Why Use A WhatsApp Chatbot For Travel & Tourism? - Top Use Cases & Benefits

Updated: Jul 8

ORAI's blog on WhatsApp chatbot for travel and tourism industry
WhatsApp chatbot for Travel & Tourism

With pandemic lockdown unlocking, travel industry is getting back to its feet. People have started traveling again, but with a sense of caution. Travellers have more questions now more than ever to ensure their safety wherever they go.

To make travellers and guests feel safe, travel agencies and hotels need to strengthen their online communication. Let’s find out how it can be done effectively with the capabilities of an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot for travel.

The Challenges in front of the Travel Industry in 2021

In March 2020, the world went on a lockdown due to COVID-19, and all travel activities were put on hold. Travel bans and strict rules were imposed all over the globe. This impacted the travel and hospitality industry to the extent that it became almost motionless.

Now, when lockdown restrictions have been lifted, people have started traveling again. But those travellers now have trust issues with travel agencies and hotels. They want to fully ensure safety, hygiene, and other precautions before making any bookings.

With increased queries, travel businesses are finding it hard to provide accurate responses instantly whenever a customer demands it. Travel support teams are unable to address constant inquiries, provide booking information, and resolve issues without wasting a customer’s time.

When you talk about traveling, customers can choose any time of day or night to inquire. The issues can arise at any time of the day, and most of those issues require instant resolution. If not, then a customer feels completely abandoned in a foreign location, which cultivates frustrations for the service provider.

In 2021, travel companies and hotels have a better solution for these challenges than exhausting their employees – whatsApp chatbot for travel & tourism.

Opportunities with a WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel and Tourism

A WhatsApp Chatbot for travel and tourism provides all the solutions the industry is looking for. Not only it can automate most of the customer communication, but make those conversations more personalized for every individual. The 24*7 presence of an intelligent AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot improves the booking experience and boosts travellers’ engagement.

With a virtual assistant available day and night, your customers can easily plan their trip. They can get their flights, hotels, and other services booked instantly, resolve their safety concerns, arrange local transport, and get various issues resolved immediately.

Let’s talk about more unique use cases of WhatsApp chatbot in travel.

Top WhatsApp Travel Chatbot Use Cases

1. Making Flight/Hotel Bookings with WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel

The online world is full of booking choices for hotels and flights, which every user enjoys. But more choices can result in more confusion. And confused travellers spend too much time thinking instead of making their bookings. They want someone to help them out during this process, which becomes hard to find due to long call waiting periods and human agents unable to provide instant live chat support. This is when a WhatsApp chatbot for travel agency can prove to be a great helping hand for such travellers. It can offer personalized assistance in the process of choosing the right hotel rooms and flight seats. If a user wants to talk to a human agent, the bot can allow instant human handover of conversation on WhatsApp only. Hence, customers can clarify all their confusion and make the right bookings faster.

2. Building Travel Itineraries

Along with booking hotels and flights, travellers also wish to build their itinerary to plan a perfect vacation. They wish to know about all the best sightseeing options and activities in a location they are visiting. Plus, they might look for specific activities and wouldn’t want a standard tour package. A WhatsApp chatbot for travel and hospitality can assist travellers during their itinerary planning as well. It can identify their intents and interests to give best-suited choices. An AI-powered travel chatbot can offer a human-travel-agent-like experience and recommend smart options to the satisfaction of every customer.

3. Giving Instant Assistance

As mentioned before, instant and accurate assistance is how you can impress customers in the travel industry. And, promptness is required 24*7, so travellers can ask their queries whenever required. They can inquire about baggage allowance, ask for early/late check-in, request directions, and other things.

 Automated chat for travel & tourism industry using ORAI's AI portal.
Automated chat for travel & tourism industry

While a bot can quickly answer user questions before and during the journey, complex or specific queries can go to human reps instantly on the WhatsApp platform itself. This reduces the cost of customer support and improves business productivity.

4. Canceling or Modifying a Booking