How To Use Facebook Click-to-WhatsApp Ads If You’re An Automobile Dealer

Conversational Ads for Automobile Dealers

Facebook and Instagram are giving plenty of marketing opportunities to auto dealers. Whether you want to promote a new vehicle or get potential leads for used cars, it can all happen with Facebook ads. All you have to do is pick the best possible strategy and create your content based on specific targeting.

One strategy in trend right now is- Click-to-WhatsApp Ads on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Ads Manager now allows you to add a “WhatsApp” button to your ads to make them land on a conversational platform. That way, you can initiate a two-way conversation instantly to qualify leads, increase test drive bookings, and get more people to attend your next event.

We, at ORAI, will get you all set for these conversational ads with WhatsApp Business API integrated with our AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbot. Click now to chat with us!

With a WhatsApp chatbot ready to respond, you can use the following ways to run Facebook automotive ads with Click-to-WhatsApp buttons:

1. Like this car? Try it for 7 days. Book a test drive now

Tell people about your used vehicle models, features, and give them an opportunity to hold that car for certain days. Ask them to click on the WhatsApp button to book their test drives automatically. It will ease the process of managing all the bookings, as you’ll be getting bookings in huge numbers.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

2. New launch! Be one of the first 24 owners

Launching a new vehicle model? Attract early bookings with a conversational ad on Facebook and Instagram. Ask people to give their information over chat and book an exclusive model from your dealership.

Click-to-WhatsApp ad on various platforms

3. Looking for a used car? See our selection at rates you won’t say no to

Get more people to book test drives for your used cars by highlighting the unbeatable deals you have. You can even ask prospects to give their email IDs to you over WhatsApp to get a personalized offer.

Click-to-WhatsApp ad on various platform

4. Register now for your spot at our automobile launch event

Promote your upcoming vehicle launch event with Click-to-WhatsApp Facebook ads to simplify the process of registration. Give people special offers like test drives, photo op, advanced booking, and more. This will increase the ROI of your next auto launch event.

Click-to-WhatsApp ad on various platforms

5. Your car needs service?! Book with us now for a flat 20% discount

Promote a discounted service for a limited time period during special seasons. These work exceptionally well for auto Facebook advertising in terms of quick service bookings. At the same time, you get a chance to win loyal customers via an engaging conversation on WhatsApp.

Click-to-WhatsApp ad on various platforms

6. Tell us your favorite color on this new model

Do you have a large collection of one car model in multiple colors? Use a creative approach to sell more of those color options. Give vivid imagery of those cars with a Click-to-WhatsApp CTA, allowing people to know more about the model and book test drive or vehicle itself.

Click-to-WhatsApp ad on various platforms

Get Your WhatsApp API and Conversational AI for Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

We hope these Facebook Click-to-WhatsApp ad ideas will inspire your automotive ad campaigns.

Before you start working on your ad ideas, it will be great to have your WhatsApp API and an Automotive Chatbot deployed on WhatsApp. We will help you with the complete setup of automated conversational advertising with our solutions.

A conversational AI platform will increase the quality of leads and the number of bookings for your business. Our clients in the auto industry have had immense success with Instagram and Facebook advertising – using our WhatsApp AI chatbot. Take time to understand the power of our platform using our FREE DEMO.

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