WhatsApp Chatbot In Healthcare For Omnichannel Marketing In 2021 - A Necessity More Than Trend

Updated: Jan 21

ORAI's AI Chatbot in healthcare for omnichannel marketing
AI Chatbot for omnichannel marketing in healthcare industry

Healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, and other facilities saw how patients became more skeptical about visiting physical locations for treatments. Increasing numbers of COVID cases and the rules around social distancing also made it difficult for patients to physically meet their doctors for healthcare.

WhatsApp chatbot in healthcare came into the picture during these hard times only. Medical enterprises and healthcare facilities started using top-notch, AI-powered WhatsApp bots to easily and safely provide high-quality services to patients.

Omnichannel Marketing with WhatsApp Chatbot in Healthcare

With patients using both offline and online channels for healthcare, doctors are faced with another challenge. They need to ensure a seamless experience for every patient at every touchpoint. Patients don’t want to be asked the same questions about their medical history, previous discussions with health consultants, and other information over and over. But that can only be possible when there is a single intelligent platform to connect all patient touchpoints. This is when an omnichannel AI chatbot comes into the picture.

With an AI-powered WhatsApp presence, omnichannel healthcare marketing becomes really simple to adopt and implement. After all, you combine the power of AI with the most famous messaging platform around the world.

WhatsApp is being used by 2 billion people worldwide, which makes it a leading platform for instant messaging. And the best part is that you can integrate with other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, websites, and more. In fact, you can even connect your offline facilities with online services using QR scan codes that lead patients to your verified WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Business API makes it easier to engage a huge number of patients individually without spending too much time or money on marketing and customer support. The instant connection with patients allows healthcare marketers to run personalized campaigns based on the concerns and queries of every patient. An AI healthcare chatbot helps in this process by automating WhatsApp conversations at any scale with existing and potential patients. Marketing campaigns on any channel can be integrated to WhatsApp to enable instant interactions at any time of the day.

An AI WhatsApp bot can mimic humans during automated conversations to make users feel valued. A WhatsApp healthcare chatbot is easy to train for one-on-one interactions with technologies like AI, NLP, NLU, and ML. This results in rich and highly personalized experiences for patients on any given day.

Omnichannel Healthcare Marketing – How Does WhatsApp Chatbot Help?

Healthcare marketing and home care marketing revolves around the convenience of patients. Mostly, your patients prefer an integrated engagement approach for a seamless experience despite any channel they choose.

Omnichannel healthcare marketing makes more sense now more than ever before when patients are coming to healthcare providers from multiple directions. Incorporating a WhatsApp chatbot for omnichannel healthcare marketing can significantly improve the ROI of your campaigns with many benefits like:

Infographic showing use cases for WhatsApp healthcare chatbot on ORAI's blog page
Use cases for WhatsApp healthcare chatbot

1. Improved Market Exposure

A single channel for marketing limits your ability to reach out to potential patients. Similarly, disconnected multiple channel presence also creates the issue of irritating patients with the same marketing messages. However, once you create a multi-channel presence and combine them together for an omnichannel experience, it takes your patient outreach to a whole new level. The consistency in your communication increases the word-of-mouth around your brand. For example, satisfied patients can simply forward your WhatsApp business account details to their friends and family members. Omnichannel healthcare marketing makes patient targeting simpler and allows you to bring a seamless continuity in every patient’s journey.

2. Personalized Engagement of Patients Today, patients use multiple devices and platforms to seek healthcare services instead of physically visiting a hospital or a clinic right away. Hence, an omnichannel marketing campaign for healthcare becomes the right approach to gain higher conversion and engagement rates.

3. Multi-Layered Message Marketing

Every channel connected with a single AI WhatsApp bot allows you to create a multi-layered messaging approach. You can leverage the strengths of various channels to convey your service capabilities step-by-step. Omnichannel campaigns have a greater impact on potential patients rather than a single email or a post on social media. You can combine multiple themes like social media posting, web pages, Google ads, landing pages, emails, SMS, and other platforms with a single WhatsApp chatbot.

4. Finding and Qualifying Leads

Omnichannel healthcare marketing with WhatsApp chatbot gives you greater exposure, resulting in more leads. Moreover, it can automatically assess and qualify every lead for you while conversing with potential patients. An AI-enabled bot can assess user behavior across all integrated channels to identify when and what to send in a message. Hence, prospective patients receive relevant messages, which encourages them to take a commercial action. While doing all that, the bot can easily collect user data and securely store it to improve patient experience over time. Hence, more leads turn into patients and spread the word about your healthcare services everywhere.

5. Higher Conversion Ratio

Merging all different touchpoints with a single WhatsApp chatbot helps to increase your conversion ratio. Consistent messaging with AI-enabled personalization impresses prospects with relevant information. They feel well-informed about the services and procedures to make their final decision faster.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Healthcare – Other Use Cases

Apart from omnichannel marketing, there are countless other healthcare chatbot use cases to amplify your cost-effectiveness and business efficiency.

Let us show you some of those use cases:

1. Automated Appointment Booking