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WhatsApp Conversational AI: 7 Tips To Give The Best Chatbot Experience To Customers

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI WhatsApp Conversational AI: 7 Tips To Give The Best Chatbot Experience To Customers
WhatsApp Conversational AI Tips

Are you engaging customers on their favorite conversational channel? If yes, then, are you able to satisfy your customers with the best interactive experience?

WhatsApp now has 2 billion active monthly users, which includes all your customers for sure. So, if you’re thinking of business automation like many business owners, it can’t be done successfully without keeping WhatsApp in your strategy.

A conversational AI platform serving as your WhatsApp chatbot will be perfect to enhance customer experience with automation.

Here, in this post, you’ll come to know valuable tips and strategies to use AI chatbot for WhatsApp for omnichannel customer engagement.

A Customer will Love Your AI WhatsApp Bot if...

1. It speaks the language of your customer

A WhatsApp chatbot for business has to be tailor-made to converse in a language popular and understood by your customers.

Using a familiar language, vocabulary, and language tone are essential, so users can easily understand what an AI assistant is talking about.

ORAI WhatsApp AI Chatbot  speaks the language the customer wants to have the conversation in.
Speaks the Language of Your Customer

2. It makes every conversation interesting

Now, if you want to utilize the true power of WhatsApp Business API, then get an AI bot that can smartly use emojis, video files, links, documents, images, and other formats of content to make every conversation interesting for users.

At the same time, make sure your AI assistant has a friendly humanlike personality, so people can feel more engaged while conversing.

3. It understands and responds like a human

An AI chatbot for WhatsApp has to be smart enough to recognize incorrect sentences, misspelled words, and even distorted meanings to a certain extent. It should ask for missing information to make sense of human input.

People across the globe are using WhatsApp, which changes the way they use words and form sentences. Hence, conversational intelligence plays a huge part in creating a satisfying interactive experience with bots.

4. It guides your customers

Every dialogue, information, and multimedia shared by a bot should assist a customer in a personalized manner. Different customers may engage with your bot at different stages (before a purchase, during a purchase, and after purchase). The bot should understand their requirements and help accordingly.

The ability to run drip campaigns on WhatsApp plays a vital role here, as customers can receive highly personalized information, recommendations, reminders, and helpful follow-ups.

5. It handles processes in seconds, 24*7

Your customers will enjoy getting various processes done via WhatsApp – whether it’s paying a monthly bill, booking an appointment, or tracking their orders.

A WhatsApp conversational AI should perform valuable tasks for customers day and night without wasting any time. Such automation of procedures will benefit your business as well from time and cost perspectives.

6. It connects all channels with WhatsApp

When it comes to browsing and shopping online, mobile devices come first for consumers. So, for them, it would be great if every conversation can happen right on their WhatsApp through a secure business account.

Hence, your AI bot should provide 100% WhatsApp automation integrated across all digital channels like digital ads, websites, social media platforms, and others. That way, a user can push a single button and start conversing with your business on WhatsApp.

7. It makes human agents instantly available

Not every customer would want to talk to a bot, no matter how smart it is. Or, some very complex queries may require human intervention. This is why customers love a virtual assistant that can make human agents available instantly on the same platform (WhatsApp in this case!).

Such interactions on WhatsApp are called 3-way conversations.

Ready for Your AI Chatbot for WhatsApp?

With all these tips and ORAI’s conversational AI platform, you’ll create the most impressive chatbot experience for customers over WhatsApp. The process of adoption won’t seem hard with our experts. All you need to do is give us a call, or talk to our AI ‘Oshi’ over WhatsApp right away.

Let us give you the market reach and customer experience you’re trying to achieve!

Click now for a FREE DEMO!

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics


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