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Conversational marketing: The game changer for business in 2023

ORAI's blog on Boost your customer service with Conversational Marketing
Conversational Marketing for your Business

With the expansion of AI, the use of conversational AI as a means of customer interaction is becoming more popular each day. According to Tidio, 62% percent of customers would prefer to interact via a chatbot rather than wait for a representative from customer service to answer their phone. AI chatbots are getting the spotlight in sales and marketing.

Businesses today make use of chatbots to bring value to every stage of the buyer's journey and help them achieve their goals through the sales funnel.

In this blog, we will discuss what "chatbot marketing" means. We will also discuss the benefits of chatbot marketing as well as improving your customer experience with chatbot marketing.

What is Conversational marketing?

Chatbots can be used to perform basic tasks such as answering questions or perform advanced tasks like sentiment analysis. It all depends on the purpose the company is trying to attain. If a company uses chatbots to market its products and services and to generate sales, it is known as chatbot marketing.

Conversational marketing is becoming an effective method of connecting, qualifying, and managing customer relationships. It is based on three main principles: engaging, analyzing, and recommending. It assists in efficient lead generation and helps justify any marketing initiatives.

Computer programs interact with customers by using pre-determined scenarios or by implementing AI. It is therefore crucial to adopt the appropriate method like conversational marketing to increase customer retention and engagement.

Conversational marketing is advantageous to you as well as your customers during the entire customer journey. Whether you're a potential buyer looking to learn more about your business, someone who is a prospective buyer looking for information about your products, or an existing customer looking for assistance soon Conversational marketing can assist in making the purchasing process quicker and shorten the period between sales. Furthermore, it's an excellent way to increase trust and strengthen relationships with customers.

Benefits of chatbot marketing

  • Omnichannel personalized experiences

Chatbots offer real-time, personal responses to customers by inviting them to participate in conversations through automated technology. Customers can also arrange demos, learn more about your brand and interact with live chat. Also, offer that "Exclusive" discount that only the chatbot you have created can offer. This improves personalization and assists in turning traffic into leads. The conversational AI platform is a marketing tool that delivers personalized messages that are uniform across all channels like websites and messaging platforms, social media, and many more.

  • Amplify engagement

Chatbots can improve the engagement of your customers on your site and increase sales by using chat-based marketing. It is also possible to set your chatbots for marketing to take orders and guide the customer to sales. Brands can market their latest products through training chatbots to talk about their benefits and features. The brand can also send an abandonment message to encourage customers to finish the transaction.

  • Capture conversational data

Conversational bots facilitate marketing by automating certain steps like the initial contact and gathering the necessary information from consumers. They can also separate leads and determine their identity. They also assist customers who request price quotes to finish their order transactions, as well as encourage others to sign up with specific information about the chat.

  • Integrate with digital channels

Chatbots using social media channels such as Twitter DM, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger enable brands to communicate with customers fast and make it easier for people who cannot be reached via telephone or email. Businesses can use marketing chatbots on their websites, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp as well as Telegram.

  • Save Time and Money

Businesses can cut down on sales, marketing, and customer service staff time by automating the conversations of customer service and sales chatbots. This lets employees allocate their time to other areas, making your company more efficient while saving money. Chatbots can narrow the issue of customer service to a particular category or type, and then help resolve the issue or refer the customer to the appropriate agent. Chatbots are also able to answer questions frequently asked by customers and take some of the burdens off your customer service department.

  • Provide instant Responses

Chatbots can meet the needs of consumers for fast responses and improve your customer experience. The positive side is that a chatbot that is well-designed will respond in just a few minutes to a customer's inquiry or query. Chatbots will be responsible to convert more visitors into leads. One of the reasons businesses are betting on chatbots is that they are always available and provide immediate responses to queries and provide answers to the most basic questions. In current times we are seeing companies employing NLP chatbots that provide more human-like capabilities to chatbots.

  • Collect Data and Customer Insights

Chatbots also offer an abundance of information and knowledge. These insights into data should be a part of your sales, marketing, and customer service strategies. During a conversation, your chatbot's marketing will collect information about visitors' names contacts, names, and even their interests. Other information you could analyse is related to the bot's performance and effectiveness. After you have analysed your data, you are able to include additional information in your knowledge base and enhance the effectiveness of your bot. You could even include the survey to gauge customer satisfaction after your chat to learn more about the opinions of visitors about your business.

  • 24/7 availability

Another benefit of chatbots is that they are available 24/7 throughout the year. Even if your business shuts down, clients can be able to get help with urgent inquiries. It is also cheaper and more efficient than hiring an in-house call centre or hiring agents to help customers every hour of the day. If the chatbot is unable to answer an inquiry or request the customer, it sends an email to the person who can answer while they are in the position. AI bots are accessible all day seven days a week, to communicate in a variety of languages, gathering information about potential customers by analysing their data and sending messages, and connecting customers with human reps from the appropriate departments.

  • Lead qualification

Chatbots can assist in lead nurturing by quickly learning the wants and needs of a client and then guiding them through the sales process. Brands can automate their lead-generation process as well as the process of qualification through chatbots. They also gather basic information to help identify leads. The process of identifying leads from various platforms is not easy. However, AI chatbots can effortlessly accomplish this feat using live-time chats. Thus, sales representatives can concentrate more on ensuring leads are taken care of and increasing the conversion rate for your business.

Build a successful conversational marketing strategy with ORAI

Conversational marketing is among the most efficient and effective ways to provide instant solutions for improving the efficiency of a company's sales, marketing, and customer service processes. In order to increase the efficiency of your company and enhance the strategy of your business that include the creation of customer services and products using chatbots in marketing.

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