How To Use Facebook Click-to-WhatsApp Ads To Get More Travel & Hotel Bookings

Conversational Ads for Travel & Hotel Booking

It shouldn’t be news to you that social media is working really well for the travel and hospitality industry. If you have the right strategy with eye-catching content, finding customers is very easy through platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

As Facebook advertising for travel agencies has become a must, we thought why not make you aware of a new and exciting ad feature for more inquiries, leads, and bookings.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram are turning the tables by allowing instant communication with prospects to qualify and convert them faster. A button on your ad can send leads to your WhatsApp Verified ‘Green Badge’ account, where you can have human agents or an artificial intelligence chatbot to respond and interact.

ORAI can provide you with the whole setup of WhatsApp Business API and Conversational AI for travel to help you start running Click-to-WhatsApp ads. Click here to chat with us!

Here, we’ll show 10 exciting Facebook travel ad examples with a Click-to-WhatsApp button to get more bookings faster.

1. Customize your tour with us

Everybody wants to have a unique experience when traveling. People don’t usually like the one-size-fits-all style of tour packages. So, why not let them plan their trip exactly as they want? You can use Click-to-WhatsApp ads, so people can chat with your bot or human agent to customize their trip as they prefer. You can place such ads on Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, and Instagram Stories to drive bookings.

Click To WhatsApp Ads On Various Platforms

2. Select from the top 5 travel destinations and save on your next trip

Create a list of top destinations for people. Show them stunning views of that destination in a carousel or video. While the visuals get their attention, the copy will inform them about the discount offers they can attain. An interested customer would click on the button and tell you his/her favorite destination over WhatsApp. Then, you can ask questions to get more details and book the whole trip for customers right there.

Click to WhatsApp Ads on Various Platforms

3. Book a room on discount and explore Delhi in luxury

You can personalize your Facebook ads based on the previous inquiries of consumers. For people who have been looking for luxury hotels in Delhi, you can give them a discount offer when they click your ad. Accurate targeting will matter a lot for the success of these kinds of ads.

Click to WhatsApp Ads on Various Platforms

4. Flying soon?! Tell us your route and save on booking

Quick flight booking at discounted prices is a relief for frequent flyers. You can ask people to tell you their route over WhatsApp and get booking discounts right away.

Click to WhatsApp Ads on Various Platforms

5. Tell us your destination and we’ll tell you about all our services there

Do you have a travel agency, where customers can book flights, hotels, cabs and more? Why not give customers a chance to simply tell their upcoming destination over WhatsApp. So, you can give them a list of choices based on what they require. This will save customers’ time and get you plenty of sales via Click-to-WhatsApp ads in the process.

Click to WhatsApp Ads on Various Platforms

6. Planning a trip to Goa soon?! We have the best hotel choices to match your needs

People who leave your website after an inquiry can be targeted based on their preferred destination. Over a WhatsApp conversation, people can tell their budget, required amenities, booking dates, and number of rooms. Hence, you can confirm the booking after a single chat with every customer.

Click to WhatsApp Ads on Various Platforms

7. It’s snowing in Manali! Let’s talk travel ideas and bookings

People who are planning their vacation would love to get tips and ideas. With excellent visuals, you can showcase what all tourists/guests can do at a particular destination. For instance, winters in Manali make a perfect getaway to watch the snowfall, skiing, and other activities. People can click on the ad to get travel tips and make their bookings. You can add deals and offers as incentives too.

Click to WhatsApp Ads on Various Platforms

8. Top destinations for foodies. Tell us where you want to go!

An ad created just for foodie travelers with a list of exciting food choices based on the destinations they like. A WhatsApp button will make it easier for them to inquire right away and make bookings with instant assistance of a WhatsApp chatbot.

Click to WhatsApp Ads on Various Platforms

9. Free museum tickets for the first 500 messages

A chance to win free museum tickets will make so many people interested. You can run a Click-to-WhatsApp ad that says free museum tickets to the first 500 messages. This will get you a lot of traffic, which you can use to collect contact details, emails, and other qualifying information.

Click to WhatsApp Ad on Various Platforms

10. Pay less to get more on your next family trip. Give us your email to get an offer

Promote a budget-friendly family vacation for people who seem interested. Keep your ad target focused on a niche and ask people to send their email address and other details, so you can prepare a personalized offer for them.

Click to WhatsApp Ad on Various Platforms

With these creative travel ads, you’ll get more leads and bookings than ever before.

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