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6 ways to drive better sales with Conversational AI

ORAI's blog on how to sell more with Conversational AI
Drive better sales with Conversational AI

Consumers want to be able to communicate with brands quickly, easily, and in a way that is personal. Companies across all sectors are now turning to conversational AI for their business needs. AI Chatbots can help you drive customer-first thinking in your business.

Conversational AI makes it easier to increase and convert more leads. It also helps you build loyal customers. AI chatbots have proven their worth in business functions such as customer support, marketing, and engagement.

Conversational AI market is ready to surpass $32.70 billion by 2030.

Chatbots can reach a wide audience and can be used as a customer service agent. They can also drive appointments and sales effectively.

Let us look at how conversational AI can be used to help brands increase sales, generate revenue, and unlock high-potential growth.

1. Omnichannel Engagement Strategy

Omnichannel Customer Engagement is a concept that allows organisations to interact with customers 24/7, in real time. A single AI platform allows you to connect all channels in real-time. This gives you greater control, more insight, and more agility.

Brands can create an omnichannel presence with Conversational AI and reach customers wherever they are spending their time.

ORAI's chat screen displaying omnichannel interaction
Omnichannel engagement

2. Automate lead generation

Chatbots for lead generation are designed to automate labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks. This will make conversions much faster. The perfect combination of lead generation strategy with an AI chatbot technology will open the doors to high-quality leads that can be converted into customers.

The AI chatbot can communicate with prospects, provide information, and gather more details about their budgets and preferences. It can also be used to qualify leads and build solid pipelines.

ORAI's chat screen displaying lead generation chat
Lead Generation

3. Abandoned Cart Notifications

Customers who abandon checkouts will be sent Abandoned Cart Notifications. An AI chatbot for businesses allows you to drop triggers and remind customers about their abandoned products. Customers who have forgotten about the product are more likely to go back to their cart and complete their purchase. AI chatbots can re-engage customers with new discounts and offers, back in-stock alerts, reminders for pending carts, etc. and push them to make their purchase.

ORAI's chat showing notification
Abandoned cart reminders

4. Personalized selling

Conversational AI is a way for brands to personalize online shopping. You can also create a consistent and more personal customer experience. ORAI empowers marketers and businesses to create customized chatbots that drive high-velocity sales. It can understand the intent behind the purchase, provide guidance and help customers find what they need in a brief time.

ORAI;s chat screen displaying chat on personalized selling
Personalized messaging

5. Boost-up Lead Conversion Rate

Customers should have a positive buying experience. A chatbot that uses AI can provide 24/7 support to prospects and help them through the buying process. It also recommends the best products and helps with conversions. This will increase customer loyalty.

ORAI's chat showing how to boost lead conversion
Lead Conversion

6. Upselling opportunities

AI chatbots have instant access to customer data and can recommend the right product at the right moment. Conversational AI provides insights into customers and allows for proactive recommendations of the right add-ons. It can identify opportunities for upselling and make sure that the process of closing the sale is as easy as possible for customers.

ORAI's chat displaying proactive recommendations
Proactive recommendations

Implement conversational AI to see the difference!

Brands can now be present at key customer touch points to offer support, add value, and nudge where needed. This will result in improved conversions, higher sales and repeat purchases.

An AI chatbot such as ORAI, can help you keep ahead of the competition when it comes to generating more leads or driving higher sales.

ORAI's Conversational AI is available to engage with site visitors. AI chatbots are not like rule-based chatbots. Instead, they allow site visitors to initiate the conversation. This allows them to interact with the chatbots as if they were human sales reps.

To find out more about how quickly and efficiently an AI bot can improve the efficiency of your customers chat with us, or request a FREE demo.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics


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