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The Adoption of Convenience provided by Conversational AI in the Automotive Industry

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on The Adoption of convenience provided by Conversational AI in the Automotive Industry
Conversational AI In Automotive Industry

Contemporary living has pushed consumers to be a part of the fast-paced world where time is crucial. Such an environment is the breeding ground for newer technology like Conversational AI. Artificial Intelligence has arrived at a stage that it understands the vernacular languages that humans speak and fulfilling their needs, attended.

The Automotive industry is again rising to its glory after the sudden dip in the demand amidst Covid-19 and Automobile businesses are actively looking to deploy solutions to attract customers. Here, Conversational AI is pumping up the competition up a notch with its dynamic features exclusively framed for the industry.

Why is there a need for Automotive Industry to embrace Conversational AI?

The leading industries that have scaled up their game and implemented conversational AI in their field are Healthcare, Education and e-commerce. As per a Capgemini report, only 50 % of the top organization in the automotive industry have conversational chatbots/voice assistants for their consumers. So, there is massive scope for development in the automotive industry. While the world is changing, it is essential to change with time.

The Convenience provided by Conversational AI

Conversational chatbots and Conversational AI platforms are becoming a comprehensive avenue for customers to save time and yet involve themselves to know or explore more. Let’s take a look at the benefits that conversational chatbots provide to its automotive industry customers.

1. Awareness and Discovery

The conception of walking into a car dealership showroom is alluring and love by many. However, the uncertain times have capped the zeal of car enthusiasts to a certain level. Conversational chatbots and AI-powered bots allow the customer to relive the good old times. It enables the customer to enquire about the latest car models, their luxurious features and book a test drive etc. Automobile dealers can make the best use of conversational AI to engage customers.

2. Boosts Lead Generation

Conversational AI has the ability to involve in an interactive conversation with the customer over the website or messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. Chatbot Assistants will help to gather information from your potential lead and accelerate the process for your sales team. It is often observed that customers tend to provide information to a chatbot rather than to an agent.

3. Reaching out to a Larger Audience

Marketing is essential for automotive industry dealers and distributors to speak to a large audience d even though paid marketing is efficient it is expensive. Besides paid campaigns aren’t just enough, it depends on the type of audience. Businesses might have to invest in email marketing, bring about campaigns etc. Conversational AI serves these purposes and attracts the attention of a large audience with its drip campaigns over messaging apps.

4. Round the Clock Assistance

Do not believe that customer satisfaction is attainable. Nevertheless, it’s important to create an experience where customers can engage 24/7, whenever they want, from anywhere. Conversational AI offers round the clock assistance to our customers and answers their frequently asked questions. According to a survey by “64% of consumers claim that 24/7 service is the most useful chatbot functionality”. Automotive Businesses can put this to great use for improving customer satisfaction.

5. Seamless After-sales services

Unlike any other industry, Automotive businesses are required to provide their customers with a complete enhanced experience and it means taking care of the after-sales services. Conversational Chatbots integrated with Messaging Apps can solve these requirements at ease by reminding customers of their forthcoming vehicle servicing date or insurance renewal dates, creating a healthy customer-business relationship.

These are the benefits that the Automotive Industry find relative in order to significantly make a difference in their approach. Aligning with the tech-savvy nature of the customers, Automobile businesses are readily adopting Conversational AI as the solution.

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