All-In-One Guide To Conversational Advertising With AI Bots Across Social Media And Google Ads

All-In-One Guide To Conversational Advertising With AI Chatbots
All-In-One Guide To Conversational Advertising

Remember that one-way street of advertising where business talked and customers listened! It has evolved into a two-way street with advancements in conversational interfaces. Now, AI Bots are being used for conversational advertising.

So, if you are still using those outdated social media campaigns, landing pages, and static display ads, your business might fall behind.

But don’t worry!

We’re here to help you understand:

How to increase your digital ad campaign engagement?

You will find out every aspect of running conversational ads using conversational AI for engaging marketing, higher numbers of leads, and more sales conversions.

So, here it goes!

What’s Conversational Advertising?

When you advertise your business online, it should:

  • Deliver value to a consumer

  • Deserve the attention and time of a consumer

Conversations are the most natural way of engagement for humans. Whether spoken or written, they have a greater impact than any other method of communication. Hence, conversational advertising is defined by its conversational ability, which delivers value to a consumer’s needs, attention, and time.

Conversational advertising involves the use of natural, automated interactions between businesses and customers with the help of AI Bots, also known as conversational AI. They help to drive purchase intent, brand awareness, and conversions at a faster pace than static ads.

Let’s elaborate on this further:

Automated conversations powered by natural language processing and machine learning create a human-like experience. A virtual assistant becomes capable of finding out the emotions, intent, and preferences of a user in real-time. It understands an input to:

  • Either ask for missing information.

  • Or, respond with the required information or action.

Conversational Ads on Instagram using AI Intelligence AI Chatbots
Conversational Advertising With AI Chatbots - Instagram

Why is it Working for Businesses?

Here’s why businesses are getting improved marketing and sales returns through conversational ads:

  • Interacting with an AI-enabled virtual assistant feels natural through messaging and texting. It’s intuitive and familiar.

  • Consumers can choose how they want to engage – whether via texting on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or through voice calls.

  • Consumers can choose what information they get. It’s better to interact with consumers about their interests than forcing a whole lot of content.

This is how ads become personalized, which is why businesses are receiving excellent ROI out of them.

How to Run Conversational Ads Across Multiple Platforms?

1. Conversational Ads on Social Media with AI Bots

Your social media ads can now deliver a conversational experience. AI Bots are making it possible for you to run conversational ads on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter.