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WhatsApp And Conversational AI: A Perfect Combination To Run Your Business Amidst New Normal

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

WhatsApp Conversational AI Perfect Combination To Run Your Business Amidst Covid -19
WhatsApp Conversational AI

WhatsApp Usage Stats During COVID-19

Messaging on WhatsApp has increased beyond 50% in the last few months.

In fact, the usage of video and voice calling is double what it was before this pandemic. People connecting via group calls are spending 1000% more time than earlier.

Certainly, WhatsApp usage has increased exponentially.

When the first wave of pandemics hit humanity, the world went to lockdown, more people started using messaging apps for video calls and texting. This resulted in the consumer market shifting to platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, the first one being the most popular with 2 billion users worldwide. So, organizations and businesses started embracing WhatsApp marketing with conversational AI to offer important, accurate information instantly to customers.

5 Ways Your Business Should Use AI-Powered WhatsApp Chatbot Right Now

Businesses across the globe have been forced to keep their doors closed to comply with the lockdown restrictions. Some have closed shops due to not getting enough revenue.

In such difficult scenarios, many businesses are either planning to adopt online marketing with a chatbot or have already adopted it to engage customers and sell products/services amidst the new normal.

With an AI WhatsApp chatbot, you can smoothly shift your business to the digital market.

1. Get WhatsApp Business API with a business-specific AI chatbot

WhatsApp Chat with a business-specific AI chatbot

You’ll need a reliable chatbot partner to get a WhatsApp Business API and an AI WhatsApp chatbot. While the WhatsApp API will let you send messages to customers at any scale with a verified account, AI bot will make marketing, lead qualification, and customer engagement automated for you.

2. Promote discount offers on products and services with drip campaigns

WhatsApp Chat with discount offers on products and services with drip campaigns

Do you know that WhatsApp is the modern-age channel to run drip campaigns? You can send automated, time-based messages to every individual customer to promote products, engage leads, and increase sales with discount offers. You can set a time interval after which your customers will receive a message on WhatsApp about discount offers. This will increase your monthly sales for sure!

3. Run loyalty programs via WhatsApp chatbot

WhatsApp gets you closest to your customers and allows personalized conversations. Using a WhatsApp chatbot, you can encourage your customer base to earn and redeem loyalty points on a regular basis. This will keep your business revenue flowing smoothly every month and ensure customer retention as well.

4. Interact instead of selling

If you want to impress and engage customers right now, authentic communication is the right way to go about it. This is why AI chatbots are performing far better than generic chatbots nowadays. Advanced AI allows bots to understand human behavior, emotions, and intention correctly. So, they respond with an appropriate answer in a humanized manner.

5. Share multimedia resources

Whatsapp AT bot chat Sharing multimedia resources

WhatsApp business account is not just for texting. You can share product information, tips & tricks, and give demonstrations via images, documents, GIFs, and videos as well.

Need an AI-powered WhatsApp Chatbot?!

If you’re struggling to keep those sales conversions coming in the current situation, ORAI is where you need to be. We provide a “WhatsApp Business API + AI WhatsApp Chatbot” aligned with your business model and industry trends.

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CEO-ORAI Robotics

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