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AI Chatbot For Manufacturing: 5 Transformative Use Cases

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Orai's blog on AI chatbot for manufacturing
AI Chatbot for Manufacturing

With the ability to automate conversations around marketing, sales, and support, AI chatbots can be a game-changer in the manufacturing industry. In this post, we talk about five transformative use cases of AI chatbots for manufacturing.

Manufacturers have to deal with business operations and customer queries on a large scale. Keeping communications manual presents the issues of inefficiency, delayed response to customers, and loss of time and money in the process.

An AI chatbot for manufacturing can scale up and automate operations with better efficiency. It can streamline a variety of mundane tasks and engage vendors right from the first interaction till they convert into your customer.

5 Transformative AI Chatbot Use Cases in Manufacturing

1. Generate SQLs with Conversational Marketing

With an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot, you can run conversational ads on Facebook and Instagram. All the leads can land on your Verified WhatsApp Business Account where an AI bot can ask qualifying questions.

Similarly, the bot can capture leads on your website and other channels with pre-qualifying questions. All collected leads can reach your database or CRM categorized into MQLs, SQLs, and DQLs. Then, your sales team can follow-up with SQLs and take them towards conversion faster.

2. Manage Inventory and Supplies

Manufacturing revolves around demand and supply. Business owners need to know all about their existing supplies and inventory to deliver orders on time. But often businesses suffer losses by adding supplies to inventory way before their demand.

A manufacturing chatbot can simply tell you about your inventory and supplies on WhatsApp or any other messaging platform. Such AI chatbots are integrated with legacy systems and ERPs to pull required information on the go. Hence, your manufacturing managers can make well-informed decisions regarding inventory and supplies.

3. Automate Customer Support

You must be receiving a wide range of support queries, complaints, and service requests with respect to your product. Resolving such queries is of utmost importance to maintain a strong relationship with your customers, vendors, and dealers.

Smart conversational AI can automate almost 90% of support for you. Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning help bots to figure out a problem or request faster. So, they respond with relevant information or action. It reduces workload from your representatives’ shoulders.

And if a complex query comes in front of the bot, then only human agents can seamlessly take over the conversation, continuing the same chat.

4. Give Personalized Product Recommendations

When you have multiple product lines and SKUs, customers may feel confused in the selection process. Instead of sending a sales rep behind every prospect to answer questions, you can use a single AI chatbot for personalized recommendations.

Predictive intelligence and Machine Learning allow bots to understand customer’s persona and historical data. Using that, it can suggest the best-suited products and help them make the right purchase decisions.

5. Send Updates and Delivery Notifications

With an AI chatbot for WhatsApp, you can automate updates and notifications for your dealers, distributors, and customers. An AI can automatically decide when and what to send to each and every customer of yours regarding their order updates, service ticket status, and other notifications from time to time.

Advantages of an AI Chatbot for Manufacturing

1. Scale-Up Your Operations

The great advantage a manufacturing chatbot offers is 24*7 availability. It doesn’t have to take breaks like human agents. Plus, the AI-powered conversational intelligence makes it capable of humanlike interactions.

While a human rep can respond to 3 to 4 questions at once, AI-powered chatbots can take up any number of queries at any given moment. Hence, the presence of a bot directly impacts the scale at which a business can run its operations.

If you think it takes a lot from a business to implement an AI chatbot, then you’re misinformed. Click here to chat with us and let our experts do the implementation for you.

2. Target New-Age Customers

These days, consumers want to make well-informed decisions when buying products at any scale. They ask questions about every detail of a product, compare prices and specifications before placing an order. And, they prefer chatting over calls for a quick exchange of information. So, an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot for business allows you to engage such consumers and convert them into customers.

3. Market Across Multiple Channels

When interactions are managed seamlessly across all digital channels, they create more business for you. An AI chatbot as a medium for conversations can provide an omnichannel experience by remembering consumers across multiple platforms. Hence, they are engaged on a deeper level, resulting in faster conversions.

4. Build an Interactive Business

There’s no passive experience associated with a conversational AI chatbot. Unlike websites and apps, it provides users with a two-way conversational ability for higher engagement. Plus, you can make it available on popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Hence, your conversational ability opens for billions of people at once.


Your manufacturing business needs the best of technologies to escalate the quality of leads and operational efficiency. So, you need to go beyond generic chatbots and have an AI chatbot for WhatsApp.

We are here you help you with WhatsApp Business API and AI-powered Chatbot designed for your business-specific needs. Let’s talk over WhatsApp now or sign-up for a FREE DEMO of our revolutionary solution.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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