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How Conversational AI Can Improve the Buyer Experience

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

ORAI's blog on How Conversational AI Can Improve the Buyer Experience
Conversational AI for Customer Experience

How Conversational AI can improve the customer experience is an industry focus. The technology offers more relevant content and answers in real-time, increasing user engagement.

  1. AI assistants are gaining momentum for their ability to touch every lead with personalized engagement at scale.

  2. Personalized engagement gives leads the opportunity to raise their hand earlier in the funnel.

  3. This AI-driven proactive outreach provides leads with the opportunity to raise their hand earlier in the customer journey.

  4. AI Assistants can also help sales and marketing mitigate challenges that arise from inconsistent and inaccurate data by evaluating the health of each lead through email verification and measuring information against criteria sets.

Conversational AI is a remarkably interesting subject because it provides businesses with several advantages, such as saving money on human resources, improving the customer experience, and improving user engagement. The way the technology works is that it listens to people who interact with the company's website or app then stores these responses in a database. Later, when a user asks a question, the technology will search its database for a response that is relevant to the question being asked, and then return this information to the user.

They are growing in popularity for several reasons, including ease of use and lower costs.

Conversational AI helps businesses understand their customers better. In fact, it is one of the most valuable marketing strategies a company can have. It can save you money and give your customers a better experience.

Conversational AI is a wonderful way to improve your business performance!

The rise of conversational AI has created a change in basic assumptions in the way brands interact with customers. Conversational AI technology empowers brands to build an engaging relationship with their audience by allowing them to speak directly to customers through natural language processing, enabling the brand to deliver highly personalized and relevant experiences. By leveraging conversational AI, brands can enhance customer interactions by empowering them with more information, allowing them to act, and giving them the ability to control the conversation.

ORAI is a Conversational AI platform that recognizes the needs and demands of the present market and has devised solutions that smoothen the functioning of a business and accentuate customer relationships.

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CEO-ORAI Robotics

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