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5 Key Principles To Follow While Building AI-Powered Facebook Messenger Bot For Lead Generation

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Building AI-Powered Facebook Messenger Bot For Lead Generation

You’ve seen the trends. Businesses are going beyond basic chatbots with the power of artificial intelligence. AI chatbots are replacing email marketing. AI bots are bringing automation to online marketing, sales, and customer support – resulting in costing savings and increased revenue. And, this can all happen 24*7 for your business as well.

Among various messaging platforms, Facebook Messenger has massive popularity in particular. This is why businesses want to include this platform in their conversational interface strategy. According to Facebook research, conversational AI has advanced over the years and now 49% of users prefer interacting with AI bots over humans.

Here, in this post, you’ll find out how to build Facebook chatbot and use them for your business.

What is an AI-Powered Facebook Messenger Chatbot or Facebook Chatbot?

Simply said, a conversational AI bot uses technologies like ML, NLP, and AI to interact with people automatically via Facebook Messenger. This is what a Facebook chatbot is all about.

Artificial intelligence chatbots are designed to identify questions along with human emotions, and conversational intents. Using that, they are programmed to execute tasks and provide answers. From the customers’ perspective, such bots save time, provide 24*7 accessibility to businesses, and answer in a friendly manner.

With 1.3 billion active users of Facebook Messenger, it is exactly the place where businesses want to be to talk to their customers. Hence, they are adopting and implementing messenger bot powered by AI to empower their marketing strategies.

What can an AI Facebook Messenger Bot do for Your Business?

Here’s a breakdown of how you can use an AI Messenger chatbot to gain higher results in terms of marketing, sales, and customer support:

1. Interact with customers in 3-way directly

You can use conversational AI to establish 3-way communication between a bot, customer, and human agents. While a bot can answer questions like a human, it can also allow an actual human agent to take over the conversation in real-time. This way, customers can interact with your human agents right there on the messenger platform.

Result: You can increase customer satisfaction and close deals at rapid rates by directly talking to high-intent prospects.

2. Provide instant and automated customer care

Customers out there are expecting 24*7 availability from you, and they hate to wait. Plus, they come up with questions over and over before making their buying decision. You can help them and assist to fulfill their requests faster with a conversational AI bot. Not only your business can be available 24*7 via Facebook Messenger, but you can save money and time in the whole process.

Result: You enable automation in customer care without losing empathy and context with the help of an artificial intelligence bot. This gives you better reach to customers with lesser investments of money, time, and manpower.

3. Identify leads in real-time with conversational ads

Your Facebook ads can become conversational when integrated with AI-powered Facebook Messenger chatbot. Once an audience clicks an ad, it can directly send him to the messenger bot.

As a chatbot greets a prospect, it can even identify their intent, preferences, and ask several qualifying questions in a friendly manner. Then, those leads reach your CRM, segregated based on their quality.

Result: Your sales team can prioritize their efforts when deciding which leads to target and how to nurture them to close deals. Hence, you can reduce the drop-off ratio and increase ad-to-pipeline numbers.

4. Assist through the buying process

An AI bot in Facebook Messenger can easily be used for sales support. A virtual assistant powered by AI can talk to prospects just like a human sales rep would talk to them. In fact, it can provide personalized information by automatically understanding and remembering the preferences of each individual.

Result: You can sell, resell, and upsell with personalized discounts, offers, and recommendations given in an automated way.

5. Re-engage customers with personalized marketing

An artificial intelligence chatbot can retain and remember information about every user they talk to. This allows it to go one step further than human agents and re-engage customers through marketing conversations that align with their needs and solve their problems.

Result: You build trust and brand loyalty in the market, which drives revenues constantly to your business.

Build Your Facebook Messenger AI Bot with ORAI!

Come to ORAI for a robust conversational AI platform customized for your industry, business model, and specific objectives. We will integrate your bot to every channel you want to target online - be it Facebook, WhatsApp, websites, or any other platform.

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Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics


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