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The Role of Conversational AI Assistants in disrupting the Education Industry

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on The role of Conversational AI Assistants in disrupting the Education Industry
Conversational AI for Education Industry

As per The National Education Policy 2020, every education institution must encourage its students to foster creativity and critical thinking to develop logical decision-making and innovation. Conversational AI is stepping up to make that happen with Conventional AI Assistants.

With an abundance of resources and being the largest pool of scientific and knowledge workers, India is emerging to be a hub of Higher and Technical Education. Conversational AI is changing the teaching and learning methods for all without lowering the quality of education that schools, universities and educational institutions provide.

How is Conversational AI transforming the Educational Landscape?

The Covid-19 outbreak broke the conventional way of learning. Self-learning software, e-learning apps and platforms emerged to help the students continue the learning pace. There has been extensive research and development put into this field and according to the World Economic Forum, by the year 2025, the market worth of online education will be expected to reach $350 billion.

Conversational AI uses NLP in the form of an AI chatbot for education, chatbot for WhatsApp and virtual learning assistants to recognize the doubts and queries of the students and provide appropriate answers. It also helps in connecting students with their academic instructors with ease.

Why Education Sector needs Conversational AI to strengthen their Academic Infrastructure?

The corridor for development in making a Digital Learning Space safe and secure for its students and Conversational AI solutions are one channel that helps in streamlining the entire learning process for students. Since the adoption of the student-centric approach of learning, conversational AI is causing an impact on the education sector. But how?

1. Increased Student Engagement

Learning has no more been limited to books and classrooms. Students are making use of advanced technology to complement learning. AI chatbots for education can provide a linear perspective to this kind of learning. Instant messages, sharing of assignments, discussion and activity groups can all be done via chatbots on messaging apps like Chatbot for WhatsApp for each department or classroom. It increases the engagement of students on individual subjects and maintains governance accordingly.

2. Chatbot Assistance

AI Chatbots may never replace teachers but can act as virtual assistants to resolve simple queries for students. Conversational AI chatbots are programmed specifically to address academic requirements by initiating personalized learning and suggesting improved learning content. It can be also designed to track each student’s learning process and help teachers in evaluating scholastic performance.

3. Improved Feedback Process

For the betterment of students/educational institutions, it is essential to enhance the learning process from time to time. Feedback is a great approach to know and understand the thoughts of students and also highlight the performance of students. While this was earlier done via printed forms, institutions can automate this process with WhatsApp chatbots or AI bots that will gather the points from students and teachers and make the entire process viable to later use. Like Chatbot for WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption which is ideal for teacher feedback for individual students.

4. Cut-down administrative work

Educational Institutions, whether schools or universities have tons of administrative work every day that can be efficiently automated with Conversational AI. Helping in gathering student information to marking attendance and integrating Virtual Assistants with grading software to evaluate student performance. Conversational AI can make administrative work easy.

The education industry is benefitting from Artificial Intelligence to bring about innovation in Learning. Here AI Chatbots for Education and Virtual Teaching Assistants are leading absolute pathway to help institutions become a knowledge hub and these factors like innovation, crisis management, skills to design, problem-solve, critically think, cognitive recognition can leverage the growth of the economy and society as a whole.

ORAI Robotics is offering Advanced Conversational AI solutions to Institutions by optimizing its working and learning framework. We understand the need of the hour and have curated Conversational AI solutions meant to serve the Education Industry. Take a sincere glance at our offerings Here.

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CEO-ORAI Robotics

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