Click-To-WhatsApp Ads: Maximize Your Lead Quality and Digital Marketing ROI

WhatsApp has become an online conversational hub for businesses and customers. But there are still limitations to how WhatsApp is used for conversational marketing. Here we’ll tell you how you can maximize your digital marketing ROI with WhatsApp.

This post will give you a great start to WhatsApp marketing with useful WhatsApp marketing campaign options.

What you’ll learn in this post:

  • How to use Verified WhatsApp with Automation for marketing?

  • How to promote your business using WhatsApp API?

  • Does WhatsApp marketing work?

  • What are Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

  • How to get your WhatsApp Business API?

  • How to create Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

  • 10 Creative Click-to-WhatsApp ads for higher customer engagement

  • What does the future hold for WhatsApp marketing?

How to use Verified WhatsApp with Automation for marketing?

Connect with customers on a deeper level by talking to them on WhatsApp. That’s how you can use WhatsApp marketing for your business. The methods of starting such conversations can be many:

  • Add WhatsApp AI bot to your website

  • Improve your Facebook presence with a WhatsApp clickable button

  • Integrate QR codes that lead to WhatsApp conversations

  • Share smart WhatsApp opt-in links

  • Make your digital ads conversational with Click-to-WhatsApp buttons

By choosing any or all of these easy methods, you’ll open new gates of marketing for your business via WhatsApp.

How to Promote Your Business Using WhatsApp API?

All you need to do is make sure that customers know about your availability on WhatsApp. They will automatically reach you there, where you can have a conversation to qualify them as good leads and turn them into customers. Also, you can give them a 24*7 open, direct support channel.

More than that, you can directly sell products while chatting with prospects. You can get yourself a WhatsApp Business API to showcase your products in a catalog. It doesn’t take any time or effort. And, you can start sending products/services to customers via chat.

Add the power of an AI bot to your WhatsApp, and you can even automate all those conversational and transactional messages taking place around your business. The use cases can include account or order updates, appointment reminders, product inquiries, discount offers, and more.

In a nutshell, WhatsApp Authorized marketing is useful to:

1. Automate conversational texts

2. Automate transactional texts

3. Qualify leads faster

4. Convert leads into loyal customers

5. Provide customer support 24*7

If you need, ORAI can get you an Authorized WhatsApp Business API with a ‘green badge’ verified account ready to be used at any scale. Click here to know more!

Does WhatsApp marketing work?

WhatsApp helps you create a direct connection with existing and potential buyers. It gives you a conversational form of commerce in a market where:

  • 2 billion people are messaging on WhatsApp

  • Facebook and Instagram allowing Click-to-WhatsApp buttons on their ads

  • Conversations are considered the best form of customer experience

Earlier businesses had complaints with WhatsApp because it required too much manual work. But now, with advanced and easy-to-integrate AI chatbots for WhatsApp, this problem has gone out of the room for good.

That’s why the presence of Click-to-WhatsApp ads makes more sense now to expand your business ROI.

What are Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

Facebook now allows you to set up ads with click-to-WhatsApp buttons that take people to your WhatsApp account with a single click.

This simple set up lets you add multiple strategies to your social media paid marketing campaigns:

  • You can run ads with buttons that start conversations over WhatsApp like “Send WhatsApp”

  • You can integrate it to your WhatsApp Business API

  • You can integrate WhatsApp API with a conversational AI for smart automation

  • Placement choices are:

- Facebook Marketplace and News Feed

- Facebook Stories

- Instagram Stories

- Instagram Feed and Explore

Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook, Instagram Feed and Story

You can automate the whole process of interacting and transactional messaging with a WhatsApp API powered by AI chatbots.

ORAI's AI conversational platform

AI bots can now automate every step taken after a conversation starts on WhatsApp. Now, let’s talk about how you can start using Click-to-WhatsApp ads.

How to get your WhatsApp Business API?

You need to get two things done to start using the Click-to-WhatsApp ad feature on Facebook and Instagram:

  1. Get your WhatsApp Business API to create a verified account with a green badge.

  2. Connect your business account on WhatsApp to your existing Facebook Page and decide on an admin.

Since you need permission to get your WhatsApp Business API, here are some helpful steps:

  1. Choose WhatsApp Solution Partner or ISV for the process

  2. Choose a number that has never existed on WhatsApp before

  3. Carefully provide all the required details

  4. Understand the correlation between messaging and pricing

  5. Integrate it with an advanced conversational AI bot

  6. Start interacting with prospects and customers

Next, you’ll require your business page on Facebook to be connected with WhatsApp. For that, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your Business Page on Facebook.

  2. Select “Settings”.

  3. Find and click on the “WhatsApp” option in a column on the left side of the screen.

  4. Select the country code.

  5. Give your verified WhatsApp number, then click “Send code”.

  6. Enter the code, then click “Confirm”.

Though it looks easy, but this can be a bit complicated process, which requires the right understanding to get everything rolling, or else you will end up facing rejection and no reply problems. Ideally, a right partner can help you shorten the timeline and help you get verified. Want to connect with a Solution Provider, Click Here .

And, that’s it! You can start creating Click-to-WhatsApp ads now.

