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Making Conversational AI Work for Your Organization

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI'S blog on Making Conversational AI work for your organization
Conversational AI for your Organization

Change is the only constant and we live in a world that celebrates changes, rather can be called transformations. Outliving the past to embrace innovation, is the mantra that businesses tend to be following these days. Conversational AI is a set of technology that is helping companies communicate better with their audience. Though this can be called the key benefit that it offers, there are other compositions that can be quantified to its list of advantages.

How does Conversational AI Work?

It can be called the inquisitive child that persistently seeks answers to every new query that it encounters. Simply put, Conversational AI lends help from various other advanced technologies, like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and mimics human interaction. It processes, learns, and generates responses based on the accumulated data.

This complex process starts with receiving a message through text or audio format and then uses NLP or ASR to extract the essential details by identifying the intent of the message. It further converts them into algorithms and then prepares a response using dialogue management. Finally, it delivers a response through text or audio format.

Is Conversational AI an advantageous technology for Businesses and Organizations?

Digital Transformation has made its way for numerous technologies to benefit organizations as a whole and Conversation AI is yet another technology that is meant to strengthen various units of businesses.

1. Complete Customer Support

Conversational AI is meant to improve the workings of the customer service department. 24/7 customer support with timely responses and prompt query resolution. It promotes efficient and automated operations. The advanced conversational ai chatbots provides highly functional assistance in languages, dialects, and even accents. It also minimizes human intervention and is thus cost-effective. Resource management is a vital aspect of customer support in providing a seamless, robust experience to the customer and conversational ai can be a tool that eliminates such issues.

2. Improve Analysis and Decision Making

The growth of a business is directly proportional to the strategic decisions that it stands upon. Conversational AI integration with other SAS based software will be ideal for collecting, processing and analyzing data, thus helping decision-makers of businesses, take strategic decisions based on the market forecast and the need of the hour. Through reinforcement learning, advanced conversational ai chatbots have the capability to leverage user conversation and provide valuable/accurate insight that is sometimes considered better than customer feedback.

3. Increased Outreach and Engagement

Every Business strives to expand in this competitive market, and by Maintaining momentum with the present-day expectations of customers, it is essential to maintain a healthy relationship. Conversational AI opens up windows that help in free flow interaction with potential consumers and customers. Conversational AI solutions include Virtual Customer Assistance that also works effectively to uplift the marketing fronts of the business. Initiates Personalized conversation, Educates customers about products or services, even live updates.

4. Lead Generation and Conversion

Conversational AI acts as an advocate for the sales team. It helps in lead generation by identifying vital data, structuring it in a meaningful way and thus reaching out to the customer with adequate information to support conversion. Personalized Follow-up Messages, customized reminders etc. are features that help the sales team. Integration of Conversational AI with CRM software may serve as a real-time conversation tracker for your business’s omnichannel presence.

5. HR Process Management

Managing the comprehensive task of the Human Resource process can be extremely time consuming and tedious. Conversational AI is a tool that could help business automate their HR Activities like ease the Onboarding Process, simplify Performance Review, manage leave requests and FAQs etc.

This blog was a linear glimpse of how Conversational AI can benefit businesses in a lot of ways. If you are interested to know more about how conversational AI would resolve your specific business problems, ORAI Robotics would help you understand the relevance of a conversational ai platform. We would address the challenges that your business is undergoing and acquire a targeted solution that would suffice your need.

We are a conversational ai platform that offers AI Chatbot or WhatsApp Solutions, as per industry needs.

Wish to know more about us? Contact us Here, Or, register for your personalised DEMO.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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