Click-To-WhatsApp Ads: Maximize Your Lead Quality and Digital Marketing ROI

Updated: Jul 8

Click-To-WhatsApp Ads: Maximize Your Lead Quality and Digital Marketing ROI with ORAI

WhatsApp has become an online conversational hub for businesses and customers. But there are still limitations to how WhatsApp is used for conversational marketing. Here we’ll tell you how you can maximize your digital marketing ROI with WhatsApp.

This post will give you a great start to WhatsApp marketing with useful WhatsApp marketing campaign options.

What you’ll learn in this post:

  • How to use Verified WhatsApp with Automation for marketing?

  • How to promote your business using WhatsApp API?

  • Does WhatsApp marketing work?

  • What are Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

  • How to get your WhatsApp Business API?

  • How to create Click-to-WhatsApp ads?

  • 10 Creative Click-to-WhatsApp ads for higher customer engagement

  • What does the future hold for WhatsApp marketing?

How to use Verified WhatsApp with Automation for marketing?

Connect with customers on a deeper level by talking to them on WhatsApp. That’s how you can use WhatsApp marketing for your business. The methods of starting such conversations can be many:

  • Add WhatsApp AI bot to your website

  • Improve your Facebook presence with a WhatsApp clickable button

  • Integrate QR codes that lead to WhatsApp conversations

  • Share smart WhatsApp opt-in links

  • Make your digital ads conversational with Click-to-WhatsApp buttons

By choosing any or all of these easy methods, you’ll open new gates of marketing for your business via WhatsApp.

How to Promote Your Business Using WhatsApp API?

All you need to do is make sure that customers know about your availability on WhatsApp. They will automatically reach you there, where you can have a conversation to qualify them as good leads and turn them into customers. Also, you can give them a 24*7 open, direct support channel.

More than that, you can directly sell products while chatting with prospects. You can get yourself a WhatsApp Business API to showcase your products in a catalog. It doesn’t take any time or effort. And, you can start sending products/services to customers via chat.

Add the power of an AI bot to your WhatsApp, and you can even automate all those conversational and transactional messages taking place around your business. The use cases can include account or order updates, appointment reminders, product inquiries, discount offers, and more.

In a nutshell, WhatsApp Authorized marketing is useful to:

1. Automate conversational texts

2. Automate transactional texts

3. Qualify leads faster

4. Convert leads into loyal customers

5. Provide customer support 24*7

If you need, ORAI can get you an Authorized WhatsApp Business API with a ‘green badge’ verified account ready to be used at any scale. Click here to know more!

Does WhatsApp marketing work?

WhatsApp helps you create a direct connection with existing and potential buyers. It gives you a conversational form of commerce in a market where:

  • 2 billion people are messaging on WhatsApp

  • Facebook and Instagram allowing Click-to-WhatsApp buttons on their ads

  • Conversations are considered the best form of customer experience