How to create Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

You can choose any of the following ways to create Click-to-WhatsApp ads:

Since you can use advanced optimization techniques and targeting methods on Facebook Ads Manager, we would like to give some more knowledge on this.

Once you reach Facebook’s Ads Manager, it will give you two sets of advertising objectives to choose from:

Ads for Website Conversions and/or Traffic Objectives

  1. Pick WhatsApp as your Message destination.

  2. Select the audience, schedule and placements you want.

  3. Pick images, headline, and copy of your ad. “Confirm” to get your first Click-to-WhatsApp ad published.

Creating Click-to-WhatsApp ads with traffic as your objective

Ads for Reach, Engagement, Video Views, or Brand Awareness Objectives

  1. Pick your audience, time schedule, and placements.

  2. Find and select “Add Website URL” under “Links”.

  3. Enter your website’s URL.

  4. Find the option “Send WhatsApp Message” under Call-to-Action.

  5. Open the menu and select your Facebook Page that has WhatsApp account integrated. Click on “Confirm” to get it published.

How to set up Click-to-WhatsApp Ad

Adding WhatsApp message as your CTA

After publishing the ad, you’ll get all the traffic to your WhatsApp Business Verified Account. There you can have your AI-powered virtual assistant to handle conversations 24*7.

Now, we come to the most fun part. Here are some great use cases, examples, and creative ideas for running Click-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns.

10 Creative Click-to-WhatsApp Ads for Higher Customer Engagement

With an AI bot for WhatsApp conversations, you can have interactive landing pages for all your ads using Click-to-WhatsApp buttons.

Here are a few great ideas for that:

1. Promote discounted prices and take orders directly

Your customers spend their day browsing content on Instagram and Facebook. And, they prefer messaging on WhatsApp.

For example: E-Commerce Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

E-commerce Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

Run your discount offer ad on these social platforms with the ability to click and interact on WhatsApp. There, you’ll have your conversational AI helping people place their orders. Plus, it will inform about other related products, send payment links, and help them track the product delivery as well.

2. Provide 1-on-1 consultation or advice

Are you a consultant or advisor?! How about you promote your one-on-one online consultation using these ads.

For example: Healthcare Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Healthcare Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

Run your ad and let conversational AI capture leads on WhatsApp. The AI bot can schedule consultation appointments for every patient and send them reminders too.

3. Ask people to chat and get discount offers

If you want to conduct a survey or simply attract more customers, this is a good strategy of running ads. People who click and chat over WhatsApp can receive a discount offer, and you get to engage them and qualify those leads.

For example: Hospitality Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Hospitality Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

You can ask questions, promote your business, and get people to visit your physical location. For instance, a hotel business can attract potential guests this way.

4. Tell us your age and know the best health insurance policy you should get

Get potential insurance buyers to WhatsApp for a conversation. Get their age, name, profession and other details. Tell them the best health insurance policy they should get and provide a premium calculator.

For example: Insurance Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Insurance Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

5. Give your email for a personalized offer

You can even use these ads to collect emails addresses for marketing. While the WhatsApp conversation helps you qualify your leads, email addresses can help you prepare a detailed personalized offer for your clients and customers.

For example: Real Estate Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Real-Estate Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

This is conversational marketing resulting in real estate lead generation using Click-to-WhatsApp ads.

6. Ask anything and get instant answers

With WhatsApp powered by a conversational AI bot, you can attract people through ads to ask any question and get immediate answers for them by chatting on WhatsApp.

For example: Education Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Education Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

7. Make your appointment

Allow people to schedule their appointment simply by clicking on an ad and chatting with an AI bot on your WhatsApp account.

For example: Automobile Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Book Appointment using Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

The people start interacting with your business, you can market, sell, support, and build a long-term relationship with them.

8. Pick your favorite course and fill the application in 1 min

An ad connected to WhatsApp chatbot can help you gather applicants for services. For instance, an educational institution can ask students to simply click on their ad to select a course and fill the application in no time.

For example: Education Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Fill Application through Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

9. Talk to an expert now

An AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot can even allow instant human intervention. So, for your ads, you can also promote expert advice related to your services. For instance, a real estate agency can attract prospects by enabling instant communication with expert realtors. You can run these ads based on the working hours of your team.

For example: Real Estate Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Talk to Expert using Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

10. Customize a product as per your need

If you have a product with a scope of customization for every prospect, showcase that. Engage customers with a Click-to-WhatsApp ad that takes them to a conversational bot for product customization. For instance, an insurance provider can ask people to click their ad and get a customized policy for themselves right away.

For example: Insurance Click-to-WhatsApp ad on:

  • Facebook Feed

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

Customised your Product using Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

What does the future hold for WhatsApp marketing?

With WhatsApp and AI bot conversations coming in the front, we’re expecting Click-to-WhatsApp ads to take a huge leap in social media marketing. Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp will become connected entities for digital marketing.

Automation, customer support and rich content- These are the three things you’ll need to maximize the potential of social media ads and messaging platforms.

So, if you have an online store or service website, enable AI-powered WhatsApp automated and live chat to run Click-to-WhatsApp ads. ORAI can help you there with the complete integration of WhatsApp Business API and a conversational AI platform. Use ORAI to boost conversational experiences of your customers.


Or, you can start talking to us via WhatsApp here!

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