Top 9 Industries That Are Using AI Chatbot For Business

Updated: Jul 8

Orai's blog on top 9 industries that are using Conversational AI
Top 9 industries that are using Conversational AI

AI chatbots are at the center of talks happening around technological innovations nowadays. The last few years have set up scenarios where businesses and customers are mutually ready to adopt conversational automation.

On one hand, conversational AI offers personalized interactions, faster replies, improved customer service, and easy purchase flow for customers.

On the other hand, businesses can use an artificial intelligence chatbot to boost lead quality, reduce support costs, increase customer loyalty, and gain more sales.

AI Chatbot for Business: Industry-wise report

Today, being present online is not enough. Businesses need to provide a 24*7 conversational availability, which is what customers expect across messaging platforms, social networks, websites, and other digital channels.

Orai's infographic on AI chatbot for business industry-wise report.
AI Chatbot industry-wise report

Here are the top industries where businesses have adopted conversational AI on WhatsApp with result-driven use cases:

1. Using conversational AI for e-commerce

The e-commerce industry is on a roll with exponential sales growth. The worldwide e-commerce retail sales amounted to $3.35 trillion in 2019, which is expected to reach $6.54 trillion by 2022.

Despite this growth rate, e-commerce businesses are struggling to maintain their sales cycle with traditional channels such as social media, emails, and phone calls. Not more than 1-3% visitors feel engaged enough to fill those static forms. If you also rely on these platforms, you must be struggling with the same problem.

Relying only on the human-driven sales and support system can’t lead a business to success at any scale. We have helped various e-commerce businesses, from Shopify startups to giant brands, creating a new form of transformative digital customer experience with AI chatbot.

Conversational AI is helping e-commerce companies to-

  • Capture and qualify leads faster

  • Create shorter sales cycles

  • Provide cross-platform support

  • Save time

  • Making more money

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2. Human resource

Every company needs a smoothly running HR department to ensure long-term success. During the process of recruitment, HR managers have to take care of hundreds of activities. And the success of those activities defines the future of a company. Finding the right candidates, ensuring policy compliance, resolving queries and conflicts- all these activities ensure that a business can run without any interruption.

Many organizations have started using conversational AI for futuristic and proactive HR activities. Companies that use artificial intelligence for HR are able to increase their productivity by 45%. HR teams are saving almost half of their time usually spent on managing talent and answering questions and queries. Hence, they can spend more time strategizing, planning, developing, and recruiting talent.

With AI deployed to your HR activities, you can-

  • Attract more relevant prospective candidates

  • Reduce the hours spent and scale up the recruitment process

  • Qualify candidates based on automated background checks

  • Answer their questions with personalized interactions

  • Help candidates with paperwork, onboarding, and company policies

And more!

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