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How the Education sector can leverage WhatsApp Business API

AI chatbots are being adopted by almost every industry, regardless of whether it is Education, Healthcare, FinTech, or E-commerce.

Conversational AI is revolutionizing teaching and learning without compromising the quality of education provided by schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Numerous students around the globe are using digital channels to connect with their teachers, and peers, learn remotely and improve their skills.

Did you know? The online education market will reach $350 billion by 2025.

How is Conversational AI transforming the Education Sector?

Conversational AI is rapidly gaining popularity in nearly every industry today. Education is one of the most successful. AI chatbots bring welcoming transformations to students at all stages, including before, during, or after admission. Conversational AI automates a variety of tasks, including organizing and managing events at colleges or universities.

Conversational AI can provide students with an experience unlike any other:

1. Pre-Academia

Students can use an AI chatbot to help them find colleges and courses online. An AI chatbot for school will assist them in understanding and completing the following steps:

  • Admission

  • Marketing

  • Counseling

2. During-Academia

An AI chatbot can be used to help students start their academic journey.

  • Departments Information Assistance

  • Library Assistance

  • Medical Assistance

  • Sports Club Assistance

  • Financial Assistance

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Campus life Assistance

  • Induction / Orientation Assistance

  • Hostel Assistance

3. Post-Academia

A college's relationship with its students can last a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to find a way to communicate with alumni regularly. An AI chatbot should be used to train institution alumni.

  • Alumni Assistant

  • Reference Bot

  • Executive education Bot

Why should Edutech leverage WhatsApp API?

Messaging platforms have gained popularity recently due to easy access and simplicity. WhatsApp has become the most preferred channel for educational institutions around the world. With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the world's most popular instant messaging platform. With such a large user base, educational institutions can use WhatsApp to reach most students and offer a variety of digital services.

Just like standard WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp Business API streamlines interaction between an institute and their student/prospect. This WhatsApp automation caters especially to higher institutes with extensive student databases and considerable messaging volumes. It is a monumental shift from traditional mail and conversations to app-based assistance that is efficient and holds a high ROI compared to other assistance.

Not only that but WhatsApp surpasses calls, emails, and contact forms in terms of delivery rate, open ratio, and conversions:

  • 70% higher open rate than emails

  • 50% higher response rate

  • 20% increase in sales closure ratio

WhatsApp API provides a great platform for community-based learning. It is easy to use, accessible, and simple to use for students and teachers. Engaging with students, capturing leads, offering support and other processes become possible instantly 24*7.

WhatsApp has expanded its services to allow Commerce through recent developments. WhatsApp Commerce features interactive UI elements, and marketing notifications-based features and makes the customer experience more personal. This solution is perfect for EdTech brands.

ORAI + WhatsApp- The perfect solution for your EdTech business

  • Admission support

Your students can get real-time support throughout the application submission process. WhatsApp commerce allows you to keep applicants informed about their application status, schedule interviews, answer FAQs, and handle any other issues students might have.

  • Round-the-clock assistance

Answers student questions about fees, academics, and payments 24/7. WhatsApp API can answer students' questions and provide answers to their most common queries. They also redirect complex problems to human agents.

  • Run drip campaigns

ORAI allows you to send personalized messages and engage students. These campaigns allow you to send personalized messages to each student after a set time period (determined by you).

  • Send relevant notifications & reminders

WhatsApp commerce can be used by brands to send personalized messages to students to update them about upcoming events, sessions, timetables, and cancellation announcements. You can also access these messages in real-time.

  • Learning and development

WhatsApp Business API can help students communicate and stay in touch with teachers. WhatsApp for education has been a great tool for improving communication and contact with students.

  • Collect student feedback

WhatsApp commerce is a great way to get feedback from students about the quality of your courses, tutorials, faculty experience, and more.

  • Payment Support

WhatsApp API allows students to make payments directly from WhatsApp. WhatsApp payments support all leading wallets with a secure and fraudulent-free transaction.

  • Lead generation

WhatsApp API allows you to create a bot that does all the work for you. It uses an interface that feels natural to your prospects and is easy to use.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

ORAI allows students to communicate in multiple languages with each other, which builds trust and confidence along the way.

  • Placement Assistant

ORAI can provide information for your students about upcoming activities, schedules of interviews, and tips for success.

  • Scholarship Assistant

ORAI informs prospective and current students about all scholarships available at the institution.

  • Alumni Assistant

Your success is dependent on alumni engagement and assistance. ORAI helps with alumni queries.

  • On-Campus Support

Support and assist students with all campus facilities such as a library, transport, medical, or class assignments.

  • Marketing integrations

Your entire marketing campaign can be integrated into one place, increasing student admission ROI by 200% with Conversational Marketing.

Boost your student engagement with WhatsApp commerce!

WhatsApp Business API’s role in education extends beyond learning and teaching. Education institutes, marketers, administrators, and others can also use WhatsApp EdTech chatbots for new leads generation and nurturing, engagement with students, re-engagement with ex-students, simplified administrative processes, and overall stress reduction.

ORAI is a trusted partner for many businesses that use WhatsApp Business API. If you're thinking about using WhatsApp for your business, ORAI can help you with its whole setup and automation.

Click here to chat over WhatsApp. Or you can register for a FREE DEMO session right away.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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