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Send Instant Lead Alerts to Your Sales Reps on WhatsApp

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Orai's blog on Send Instant Lead Alerts To Your Sales Reps On WhatsApp
Instant Lead Alerts To Your Sales Reps On WhatsApp

When running an ad campaign on digital channels to generate leads, you hope to get sales out of them. Every click on your ad offers a sales opportunity and a potential long-term customer. Hence, 74% of businesses keep lead conversion as a top priority.

But very often, sales reps miss or forget about contacting a lead coming from:

  • Websites

  • Facebook Lead Ads

  • Instagram Lead Ads

  • Google Lead Ads

This can happen due to several reasons but mostly occurs because of the number of new lead contacts and follow-ups a sales rep has to manage on a daily basis.

Now, the question is- how do you make sure that your sales reps never miss contacting and following-up with all those captured leads?!

To answer this question, you need to understand what lead ads are and their associated challenges.

Why Sales Reps Fail to Instantly Engage with Leads?

Among different types and targeting of ads, digital channels offer lead generation ads with objectives such as getting a quote, downloading content, signing up for something, etc.

These lead ads offer a great advantage to your sales team in terms of lead generation across channels such as websites, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. They help you collect prospects’ data at a faster rate. But the problem arises when sales reps want to recover that data.

A sales rep has to manually go through the process of accessing lead data coming from multiple channels and downloading a spreadsheet file that contains all lead-related information.

To get the latest lead data, sales reps have to re-download the spreadsheet multiple times every day. All this adds hours of delay in the first contact between your sales reps and prospects, decreasing the chances of conversions.

Why Instant Lead Engagement and Follow-Ups Matter?

Timely lead engagement is the force multiplier of successful conversions in today’s digital age. Delays in first contact result in HOT leads turning COLD and leads lost to competitors.

Market research shows that:

  • 78% of consumers purchase from the first company that connects with them after they inquire.

  • If you take more than 5 minutes to connect, lead conversion decreases by 80%.

Hence, speed has become the success determiner in lead conversion and sales.

ORAI’s Instant Lead Alerts – How It Works?

ORAI’s Instant Lead Alerts automatically inform your sales reps about leads coming from website, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads through WhatsApp notifications. A sales rep can simply tap on the received WhatsApp notification to see ad details, campaign type, product type, contact information, and other information added by a lead.

A smart phone showing Instant Lead alert
Instant Lead Alerts

When a person interested in your product clicks on a lead ad, ORAI’s AI automatically captures its data. Right at that moment, it sends instant WhatsApp alerts to sales reps, notifying them about the needed action.

With all the information available handy, sales reps can immediately engage with leads, nurture them with relevant content, and convert them into customers.

How Instant Lead Alerts Improve Sales Activities

ORAI’s Instant Lead Alert feature adds automation to collecting and distributing lead data among sales reps. Hence, adding more productivity and success to your sales department:

1. Send instant lead alerts to reduce response time

An automated new lead alert is sent to sales reps on their WhatsApp with information about:

  • Prospect’s name

  • Contact number

  • Product

  • Campaign type

And other added information!

Then, sales reps can choose to contact the lead via chat or call for instant qualification.

2. Automate follow-up notifications for sales reps

Businesses can also choose to set up notifications about follow-ups throughout the nurturing process. For example, if a prospect doesn’t respond to a product demo video for 2 days, sales reps can be reminded about a follow-up through an automated notification on WhatsApp.

A quick reminder will help sales reps manage all the follow-ups on time, which in turn will result in a higher number of conversions.

ORAI’s Instant Lead Alert feature is benefiting in two ways. On one hand, it is helping sales reps enhance their productivity and success rate. While, on the other hand, companies are gaining more leads with lesser cost per lead (CPL).

There’s a FREE DEMO awaiting if you feel interested! Or, you can chat over WhatsApp to know more about this feature.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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