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Omnichannel AI Chatbot: Why You Should Connect All Channels To A Single Bot

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

ORAI's omnichannel AI chatbot
Omnichannel Presence

Today, you can’t expect users to have a glance at your product on your website and buy right away. They understand and inquire about products using various platforms like company websites, Google Search, messaging platforms, and social media.

So, it makes complete sense to connect all those touchpoints for an omnichannel experience.

What is an omnichannel experience?

When businesses unify their interactions with customers across multiple channels (like web, mobile, website, social media platforms, and messengers), this interconnected multi-channel approach is called an omnichannel experience.

An omnichannel strategy also includes the unification of customer engagement, marketing, sales, and customer support platforms.

In simple words, an omnichannel approach allows your brand to continue a conversation from one channel to another with no interruption. This approach has been made possible by AI-powered chatbots that remember all customers regardless of which platform they use to connect with businesses.

What channels your customers are using?

In order to enable an omnichannel experience, you need to figure out all the channels where your customers are available. While this may differ from business to business, some platforms are mandatory to connect with each other.

1. Your Website/app

Your website is at the center of everything you want to achieve online. Whatever traffic or leads you get from channels like Google Search, social media, and messaging platforms- ultimately come to your site or app for information, action, and transaction.

2. WhatsApp

There are 2 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp worldwide and around 300 million active users in India. These numbers make WhatsApp a perfect platform to interact with your customers. Interconnecting this platform with other channels can bring a massive change to your customer experience management time and efforts. You can automate your customer conversations via a WhatsApp Business API integrated with an omnichannel AI chatbot.

3. Facebook Messenger

Apart from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is the second most-favorite messaging platform for users. So, you can expect people to try and connect with your brand from this channel as well.

4. Facebook

Today, people go to Facebook not just to communicate with friends, but to search for products, services, and information as well. It has become a social search platform, where people can ask questions and inquire about your business.

5. Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has evolved as a social platform for businesses with high ROI. Users engage with highly active brands- businesses that answer their questions and give product information immediately. With Instagram ads, stories, and posts, you can gain and maintain a flow of new leads, and existing customers inquiring about your products and services.

6. Google

Google search is the first platform anyone would go to if he or she wants to buy any product, find some information, or look for a service. This platform also provides various touchpoints like organic search results, Google Ads, and Google My Business.

Why Facebook has introduced Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook now allows you to run Click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram. It means your ads can have a clickable button that leads people straight to your WhatsApp account. You can connect your WhatsApp Business API to the Facebook ads manager to start running those ads.

These buttons have made ads more conversational, as WhatsApp is considered a go-to platform these days to enable conversational marketing. As a result, businesses are able to increase the quality of their leads and complete the buying journey faster with conversational ads.

ORAI's Conversational AI platform can help in increasing sales through conversational ads
Sell more through Click-to-WhatsApp Ad

So, it’s visible that the digital market is reshaping itself to provide omnichannel experience for users across channels. And, the same you need to achieve for your business as well.

Why a single AI-powered omnichannel chatbot is needed to connect all touchpoints?

To connect all your digital channels together, you need a conversational AI that can be integrated everywhere. At the same time, your conversational AI has to have omnichannel intelligence – the ability to remember users, their preferences, and conversations across all integrated channels.

With this technological addition to your digital presence, your business can improve in many ways:

1. You remember customers, they remember you

Instead of human agents taking care of different channels, you can have a single AI chatbot that remembers customers regardless of platform or time gap between interactions. Customers feel satisfied not having to repeat their requests or details over and over. So, they come back to your brand and recommend your services further.

2. Customers want instant responses on all channels

Your business can be ready for queries and requests coming from any direction. A conversational AI bot responds instantly, 24*7 with a perfect reply based on the intent of every individual.

3. Connected channels provide better customer data

An omnichannel AI bot can collect customer data and represent it to your integrated CRM. Comprehensive connectivity of channels shows new patterns and connections related to customer behavior that weren’t possible with isolated touchpoints.

4. Marketing and sales campaigns give high ROI

You can connect your marketing and sales campaigns via conversational ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads to maximize ROI. A single omnichannel WhatsApp chatbot can capture, qualify, and nurture leads instantly from all those channels. Hence, your marketing and sales teams can plan and execute strategies more effectively to drive more sales and engagement.

Bottom line

If you’re seeing your customers coming from multiple channels, it makes complete sense to provide them with a holistic experience everywhere. This is why you need an omnichannel conversational AI platform.

ORAI specializes and leads the market when it comes to delivering conversational AI for omnichannel experiences. All you need to do is book your FREE DEMO to see how it works.

Or, click here to ask more questions over WhatsApp chat! Swapnil Jain

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