How To Use Facebook Click-To-WhatsApp Ads For Healthcare

Updated: Jan 5

With the arrival of COVID-19 crisis, the healthcare industry saw a massive change in consumer demands and habits. Now, more people are preferring online healthcare services for general consultation, wellness advice, and more. Online services are helping patients feel safer than visiting a clinic or hospital. And experts think this behavior is going to last in the post-pandemic world as well.

The changing patient behavior calls for new ways of Facebook healthcare marketing. Thankfully, Facebook Ads Manager now allows you to run Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Instagram and Facebook. These ads contain a “WhatsApp” button that takes people straight to your official business account on WhatsApp for chat, video calls, and more.

What does it mean for a healthcare provider?

Click-to-WhatsApp can prove to be the best healthcare ads to engage people in a conversation. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform, which will attract people who look for online health consultations.

With ORAI, you can prepare your healthcare services for this new way of patient engagement. We provide WhatsApp API and AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot to automate how you capture and nurture patient leads online.

Here, we have some lead generating healthcare advertising examples you can try with the Click-to-WhatsApp button:

1. Get a personalized quick brain health test now

Both kids and adults like playing games these days. So, you can turn a brain health checkup into a playful Q&A game over WhatsApp. A Click-to-WhatsApp ad can attract people for a small 10-minute game to test their brain health. And, you can capture leads in the process.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Various Platforms

2. Click and get our exclusive $200 off coupon on our braces

Dentists usually get most of their customers via word-of-mouth. But Click-to-WhatsApp ads can bring dental patient leads from Facebook and Instagram as well. For instance, a dentist can promote exclusive discount coupons on dental care products such as braces. Similarly, other doctors can also gain leads via WhatsApp by giving potential patients some interesting offers on healthcare services and products.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Various Platforms

3. We’ve made our joint pain treatment better

Now and then, doctors like to promote their upgraded services. Maybe you have a new treatment approach, medication, or facility you’d like to promote and get leads in the process. Well, a Click-to-WhatsApp ad can enable instant conversations with people who’re interested in buying those services.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Various Platforms

4. Tell us your fitness goals and we’ll give you a perfect meal plan

People are very well aware of their fitness goals these days. And, they also believe in getting expert advice on how to achieve those goals. Hence, making your healthcare marketing conversational with WhatsApp buttons will help them get better services. For example, you can provide personalized meal plans for people by asking them a few questions regarding their fitness goals.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Various Platforms

5. Know what you’re doing wrong if you have arthritis

People with chronic diseases like to stay connected with healthcare experts to get consultation and tips regularly. Attracting such patients is easier by giving them some valuable information. A Facebook ad can ask people to click on the WhatsApp button to get important information related to managing their health condition. When the conversation starts, you can capture leads over WhatsApp as well.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Various Platforms

6. You’re always using WhatsApp so we made our doctors available there

With WhatsApp chatbot automation and instant chat and video call features, you can promote your online doctor consultation via ads. Let people over Facebook and Instagram know that your doctors are available on WhatsApp. A Click-to-WhatsApp ad here will give people a chance to interact right away. Your artificial intelligence chatbot will be there to capture and qualify leads and schedule online consultation as well.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Various Platforms

What Now?!

Now you can improve your online healthcare presence with WhatsApp API and AI-Enabled WhatsApp Chatbot!

Let us help you with the adoption, implementation, and management of the whole Click-to-WhatsApp advertising setup.

Book a FREE DEMO to explore our conversational AI platform. Or, chat now over WhatsApp to ask your questions.

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