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Enhance your Businesses and Customers by Implementing Conversational AI

ORAI's blog on Enhance your Businesses and Customers by Implementing Conversational AI
Conversational AI For your Business

AI-powered chatbots can transform almost any business. Our Conversational AI platform, ORAI, empowers businesses and marketers to create personalized chatbots that deliver high-velocity sales.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a term being used in the marketing world today. This type of AI is designed to interact with humans in the way we do, combined with deep learning, natural language processing, and human-like conversation. It is a form of artificial intelligence that allows machines to talk to us like people. Conversational AI is being used to help companies build a more human experience for their customers. The term has been coined in the past decade, but its significance is becoming more important.

The importance of using Conversational AI in your Marketing

Using Conversational AI allows your list to have a real conversation with your offer which increases response by 300% or more. In fact, using Conversational AI in your marketing will make sure that every member of your list has a real conversation with you and your offer. Used properly, Conversational AI can add enormous value to your marketing. It is especially valuable when combined with something like NLP (Natural Language Processing).

  • It increases the response rate by 16% over those who receive the only standard messages.

  • It increases the conversion rate by 23% over those who receive only standard messages.

  • It doubles the click-through rate over those who receive only standard messages.

  • It triples the number of orders generated over those who receive only standard messages.

  • It increases customer satisfaction by 37% over those who receive only standard messages.

  • It increases the perceived value of the email by 65% over those who receive only standard messages.

Conversational AI has been used in marketing for a few years now and has been a highly effective way to market products. We can see the use of chatbots for customer service, webinars, content generation, and more. The reason we use it is that the end-users can interact with us directly. There is no need for an intermediary.

It is a common misconception that Conversational AI is just another word for a chatbot. While chatbots can be used for marketing purposes, they are also an integral part of Conversational AI. For example, Conversational AI can analyse your customer's conversation history, understand how they use specific keywords in their conversations, and then match the keywords to an offer that best fits them. If you use a chatbot as a marketing tool, you will find that your chatbot becomes much more intelligent.

You will save a lot of time by having chatbots for all your marketing activities and can automate the sales process.

The five major benefits of Conversational AI

  • The first advantage is that Conversational AI is more user friendly than any other form of Artificial Intelligence. It is easy to use and does not require a lot of training time.

  • The second benefit is that it can interact with humans in a natural way and can also mimic human conversations. It does not need to be trained like traditional machine learning.

  • The third benefit is that it can use real-world data to train itself. It can also learn things based on experience rather than rules or books.

  • The fourth benefit is that it works on any device and has no limitation in terms of speed. It can work 24/7 without any interruptions.

  • The fifth advantage is that Conversational AI is a cost-effective solution. It does not require a large budget to develop and scale.

What can a Conversational AI do?

This is an important trend that will shape the future of marketing. The rise of Conversational AI means that marketing will become more personal. The goal is to have the customer feel like they are talking to a real person who has a personal stake in the company's success.

  • Conversational AI will change the way we do things. It can improve customer service. It can improve communication.

  • Conversational AI can solve all types of tasks, both human-like as well as technical. It has become the only real solution to the question of automation for any task.

  • Conversational AI is self-learning and self-adapting. This means that it can be used in new situations, without having to learn from scratch.

  • Conversational AI can adapt and learn from feedback. This means that it does not need constant supervision.

  • Conversational AI can communicate. This allows it to be integrated with other systems, including human beings.

  • Conversational AI can handle more data than rule-based systems.

How to get started with Conversational AI in your business and marketing

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started with Conversational AI

Step 1 – Get yourself a verified WhatsApp Business API

We, at ORAI, handle the end-to-end process of getting you authorized with WhatsApp Business Verification. You get WhatsApp Business API with a ‘Green Badge’ branded account on WhatsApp.

Step 2 – Choose the right WhatsApp chatbot

ORAI has an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot with exclusive features like 3-way conversations and drip campaigns. You can integrate our WhatsApp bot to every digital touchpoint like your website, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, and more. Plus, our AI chatbot supports 100+ languages and interacts in a humanized manner. It can even qualify your leads and filter them into ‘Hot, Warm & Cold’ leads.

Step 3 – Create a business-specific conversation flow

Our AI bot experts will customize the conversation flow, aligning it with your business model, industry, and brand persona.

Step 4 – Final testing, deployment, and implementation

ORAI becomes your WhatsApp AI partner, taking care of chatbot testing, deployment, and implementation. In fact, we stay connected with your internal team to ensure the successful operation of the bot every day.

Your business can use Conversational AI to create a personal connection with customers, engage them, and collect more information. It could become an amazing part of the customer experience, helping you build better relationships with your customers.

It also enables you to automate marketing, sales, and support processes with greater speed and accuracy. It is also useful for companies to increase customer satisfaction and delight their customers, as well as reduce operating costs, such as agent hours, marketing spending, and more.

Conversational AI could be a gamechanger, Get Yours Today!

If you are not using Conversational AI in your business or your customers, then you are missing the greatest opportunity ever.

With Conversational AI, there is no need to use text, email, or phone calls to communicate because it can understand the language and context of your conversation. It learns to speak naturally and engage in real conversations by learning from your past interactions.

If you have been ignoring it for too long, then now is the time to embrace Conversational AI.

Get a FREE DEMO of ORAI’s Conversational AI. Or, Click here for instant WhatsApp chat.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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