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All-in-One Guide to WhatsApp Salesforce Integration

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on All in one guide to whatsapp salesforce integration
WhatsApp-Salesforce Integration

When Salesforce announced its integration with WhatsApp, it opened new channels for businesses to provide a more engaging customer experience. Now the top CRM platform can be used with a channel that has more than 2 billion active monthly users across 180 countries.

Salesforce to WhatsApp Integration: New Age of Customer Service

The Spring Release from Salesforce offers new customer service functionalities to agents. They can interact with customers via WhatsApp, which creates better conversational ground than other channels such as email, SMS, and phone. With WhatsApp, now brands can broadcast pre-approved notifications as well in a pre-defined sequence.

In the following video Salesforce explains all the components needed for WhatsApp integration:

What can You Achieve with WhatsApp Salesforce Integration?

It is important to understand that the sole purpose of WhatsApp Salesforce integration is providing customers with better service rather than spamming them with pushy marketing campaigns.

You can interact with customers whenever they request. Such conversations can happen via Facebook authorized topics or pre-approved message templates. This allows the channel to stay more engaging instead of becoming a channel for sales and promotional messaging.

There are 2 major ways you can utilize WhatsApp Salesforce integration for conversations:

1. Offer a direct channel of communication to customers

You can give an open channel like WhatsApp for customers to connect with your business directly. There you can have any number of service agents available to attend to those queries. Also, automate query resolution with an AI-powered WhatsApp bot.

2. Notify clients with pre-approved notifications

As a business, you can also initiate conversations with customers using WhatsApp’s pre-approved message notifications. As per WhatsApp notification guidelines, here is a list of permitted notifications published by Salesforce:

Orai's infographic table on pre-approved message types with WhatsApp Salesforce Integration.
Pre-Approved message Types
Orai's infographic on pre approved message type in WhatsApp Salesforce integration.
Pre-Approved Message Types

In order to use these messages on WhatsApp, you must attain approval on the templates. WhatsApp allows every business to design up to 250 message templates. It takes around 3-4 business days for WhatsApp to review and approve those templates. Then, you can start sending valuable notifications to your customers using WhatsApp Salesforce integration.

Get Ready for WhatsApp Salesforce Integration with ORAI!

To start using Salesforce on WhatsApp for customer communication, you’ll need a couple of things:

  • Obtain user license for Salesforce

  • Obtain approval on your WhatsApp Business API

  • Obtain Facebook Business Manager Verification

ORAI can help you through the entire process of getting approval on WhatsApp API, Salesforce integration, and message template approval. Moreover, we can deploy an AI-powered WhatsApp bot to help you automate messaging and create an omnichannel experience for customers.

With our assistance, brands are opening new channels of opportunities by connecting WhatsApp to Salesforce. AI-led, automated conversations not only save time but also increase the quality and quantity of leads. Customer service agents don’t have to manage emails, SMSs, or phone calls. WhatsApp serves as a single channel to drive customer conversations with a 100% satisfaction rate.

So, are you ready to reach out to 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide?

Let’s talk further over chat. Or, register for your personalized DEMO.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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