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11 Reasons Why You Need A WhatsApp Chatbot For Real Estate

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Why should your company get a WhatsApp chatbot for real estate? What will make this a game-changer in 2021, the post-pandemic era?!

The issues in front of real estate agencies

Real estate service providers have still not mastered online communication with customers. The industry thrives on customer trust and fast-paced services. But the traditional channels such as phone calls, email, and SMSs aren’t sufficient to deliver satisfaction.

There’s a lack of personal touch in emails that mostly spammy and slow in terms of communication. And, sudden phone calls have become too irritating for customers who spend their weekdays working and want to enjoy their weekends with family and friends.

Management of human reps has also become an issue due to the cost it adds to the marketing, sales, and support efforts.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Real Estate is the Answer

Real estate agencies now have a perfect channel to capture, engage, convert, and maintain relationships with customers. That too, without worrying about spending too much money on huge human rep teams.

WhatsApp chatbots for real estate are here now to automate the whole business with the power of conversational AI. Such intelligent bots talk in a friendly manner and resolve queries whenever requested.

The speed of automation comes along with personalization. AI chatbots detect the intent of every user to resolve queries, qualify leads, encourage property visits, help with transactions and documents, 24*7*365.

With smart automation of various frequent queries and tasks, support and sales teams can use human touch for more complex problems.

If you’re interested, we can replicate multiple real estate use cases of our AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot based on your business-specific requirements. Schedule a Demo for free with us!

Why Use a WhatsApp Chatbot for Real Estate

Now, let’s have a look at the reasons for using a WhatsApp chatbot for real estate:

1. 24*7 Availability

Realtors find it hard to stay available for every user day and night due to changes in shift timings, deadlines, and other issues. But they can commit 24*7 availability in the presence of a real estate chatbot on WhatsApp. A customer can choose any time of day or night to get in touch with your business. And, an AI-enabled chatbot on WhatsApp will be there to respond.

This 24*7 availability results in more leads getting captured and qualified for the business, resulting in higher revenue generated through digital channels.

2. Real-time Query Resolution

Whether a person reaches out through your business website, social media page, or any other channel, immediate response is a must. WhatsApp chatbot can be integrated across all digital platforms, so such queries can be resolved instantly.

That way, your customers and prospects won’t have to wait for an email or a call, answering their property-related questions. More queries can be resolved on every channel without having to hire more human agents. The presence of artificial intelligence and conversational intelligence allows chatbots to accurately understand the context of a query and respond with the right suggestions or actions.

As a result, satisfied customers will bring more customers through word-of-mouth.

3. Omnichannel Engagement

Online contact forms end up with low returns in real estate. Why?! Because customers don’t feel engaged at all, so nothing drives them to fill in the information and press that ‘send’ button. They want a more interactive approach from real estate businesses. And, once you talk to them, they wish that you remember their names, shared details, and conversations across all platforms. That way, customers can pick any channel to connect without having to explain the same details over and over.

With an omnichannel WhatsApp chatbot for real estate, you can engage users across all digital touchpoints. The power of conversational AI and WhatsApp allows omnichannel experience effortlessly delivered to customers. The bot remembers users even when they switch from one channel to another. For instance, the bot will keep a conversation consistent if a customer first reaches WhatsApp via the website, and then via Facebook ads.

4. Personalized Assistance

Every real estate customer comes with a unique requirement based on property type, buying, renting, selling, amenities, budget, and others. Hence, personalized assistance has to be there for customers to find what they are looking for.

When enabled with conversational AI, WhatsApp chatbots bring automation without compromising personalization. They don’t give the same recommendations and information to every user. In fact, they ask and understand every user’s specific needs first. Then, respond with a customized set of recommendations, information, and other assistance.

The relevance of obtained information makes prospects happy, which keeps them engaged till they make their final decision.

5. Memory of Interactions

With so many inquiries online, it is not possible for your human agents to manually document the details of every interaction with customers. But the memory of interactions is important to plan a closure strategy for every lead and provide query resolution and services.

Thankfully, a WhatsApp chatbot for real estate can easily memorize and securely store the details of interactions at any scale. The AI automatically uses these insights to improve the quality of conversational experience every time. Plus, allows human agents to find an exact piece of information from the vast storage in a snap.

Using this memory, both the bot and human agents can identify highly valuable patterns in customer behavior. Hence, they can divide their marketing and engagement strategies into various categorize like budget-wise, area-wise, and other ways. Every business strategy can be backed up by data collected through conversational AI.

6. Follow-up Automation

Realtors can improve their productivity when a WhatsApp chatbot is there for automated follow-ups. The best part is that it can connect with leads on the same channel they prefer instead of unwanted SMSs or emails. Plus, it can interact as a virtual real estate agent, answering all questions to convert leads faster towards the desired action.

Prospects can also choose to interact with an AI bot over WhatsApp whenever a query pops in their mind. Talking instantly with a helpful assistant eases the mind of a decision-maker, which speeds up the conversion process.

7. Automate Property Visit Scheduling

When a prospect feels satisfied with all the obtained information, the WhatsApp chatbot for real estate can schedule property visits for them. This is also the stage where the bot can introduce the client to a human realtor. Then, the agent takes over the conversations for further nurturing and assistance.

8. Live Virtual Tours

Sometimes prospects live in another city or stay too busy in everyday life to visit the property. An AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot can help such customers as well. It can arrange a live virtual tour assisted by an agent through video chat on WhatsApp. This way, a prospect can see the property in its exact condition and make a confident decision. Such tours can also be the initial stage of decision making, after which a prospect can decide to visit in person.

9. Instant Human Intervention

The business of real estate depends widely on the conversations that happen between a client and a realtor. Buying a property is a big decision, so many people might want to talk to a human agent instead of a chatbot. An AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot can take care of that as well.

An advanced WhatsApp chatbot for real estate comes with the ability to provide instantaneous bot-to-human handover. This helps to add a human touch to automated communication whenever needed. An agent can take over a conversation whenever a situation demands in the middle of a bot-customer interaction.

10. Talk in any language

When you have an AI chatbot for WhatsApp, communicating with customers in their preferred language is never an issue. New-age bots are multilingual, meaning they can talk in hundreds of different languages. As a result, you get to personalize the experience your customers receive from your business.

11. Integration with Database and CRM

Beyond all the conversations, you can use AI chatbots to automate the collection and management of customer data. Integrated to your CRM, a reliable bot can directly store the captured customer data without needing any assistance from you.

At ORAI ROBOTICS, we have enabled leading property businesses with WhatsApp chatbots for real estate. We provide an AI-powered conversational bot along with WhatsApp Business API approval assistance. Our clients are successfully generating and qualifying leads, answering client queries, and increasing their overall revenue with personalized engagement at high scales.

If you feel the need to add an artificial intelligence chatbot on WhatsApp, come to ORAI. Click here to have a chat with us or sign-up for a FREE DEMO. We’ll showcase how our platform can improve your business-specific use cases.

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