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Understanding WhatsApp OTP Verification as a service

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on Why you should implement WhatsApp OTP Verification for your Business
WhatsApp OTP Verification

OTP Verification is a popular solution that provides credibility and legitimacy. The OTP verification code sent to your mobile is unique for each person and expires automatically after a few minutes. Previously SMS OTP Verification were a popular means of authentication. However, due to the frequent swapping of SIM cards, the use of SMS OTP Verification is gradually declining.

WhatsApp is considered a reliable means of communication, However, have you ever thought about using WhatsApp to authenticate and verify your users by deploying WhatsApp OTP service? Though it is presently used as an on-target communication platform to engage and retain customers, it can be employed as one that even confirms user identity.

What is WhatsApp OTP Verification?

It is a simple feature that helps you verify your user and validates their WhatsApp number. Bringing an absolute alternative to SMS verification, WhatsApp business verification is one that helps you strengthen your sales, marketing and customer service game from core to core.

Enhancing a customer's journey and improving their experience is the primary objective for businesses. Facilitating a robust alternative OTP system of authentication and implementing it into your WhatsApp chatbot or conversational ai chatbot can be a clever move.

Why choose WhatsApp OTP Verification Feature?

Imagine sending an OTP to your user via SMS, and this will provide your user access to his/her personal account. The SMS is sent to the mobile number of your user. However, you will never know if this is the same individual who is said to be the owner of your user’s personal account. This can be extremely risky in situations involving financial transactions or even confidential information exchange.

Eliminating such risks, WhatsApp OTP verification features a streamlined, efficient and secured way of verifying user and filtering junk leads from your database. As a business, all you need to do is send OTP on WhatsApp number instead of the user’s registered mobile number.

Where can you use WhatsApp OTP Verification?

Among the numerous ways that this feature could help you revamp your process of Engaging, Acquiring and Supporting your business, here are some of the ways that WhatsApp OTP Verification helps.

1. Two-Factor Authentication

While companies like Google, LinkedIn are using two-factor verifications to protect and secure their user data, other companies are using it to make smooth transactions. WhatsApp OTP Verification feature can be an efficacious addition to the two-factor authentication process.

2. Transaction Validation

Protection of digital payments of your user can be one of the major reasons, businesses should switch to WhatsApp OTP Verification. This is the befitting way to ensure the identity of the person making the transaction. Through this, you can also protect your user, as the OTP will be sent through a verified company business account at the time of checkout.

3. WhatsApp Number Verification

The common practice for any online business, across industries, is to request a mobile number from your user, later used by your team to maintain communication with the customer. Most of the time, a user provides a dummy number to avoid getting spammed. WhatsApp OTP service helps you identify, registered WhatsApp Numbers that can be directly transferred to your database.

4. Login Reactivation

Banks and Financial Institutions are constantly changing processes to set up a safe and secure transaction process for their consumers. Replacing the use of static passwords, with One Time Password, the BFSI industry is diverting to WhatsApp OTP Verification for login reactivation of user profiles.

5. Document Authorization

Digital Transformation has changed how businesses used to work. So, when employees work on the cloud, confidential resources belonging to the administration must be kept secure. Here, an organization can provide authorization to their employees with WhatsApp OTP Verification. They can provide access to files, folders and directories to specific employees by sending an OTP verification code directly to the employee's WhatsApp number.

WhatsApp OTP Verification is meant to resolve the prevalent issues of 2021. ORAI Robotics is providing a WhatsApp OTP Service that allows you to send OTPs directly to your users WhatsApp numbers, verifying and authenticating their provided number. You can also integrate your WhatsApp Business API with this service and guide your business to success.

How does ORAI’s WhatsApp OTP Verification Service work?

Just follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter the WhatsApp Number

  2. Click on Generate OTP

  3. Enter OTP

  4. Click on Validate

Now you have validated your user’s WhatsApp Number and filtered the junk leads easily. Wish to know more about our WhatsApp OTP Service feature? Let us assist you further. TRY NOW or Contact Us Here.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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