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WhatsApp Commerce-The Ultimate guide

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WhatsApp Commerce

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging platform. While WhatsApp continues to grow the services it provides businesses, it is now being recognized as more than an interaction tool but also a platform that can facilitate conversational commerce.

This has led to the idea of 'WhatsApp Commerce', a way of offering and selling services and products to customers using WhatsApp as their principal channel.

What is WhatsApp Commerce?

WhatsApp commerce is a term that describes platforms such as WhatsApp Business or API to sell and market your products and services and connect with your client base. WhatsApp commerce is among the most effective ways to increase your customers and reach out to new customers through the most widely used messaging platform-WhatsApp.

Businesses can get leads, interact with customers, and then retarget them and keep these customers with WhatsApp applications.

Companies can remain in contact with their customers more often and improve the recognition of their brand with an integrated WhatsApp online store. In addition, they can use WhatsApp Business for e-commerce to increase the most critical aspect of any business's performance: customer experience.

Customers can browse products and add them to their carts without leaving the chat businesses using their WhatsApp Business API to display and promote their services and products.

WhatsApp Commerce- Use cases & Benefits by enabling ORAI Conversational AI platform

Here are some WhatsApp Commerce Use Cases to explore by implementing ORAI’s WhatsApp commerce:

1. Product Discovery

It can be difficult for shoppers to browse for the product they seek. WhatsApp can be used to assist your customers in finding the appropriate products and placing orders from anywhere to facilitate product discovery.

ORAI's phone chat showing customized product display and discovery
Product Discovery

2. Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are an excellent method to boost your orders' value and revenue. Utilize WhatsApp to provide product recommendations even if you are talking to the customer.

ORAI's phone chat showing product representation as per customer requirement
Personalized recommendation

3. Enhance the shopping experience

After viewing the products, customers can add the items to their shopping carts and send the cart to a company. For shopping on WhatsApp, a Shopping cart is specific to a chat thread for business or personal use on a specific device.

ORAI's phone chat showing ease to shop and choose
Delightful shopping experience

4. Reduced customer effort

The bots make it simpler for your customers to shop online live. They do not have to visit a website or download an additional application. All they need to do is start WhatsApp and send several messages to purchase items or plan returns and more in a short amount of time.

5. Multi-product messages

Multi-product messages include a range of many items from the company's inventory. Your customers can shop with a conversational approach. Multi-product messages allow your customers to navigate to a particular category.

ORAI's phone chat showing Multiple products
Multiple product display

6. Single-product messages

The single-product message involves using a single product that is part of the company's inventory. The item is displayed in the format of a Product Detail Page (PDP) format. One Product messages work best when helping customers find a specific product in a company's inventory.

ORAI's phone chat showing single product display
Single product display

7. Product List Messages

List Messages provides a list of up to 10 options that users can select from a menu view. This allows users to select from a range of choices. Customers can now choose an option from the list of quick Reply Buttons instead of typing back full answers by selecting diverse options.

ORAI's phone chat showing list of products available
List Messaging

8. Product Demonstrations

Demonstrations of your products are a fantastic method to entice your customers. WhatsApp's rich media capabilities allow users to send product demos to those interested in a closer view. You can also share information via emojis, images, educational videos, or pdf documents. This lets you answer questions about your products at any time and cater to your customer's needs.

ORAI's phone chat showing product to shop
Product display

9. Cart Notifications of Abandonment Recovery

Customers who have abandoned checkouts will receive abandoned cart notifications. Messages will be sent through your registered WhatsApp number which is WhatsApp API-certified.

ORAI's phone chat showing Abandoned cart notification
Abandoned cart notification

10. Abandoned Cart Recovery

An abandoned cart is a common occurrence for an online store's brand. Shoppers leave carts when they are required to enter their credit card information or shipping details. Messages will be sent through your registered WhatsApp number to the customers phone regarding the abandonment.

ORAI's phone chat showing Abandoned cart notification on whatsapp
Abandoned cart message

11. Easy transactions

The most common reason for a customer to leave their shopping cart is because of insufficient payment options or delays in the checkout procedure.

You can utilize WhatsApp to make it more convenient for the customers you serve to complete transactions. You can send a payment link once the customer has added the items to their shopping basket and has ready to pay option.

ORAI's phone chat showing secure payment
Secure Payments

12. Resolve Queries

WhatsApp lets brands be accessible 24/7. Therefore, they can contact the WhatsApp chatbot for real-time answers whenever they have questions. Utilizing WhatsApp's rich media feature, users can upload images when there is an issue, or companies can share video instructions on assembling an item.

13. Customer Loyalty

A great customer experience in an organization will result in repeat purchases. Set up loyalty programs on WhatsApp and offer incentives to customers to join. Send out alerts when a client has spent a particular amount by inviting them to your unique loyalty program for customers.

ORAI's phone chat showing special offer
Customer loyalty

14. Order Confirmation and Delivery Updates

Updates on order status are sent to buyers to keep them up to date. When a customer makes an inquiry regarding the status of their most recent purchase, The WhatsApp commerce bot will gather data and inform the user of the status based on the order number. Your brand may also take it further, confirm the order, and assign the expected delivery date.

ORAI's phone chat showing order delivery update
Delivery Updates

15. Personalized Offers

Personalized offers are an excellent method to create an extra layer of trust between a brand and a customer. Personalization can help your business create a memorable and meaningful experience that is more geared toward customers' needs.

16. Post-Sales Support

WhatsApp lets your company provide post-sale assistance in real-time. This allows you to respond to the client's immediate needs without burdening your employees with more serious problems.

Factors to consider with WhatsApp Commerce for your business

As many companies are exploring the benefits of engaging with WhatsApp commerce, it is evolving beyond being a platform for client service. If you choose to use WhatsApp commerce to run your business, then there are several aspects to be considered to enhance customer engagement and experience:

  • Message Templates & quick replies

  • Automated Messages

  • Create Intuitive Chat Flows

  • Organize Your Chats

  • Create a Branded Business Profile

  • Create Catalog

  • Build Superior Brand-to-customer Connections

  • Broadcast messages

  • Faster Customer Support

WhatsApp Commerce Is the Future of eCommerce!

Modern-day brands are eager to discover new ways to interact with their customers. Chat apps like WhatsApp have changed how we communicate with them, which is an obvious game changer for DTC and retail industries.

WhatsApp has become the best platform to meet all your business requirements when it comes to answering the most frequent questions or processing transactions.

Are you ready to revolutionize your customer experience using WhatsApp Commerce?

Click here to chat over WhatsApp. Or you can register for a FREE DEMO session right away!

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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