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Hybridize Your Live Chat With Conversational AI For Automated Personalization

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

with ORAI Hybrid your Live Chat With Conversational AI For Automation

We’re living in a digital-first era of communication, so you shouldn’t just broadcast messages but interact with your customers. These interactions need to be instant, always available and personalized for every individual. But, due to the huge scale of conversations happening online, live chatting feels pretty difficult. You either have to compromise on automation and spend a lot of money on managing a huge live agent team. Or, you can have bot automation to answer quickly but lose the human touch.

However, the new-age conversational AI platforms are helping business leaders get over this dilemma. In this post, we’ll talk about a hybrid model of attaining conversational automation with AI bot and live chat combined.

What is the Difference Between AI chatbot and Live Chat?

An AI chatbot is a machine advanced enough to understand human queries and respond to provide services, give answers, and other tasks. The effectiveness of a bot conversation depends on how extensively technologies like AI, ML, and NLP are used while building them.

On the other hand, live chat majorly involves actual people talking to customers on behalf of a business. So, for customers, getting an instant reply from the other side depends on the availability of those human agents.

In a nutshell, both forms of customer communication models have their own separate benefits and limitations.

Why is it Important to Combine Live Chat and Conversational AI?

Live chat is preferred by 73% of online customers with respect to other methods of contacting a business. However, live chats work in favor only if you make them instantly available and provide useful answers. If used wisely, live chat can enhance customer satisfaction by up to 92%, which is way more than phone calls, SMS, and emails.

By combining conversational AI with live chat, you achieve 2 critically important things:

  1. You eliminate the limitations and challenges of live chat and chatbot.

  2. You merge the unique features of both into one for a hybrid model.

Hence, smart business owners are opting for AI platforms that can not only interact automatically but allow seamless bot-to-human handover also whenever live chat is required.

Benefits of Having “AI Bot + Live Chat” Combined

Here’s what happens when you combine live chat and a conversational AI platform together:

1. Boost the productivity of your agents

With intelligent suggestions given by an AI chatbot, your live agents won’t have to answer the same questions over and over to multiple customers. They will be there to answer questions in unique situations only. This way, customers receive solutions faster, while agents’ productivity reaches new heights.

2. Open Conversations to All Channels

When an AI bot can deliver an omnichannel experience, you can open customer conversations with your businesses across all channels – website chat, messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, mobile apps, and more. Human agents can monitor queries and requests coming from all channels and answer them right away whenever required.

With ORAI Conversational AI have Automated Conversations to All Channels - Website , Whatsapp , Facebook Messenger
Automated Conversations to All Channels - Website ,WhatsApp ,Facebook Messenger

3. Enrich Live Chats with Multimedia

Going beyond boring live chats becomes possible when you have an AI-powered virtual agent supporting human agents in real-time. The bot uses engaging, images, emojis, GIFs, links, videos, and other forms of multimedia to provide a rich conversational experience to users.

4. Seamless Bot-to-Human Handover

AI-powered agents are smart enough to detect all those queries where human intervention becomes necessary. It answers most questions and allows human agents to take over in real-time to handle highly specific and complex queries. Human agents get to see the whole conversational history in the backend and respond immediately to answer questions, close deals, or fulfill any other request.

5. Personalize Conversations for Each Customer

Conversational AI for live chat creates digital profiles of every customer in real-time to deliver a personalized experience. Added with the human touch of bot-customer-human agent conversation, this experience attains a whole new level of excellence. So, every customer receives exactly what they are looking for at any moment.

Final Words!

With digital communication becoming prominent in the new normal, it’s high time to have conversational AI for live chat for your business. The results will be visible in your customer outreach, customer engagement, digital marketing, and sales efforts. Not only will you increase your current business revenues, but build a strong brand perception in the market for future impact as well.

ORAI can be your ultimate partner for Conversational AI created for ‘Artificial intelligence chatbot + human-led live chat’ interactions with customers.

Talk to us for any more questions, or simply Book a DEMO to see the hybrid live chat experience in action.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics


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