How To Use Facebook Click-To-WhatsApp Ads For Real Estate Advertising

Conversational Ads for Real Estate

Facebook has made a big change to how real estate advertising is done. They have implemented Click-to-WhatsApp ads, a category of ads that allows audiences to click and reach WhatsApp for instant conversation.

Hence, with WhatsApp API automation, you can empower your social media advertising strategy. Your WhatsApp verified account integrated with WhatsApp chatbot will be a perfect landing location for Facebook ads to get more property buyers, sellers, and renters for your business.

We, at ORAI, can enable Click-to-WhatsApp ads by providing you with a Verified ‘Green Badge’ WhatsApp API powered by the automation of Artificial Intelligence WhatsApp chatbot. Click here to get started!

Now, let’s talk about how you can use Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram for real estate advertising:

1. Like this beautiful property?! WhatsApp now to visit

Are you not able to handle all those DMs that come to you at once via your ads?! Then, Click-to-WhatsApp ads will be a lifesaver. You can now direct your prospects to an official WhatsApp account where an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot can book all the visit requests automatically.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

2. These properties just got listed. Be the first to see them

Get more buyers to talk to you by giving them an exclusive list of properties. You can show the pictures in the ad and ask people to click to reach WhatsApp and get the list right away. Once they reach your chat platform, it will be easier to strike a conversation, get information, and convince them to book property visits.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

3. Sign-up for our webinar to learn about property investment

Are you hosting a property investment webinar soon?! Promote on Facebook and Instagram using Click-to-WhatsApp ads to get more registrations. WhatsApp as your landing location will ease the sign-up process for you and your audiences as well.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

4. 100% Real Estate Selling Assistance on WhatsApp

How about you resolve confusions and answer questions for every seller who’s planning to put his/her house on the local market! You can do it effortlessly with Instagram and Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp, where you can provide tips, answer questions, and give assistance to sellers.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

5. Tell us about your property for free sales valuation

You can also generate leads for real estate by giving people free sales valuation of their properties over WhatsApp. Place an ad with a promise to make home selling frictionless, and you’ll attract all those home sellers who feel frustrated with the complexity of the real estate market.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platform

6. Meet expert interior designers at our upcoming open house

For people looking to find interior designers, a Click-to-WhatsApp event advertisement can get them to sign up faster. You can even automate the event reminder via WhatsApp to get more attendees.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

7. Book a home with us now to grab a renovation voucher

An ad that creates urgency will add more numbers to the leads you get on WhatsApp from Instagram and Facebook. Give a limited time to get an exciting deal such as a renovation voucher.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

8. Reach our WhatsApp for home buying/selling news and tips!

Dedicate your Click-to-WhatsApp ad specifically to the social media user base of real estate buyers, sellers and investors. You can ask them to click once to opt for your WhatsApp messages, so they can receive expert tips, news, and updates on property buying and selling.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

Similarly, you can think of more creative ways to utilize Click-to-WhatsApp features to run conversational ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Get Started with WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Chatbot!

ORAI will help you attain WhatsApp API without any hassle. We’ll complete the whole process of applying and getting API approval for you, so you can have a verified WhatsApp account with a green badge to stand out. Plus, our AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot will bring you to the top of conversational marketing with automated, personalized, human-like responses.

Hence, every click to WhatsApp can be addressed instantly by an intelligent bot.

Feel free to book our FREE DEMO or click here to start having a conversation over WhatsApp.

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