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Choose ORAI's Conversational AI for your Business.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Orai's blog on Choose ORAI's Conversational AI for your Business
Advanced Conversational AI by ORAI

ORAI is an advanced conversational AI platform that engages customers and offers actionable insights to businesses to create more personalised, richer experiences day and night.

We help you obtain WhatsApp Business API with verified ‘Green Badge’ and implement a WhatsApp AI chatbot across all your channels such as chat, digital ads, messaging, social, email, SMS, website, and more.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs ORAI

  1. The impact we bring to the business

  2. Omnichannel Customer Engagement

  3. WhatsApp chatbot for business For Medium and Large Enterprises

  4. All-in-one Conversational AI Platform

  5. Intelligent virtual assistants

  6. Customer Engagement Strategy

  7. Boost your brand's image, and retain customers

1. The impact we bring to the business

  • 85% Reduction in Human-Agent Requirement

  • 90% Increase in Customer Engagement 24x7

  • 5x Advance Automated Lead Verification & Qualification

  • 300% Advance in Unified Customer Digital Experience

2. Omnichannel Customer Engagement

With a Single AI Platform, connect all your contact centres and create a consistent experience across all

  • Social Media Chatbot

  • Web & Mobile Chatbot

  • Voice devises Virtual Assistant

  • Contact Centre Virtual Agent

  • Agent Assigned by AI

  • LOB Applications


3. WhatsApp chatbot for business

ORAI's vertical strength for medium and large enterprises

  • E-commerce

E-Commerce ORAI Chatbot for the E-commerce Industry helps you run an online store and deepen the customer touchpoints and experience.

Click here to know more!

  • Health Care

AI-Powered ORAI Chatbot can revolutionize the healthcare industry from first-level primary care information to answering the FAQ related to health.

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  • Automobile

Build Conversational Chatbots for Auto Dealership to empower the customer experience. Whether it is enquiring about a new model, notifying about new offers.

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  • Education

The ORAI chatbot helps Schools, Colleges and universities to transform the way students interact with them over the website or on social media.

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  • Real Estate

AI-Powered ORAI Chatbot for Real Estate Industry helps you reduce customer expenses and increase customer satisfaction by up to 50%.

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  • Manufacturing & Suppliers

ORAI helps manufacturers get their WhatsApp Business API and Omnichannel integration of our Conversational AI platform.

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  • Diagnostic centre

Automate instant patient engagement and query resolution with a single conversational AI platform

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  • HR

AI-Enabled HR Virtual Assistant providing instant responses to employee queries for a seamless employee experience

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  • Travel & Hospitality

Conversational AI for smart interactions online with travellers and guests and impress them with exceptional assistance and services.

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  • Insurance

With the help of AI-based chatbots, Insurance companies can optimize their customer service, reduce operational costs, and improve the overall customer experience.

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4. All-in-one Conversational AI Platform

Integrate WhatsApp API via ORAI Conversational AI Platform and engage with your customers like never.

  • WhatsApp Business API onboarding Support

  • ERP/CRM Integration support

  • Quick Approvals within 24 Hours

  • Powerful AI Platform

  • Implementation Support

  • Live Chat Platform

  • Team Training and bot-building support WhatsApp

  • Drip Campaign

5. Intelligent virtual assistants

Build intelligent virtual assistants for your websites, Facebook pages, and messaging apps.

  • Instant Response Rate

Engage more customers by offering real-time assistance using an AI bot.

  • Improve Customer Retention

Engage every customer right from the first stage of marketing till the last stage of sales, and then, customer care.

  • Increase Qualified Leads

Get an AI bot that can automatically assess and validate information to qualify leads in real-time.

  • Run Effective Campaigns

Use a conversational marketing strategy effectively to drive better results.

  • Dedicated Sales Support

Capture customer information, nurture leads, sell products, improve customer relationships with ORAI's conversational AI

6. Customer Engagement Strategy

We are an advanced Conversational AI platform designed to simplify large scale consumer engagement for modern-age businesses. Our AI-powered customer engagement platform comes along with various solutions/features:

  • WhatsApp Business API

User-Friendly, Reliable and Feature-Rich Live AI-Enabled Chatbot.

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  • WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

Automate your Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Chatbot for Business.

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  • WhatsApp Business verification

A green badge on a WhatsApp Number is worth millions and we can help you with it!

Click here to know more!

  • WhatsApp DRIP campaign

Automate Boost your customer engagement with marketing automation drip campaigns on WhatsApp.

Click here to know more!

  • 3- way Communication

Offer absolute Assistance to your customer with AI chatbot and human Agents.

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  • WhatsApp- SAP Integration

Enforce WhatsApp Integration with SAP/ ERP software for providing a coherent experience.

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  • WhatsApp Push Notification

Send Messages and Media updates directly to customers from your Spreadsheet.

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  • WhatsApp OTP Verification

Authenticate WhatsApp Number and Customer Identity with WhatsApp OTP Verification.

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7. Boost your brand's image, and retain customers

  • Oshi helps with instant chat and instant answers on WhatsApp

  • Supports all kinds of file formats like videos, product images price documents, as well as hyperlinks, which can lead to directly selling direct sales

  • Creates human-like, engagement-oriented conversations which increases confidence and trust. to your brand.

  • End-to-end encryption helps secure all customer communications

  • Green badge verification from WhatsApp gives better brand recognition as the Brand name will appear in customer’s WhatsApp rather than a number

To know more, let’s have a WhatsApp chat or sign-up for your personalized FREE DEMO.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

Stay in contact with ORAI

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