• Sujit Das Biswas

Live Video Chat Support: Connect Over Video Chat Calls Right From Any Chat Platform

Updated: Jul 8

Connect Over Video Chat Calls Right From Any Chat Platform with ORAI New Video Feature with AI ChatBot
Live Video Chat Support

The year 2020 has created a new normal where customers prefer buying products and services online. And, this new normal has made video chatting more popular than ever.

It’s high time to have a video live chat feature available in your business also. You can use voice and video chat calling to deliver a highly personalized, interactive, and delightful conversational experience. And, the convenience will just add to customer satisfaction, bringing your sales to a new peak.

ORAI is bringing to enterprises, the ability to engage with their customers through Voice and Video chat calls!

If your enterprise is looking to have an additional degree of personalization to customer interactions and provide your support agents with a unified view of customers’ buying journey, then read further on to discover how video chat calling will enable you to do so.

3 Reasons Why Enterprises are Using Live Voice and Video Chat Call

Live chat support with video chat calls allows businesses to directly interact with customers. They can resolve queries in real-time, give demos, and provide tours of a location. And, with ORAI’s video chat feature, you can enable such chat calls across all platforms- your website, social media, and messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others.

And here’s how voice and video chat call support can help you balance the cost and quality factors:

1. Reduce the Number of Touchpoints

How many steps does a customer take to get a query resolved from your business?

If there are multiple touchpoints involved, then, you’re definitely making customers frustrated. A study by HubSpot says that waiting on hold or repeating the same thing in front of multiple support providers makes customers frustrated the most.

Using video chat for customer support helps to identify the exact problem faced by a customer and deliver immediate solutions. It reduces the total number of touchpoints attempted by a customer and improves the first contact resolution.

2. Onboard Faster with Personalized Demos

Converting a lead into your customer, and then, retaining for a long time can become easier with live video chat. A video chat call with a prospect can result in an effortless demonstration of your product personalized with specific Q&As.

You can even map the whole customer journey for a prospect to educate about the functionalities and features of your product or service. This direct communication enables consistency in the quality of experience, customers get from your business.

3. Reduce Help Desk Costs

Direct chat with customers helps to identify the root cause of the error and offer quick solutions. Also, you get to reduce your help desk costs and improve the productivity of customer support agents.

With video conversation recordings, your team can:

  • Gain customer insights

  • Monitor customer experience quality

  • Train new members of the support team

  • Assess the performance of agents

How do AI Bots Add Value to Live Voice and Video chat Calling?

While voice and video live calling is extremely useful, you would want to use it for high-quality leads only. But you don’t get just quality leads online, do you?! There are bad leads with wrong inquiries or good leads with repetitive inquiries coming your way.

A conversational AI bot can refine your leads for voice and video chat. It can answer common queries and arrange video chat calls whenever requested by prospects.

ORAI’s conversational AI platform enables 3-way conversations on WhatsApp or any other platform you want