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How To Use Facebook Click-To-WhatsApp Ads To Increase Student Enrollment

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook & Instagram using ORAI's AI portal on WhatsApp to increase student enrollment
Conversational ads to increase student enrollment

The process of student outreach and enrollment essentially requires an ongoing interaction. While you try to nurture student leads towards enrollment, prospective students look for instant answers to questions they have in mind. They want to absorb details of what courses and services you offer to make an informed decision.

Now, Facebook gives you a new kind of ad format to reflect this student journey. You can now use Facebook Ads Manager with WhatsApp Business API to run Click-to-WhatsApp ads that allow multiple ways of converting your student leads into enrollments. You can also automate your WhatsApp account with an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot to make sure that all leads get addressed instantly 24*7.

If you need WhatsApp API or AI WhatsApp Chatbot, ORAI is the leading platform for that. Click here to ask your questions or get started.

Once you complete the setup of Click-to-WhatsApp Facebook ads, you can start running creative campaigns to increase student enrollment via Facebook and Instagram. Here are some great Facebook ad examples for universities and colleges:

1. Find top courses education experts recommend in 2021 for a secure future

In the post-pandemic world, students are concerned about their future. You can help them with valuable information regarding the right courses for a secure future. Or, give them any other information that might help to choose the right courses as per their interests.

Such an ad will attract more leads for your college or university via WhatsApp. Students can click on the ad and reach your official WhatsApp account to ask their questions and gather information. At the same time, you can collect their details and nurture them towards admission.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook & Instagram using ORAI's AI portal on WhatsApp to recommend top courses provided by your educational institute.
Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

2. Enrollment just opened for this year’s engineering programs

Target prospective students who are looking for admissions in new courses based on their interests. Run a Click-to-WhatsApp ad notifying them about the enrollment. This way, prospective students will click on your ad and start conversing with your institution right away.

Instant conversations can help them understand the program better and you can automate the process of admission application using an artificial intelligence chatbot on WhatsApp.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook & Instagram using ORAI's AI portal on WhatsApp to promote enrollment for engineering seats.
Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

3. Tell us the areas that interest you and get expert advice on higher-ed courses

Every student wants to consult with an expert before choosing a course for himself. Usually, such students read online content and try connecting with professors via social networking sites. You can attract such students by offering an instant conversation with educators who can answer their questions. A Click-to-WhatsApp ad would be perfect for this purpose, as it would directly connect students to your counselors.

A bot can be there for initial interaction and it can allow instant human intervention for students who click on ads to talk to human counselors.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook & Instagram using ORAI's AI portal on WhatsApp to promote your career counselling services.
Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

4. Register for our upcoming education webinar

If you’re organizing a webinar for student outreach, use Click-to-WhatsApp ads to get more registrations. Clicking to WhatsApp is easy, and a chatbot on WhatsApp can make registrations easier. Hence, you’ll get more attendees, which will increase the number of student enrollments via the webinar as well.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook & Instagram using ORAI's AI portal on WhatsApp to promote your webinar on education
Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

5. You expressed interest in MBA programs before. Last 7 days left to apply

Retargeting is highly effective on Facebook and Instagram. This is for students who visit your social media platforms or website to inquire about a particular program but leave without applying for it. You can target such students by creating a sense of urgency with your ad. Present WhatsApp as the fastest way of applying for a course right away.

Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook & Instagram using ORAI's AI portal on WhatsApp to promote your educational institutes MBA programme.
Click-to-WhatsApp ads on various platforms

What Next?!

Use these ideas and get creative with them to generate more ads targeting all different students for your university or college.

But before you do that, make your digital presence ready for Click-to-WhatsApp ads with:

  • WhatsApp Business API

  • AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbot

  • Facebook Ads Manager Account

  • Well-optimized Facebook and Instagram Business Profiles

At ORAI, we help clients achieve the best outcome with Click-to-WhatsApp ads. Our WhatsApp API service and Conversational AI platform enables smart conversations, predictive intelligence, and omnichannel presence.

Let us give you a DEMO for FREE, so you can understand our solutions in depth. Or, chat with us now and ask your questions.

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