WhatsApp Business Chatbot With AI: What Are The Benefits And How Do I Create One?

Whatsapp Chatbot for Business
Whatsapp Chatbot for Business

With WhatsApp becoming a mainstream communication channel, businesses started looking into marketing opportunities there. This gave rise to WhatsApp Business App to help small business owners interact with their clients and customers.

Then came WhatsApp Business API that started allowing medium as well as large businesses to send quick automated text messages to unlimited numbers of customers.

So now, if there’s any messaging app, business owners have their eyes on, is WhatsApp with 2 billion users across the globe. It has created a market of its own with a highly intuitive, fast, and secure user experience.

Difference between the three Whatsapp Platform
Business Benefits Of Whatsapp API

Making things further efficient, AI technology advancements now allow organizations to use a chatbot for WhatsApp business, so virtual assistants could naturally engage people on a large scale.

So, What’s an AI WhatsApp Business Chatbot?

In simple words, a WhatsApp chatbot interacts with humans to answer their questions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made such conversations highly effective, humanized, and satisfactory for users.

These bots are integrated with WhatsApp Business API to answer queries asked by your customers. Most issues get managed in real-time, while highly complex ones get transferred to your human agents instantaneously on the same chat platform.

This is why you can see businesses increasingly adopting WhatsApp business chatbot to boost their brand visibility, customer satisfaction, and engagement rate.

Benefits of AI-Powered WhatsApp Business Chatbot

WhatsApp, powered by an AI chatbot, creates a great opportunity for businesses to expand their customer outreach and deliver the finest quality of support and service. Below, you can find the benefits of WhatsApp chatbot divided into different perspectives:

1. For Customers & Clients

WhatsApp chatbot is highly beneficial for customers and clients:

  • Customers and clients can get their queries resolved instantly and initiate interactions with your business at any time.

  • The support from business stays available to customers and clients 24*7.

  • An AI-powered chatbot personalizes conversations, which enhances the quality and value of every interaction.

  • Business verification comes with end-to-end encryption along with identity and data protection.

  • They can find your business on a platform they are already using.

  • They already know how to use the application.

2. For Business Leaders

These are the benefits of having a WhatsApp business chatbot for people who own businesses:

  • Any size of business can utilize the platform, from small and medium businesses to large organizations.

  • The rich customer experience attained with WhatsApp chatbot results in higher customer engagement and retention.

  • Bots enhance customer relationships to build brand loyalty and awareness.

  • Omnichannel WhatsApp AI bot unifies all your business touchpoints online.

  • You gain the ability to broadcast news, notifications, and informational content in a personalized manner.

  • Scope of globalizing your business at any point in time using WhatsApp chatbot, as it's on an international platform.

3. For Marketing