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ORAI Recognized as 30 Start-ups to Watch by Inc42!

Inc42's ‘30 Start-ups to Watch’ monthly series was launched in 2020 to highlight sector-neutral early-stage companies that are pursuing disruptive ideas.

This month's list features 30 start-ups that have gained momentum by finding the right product-market match to the new normal.

ORAI Robotics made it to the List!

ORAI's image on details that include headquarters, founded date, founder's and etc.,

Brands can now transform customer journeys into more personalized and productive experiences thanks to AI-ML's rapid adoption. This allows them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For Indian consumers, however, language barriers and the use of high-end tech-driven platforms can be frustrating. ORAI Robotics has entered the fray to disrupt conversational AI and provide more user-friendly solutions.

ORAI was launched in 2020. We are a conversational AI platform with low code that supports voice and text chat and offers WhatsApp Business-integrated API to facilitate customer conversations. Our platform integrates with CRM, ERP, and databases to provide a bot-to human handover. This improves customer service. There are three pricing options for SaaS start-ups: a one-time setup fee, a monthly subscription, or usage-based fees.

ORAI’s platform + solution + service module ensures that customers interact with the bot and enterprises receive real-time actionable insights. We have signed up more than 140 clients. It claims an ARR of more than $23Mn for FY22 and a 25% MoM revenue increase. We intend to expand our reach into the US market by 2025 and acquire more than 1,000 global SMB and enterprise accounts.

Featured in: INC42 MEDIA

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