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Why Adopting Conversational AI Adds A Competitive Edge To Your Business

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Conversational AI : A Competitive Edge To Your Business

What do you feel when you hear the word- conversational AI? For business leaders, it evokes a broad picture of Artificial intelligence chatbots, improved customer engagement, and increased conversions.

Today, conversational AI is being used across various industries for countless processes. There are highly innovative and new AI-related use cases you can find in industries like e-commerce, real estate, automobile, travel, hospitality, and more. Countless businesses all over the world are using conversational AI platform for Customer Support, Marketing, and Sales efforts.

But why this trend? Well, we know that:

  • Conversational AI chatbots can interact with any number of customers simultaneously. They can do this 24*7 across all your digital platforms. Imagine the costs if you try doing this manually with a team of human agents.

  • Artificial intelligence chatbots stay active all the time – ready to initiate conversations whenever a customer wants. It seems like AI bots were made for this task, right!

  • Conversational AI can offer a human-like interaction experience with the use of Machine. Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies.

  • Conversational bots assist customers through various processes like booking services, ordering products, filling forms, answering questions, sending reminders, and many others.

High ROI or Return on Investment

Before executing any strategy, enterprise leaders estimate the potential ROI. And, a conversational AI can help you amplify that. Not only it increases your business outcomes but also provides you data to monitor the growth. You can always be aware of qualified leads, all newly onboarded customers, improving productivity of employees, and more. This monitoring capability allows you to make informed decisions for your business at every stage for higher returns on investment.

Customers are Ready for It

Do you know how many people are using chatbots around the world? The number is 1.4 billion. So, it’s clear that customers are ready for AI-powered conversations. They don’t have any problem as long as a bot can understand them and resolve their problems. This is why customers prefer conversational AI over generic chatbots.

Targeting All Channels and Satisfying Every Audience

It is pretty hard these days to understand target audiences and cover all the channels they’re active on. Conversational AI is your way forward if you want to stop these problems from occurring over and over. AI-powered bots can be integrated with your social media platforms, websites, WhatsApp, and other messaging platforms also.

This integration happens in an omnichannel way, which allows the bot to remember user personas across every platform. What does it mean? The Conversational AI platform remembers every user like a human would after interacting with someone. Hence, conversations across touchpoints occur in continuity.

Understanding Your Business Use Cases

A business can find multiple use cases with conversational AI. Its presence gives advantages to customer outreach, services, sales, marketing, and relationship building. Here are top 4 conversational AI use cases that would cover your entire business process:

  • Reducing friction- Use humanized, AI chat, and voice support to simplify complex functions related to your business with conversations.

  • Providing convenience- Make business availability and engagement instant 24*7 for effortless marketing.

  • Supporting decision-making- Allow conversational AI to guide customers through overwhelming tasks, buying decisions, and service requirements.

  • Building trust- Build long-term relationships with customers through personalized interactions of Conversational AI.

Once you identify all the broad use cases, you can divide them into various objectives to create a foolproof result-driven conversational AI strategy.

How do I Get Started?

We, at ORAI, have the best conversational AI platform you can trust for all business use cases. As technology keeps on evolving, we stay with you as your AI partner to keep your business ahead of all competitors. Be it any internal function like Human Resources or customer-centric strategies related to marketing, sales, or support, we enable automation for all.

To get started, you can-

  • Register for a FREE DEMO to understand the unique features of our conversational AI.

  • Discuss your business-specific requirements, objectives, and expectations with our experts.

  • Get WhatsApp Business API along with WhatsApp Conversational AI integrated into all targeted digital channels.

  • Let us handle the adoption, implementation, and training procedures.

  • Use our hands-on expertise in executing a conversational AI strategy.

  • Amplify your engagement, conversions, and productivity exponentially.

If any questions pop into your mind, it’s better to ask experts about them. So, give us a call and we’ll answer all questions and help you successfully implement an artificial intelligence chatbot.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics


Stay in contact with ORAI

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