. Tell us your size and we’ll give it to you now

Do you sell clothes, shoes, bats, or any other products that contain multiple sizes? Then, ask your target customers to tell their size on WhatsApp to find its availability in different designs and colors. This whole conversation can be handled by an artificial intelligence chatbot.

ORAI's conversational ai technology helping in instant sale when replied with sizes.
Message your size and receive the desired product through WhatsApp

7. Give your email to get our latest offer

When a Click-to-WhatsApp ad brings you potential leads, a WhatsApp AI chatbot can ask them for their email address. Customers would be pleased to share their basic information after a friendly conversation with your virtual assistant. And, you can use it to sell, cross-sell, and up-sell your products from time to time.

ORAI helps to collect email id's from prospects using conversational ai technology
Collect E-mails on WhatsApp and share a personalized offer

8. Answer 3 questions and win rewards

Along with sales, you would also want to conduct marketing surveys to decide on adding new product lines and improve the existing ones. Why not merge this with a sales campaign?! You can give rewards in exchange for answers from your prospective customers. The data will help your future marketing, while the distributed rewards will bring in more sales.

ORAI can help in getting honest feedbacks through whatsApp using conversational ai.
Get honest feedback in exchange for gift coupons

9. Say ‘Hi’ for our latest offers this Christmas

Holiday seasons are the best time to sell more. Why not promote your latest offers over WhatsApp to ease the buying process for customers! Ask them to say “Hi” to receive the latest discounts on products during Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, and others.

ORAI can help in increasing sales by promoting discounts and sales through it's conversational ai technology
Say "Hi" to receive latest discounts

10. Customize your order

For certain products, customers might want more customization than generally provided. For them, you can run ads with Click-to-WhatsApp buttons, allowing people to customize the quantity, design, size, or other properties before placing an order.

ORAI's conversational ai technology can help in increasing sales of customized products.
Sell customized products through WhatsApp

11. Pay online to get a discount offer

Easy payment and discount offer, both are attractive enough to get people to buy your products. With Click-to-WhatsApp ads enabled by a WhatsApp conversational AI bot, you can provide this exciting choice to customers. They’ll buy right away!

ORAI can help in increasing sales by promoting instant discount and offers through it's conversational ai technology.
Message on WhatsApp and get instant discount

12. Search and compare your favourite products

Many times, people struggle to find and compare the right products on their own. They will love the fact that your ad leads them to a WhatsApp artificial intelligence chatbot- where it helps with product search and comparison.

ORAI's conversational ai technology can help in comparing multiple products and services.
Compare multiple products on WhatsApp


All in all, you can use Click to WhatsApp ads to:

  • Engage, connect, and convert

  • Build relationships and increase brand loyalty

  • Cross-sell and up-sell products

  • Collect feedback and ask people to share ads with others

While you’re thinking about adding a Click-to-WhatsApp ad strategy to your marketing approach-

Explore ORAI’s WhatsApp conversational AI in the meantime. We’ll provide you with a complete setup of WhatsApp Business API having a verified green badge account along with an AI, ML, and NLP-powered WhatsApp chatbot.

Use ORAI to boost conversational experiences of your customers.


Or, you can start talking to us via WhatsApp here!

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics


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