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WhatsApp Chatbot For Business – How Different Industries Are Using It

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on WhatsApp chatbot for business
WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

WhatsApp is the world’s most famous messaging platform with 2 billion users interacting every month. So, with a WhatsApp Chatbot, you can build an interactive relationship with your customers, talking to them where they usually go to interact with others. Engaging customers, capturing leads, offering support and other processes become possible instantly 24*7.

In this post, we’ll discuss how different industries are using WhatsApp chatbot for business with various use cases.

But if you want to see the use cases in action, you can sign-up for our FREE DEMO as well!

Now, let’s check out the industry-wise use cases of WhatsApp chatbot for business:

WhatsApp Chatbot for E-Commerce

If any industry needs an AI chatbot on WhatsApp, it would be e-commerce. All buying stages of consumers exist online in the e-commerce industry. Billions of people across the globe use their devices to shop products online. These people don’t care about unresponsive channels such as websites, emails, or static landing pages.

WhatsApp chatbot for e-commerce allows online businesses to enable instant communication with customers 24*7, without having to spend too much money on managing a huge support team.

Sample automated WhatsApp chat for E-commerce industry in ORAI's blog
Automated WhatsApp Chat for E-commerce Industry

Businesses can provide information, resolve queries, get payments, receive orders, ask for feedback, manage refund/returns, and more with a single AI chatbot on WhatsApp.

Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for E-Commerce

  • Order Placement: A bot on WhatsApp can place orders for customers who click on your ads on Facebook, and Instagram. These Click-to-WhatsApp ads contain a button that brings leads straight to your conversational platform powered by an AI chatbot.

  • Support through Sales Funnel: A bot on WhatsApp can assist prospects through the various stages of sales. It can answer queries about a product’s price, quantity, quality, shipping options, shipping date, and more. Plus, it can take care of special requests from customers such as returning or exchanging a product and claiming a refund.

  • Collecting Reviews: It is essential for an e-commerce business to have people saying good things about their products, portal, and services. Hence, collecting reviews and feedback play a vital role. With a WhatsApp chatbot, this process becomes more friendly, personalized, and simpler for happy customers. Hence, you can automate review collection to scale up the quantity and quality of feedback from customers.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Automotive

The automotive industry is seeing a growing demand for vehicle purchases online. Customers go online to check out new models, ask their queries, see all the features, and book test-drives after getting satisfied completely.

From vehicle insurance assistance to used car sales, most deals are happening online nowadays. So, a WhatsApp chatbot for business can assist throughout the exchange of information.

Using a chatbot, businesses can recommend vehicles, answer queries, and book test drives for every prospective buyer.

Sample Automated WhatsApp Chat for Automotive Industry on ORAI's blog
Automated WhatsApp Chat for Automotive Industry

Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Automotive

  • Addressing Inquiries: Customers can simply inquire about their requirements via WhatsApp chatbot of your car dealership. Car buyers can inquire about car models, financing options, available colors, and more. Car owners can ask about the availability of vehicle spare parts and accessories and request for repair or servicing as well. The bot can help them locate the nearest service station instantly to avoid delays during emergencies.

  • Customer Outreach: People who might be looking for vehicles to purchase can be engaged with a WhatsApp chatbot. A conversation can begin with people who visit your website, click on ads, or through drip marketing on WhatsApp.

  • Scheduling Test Drives: Prospective buyers who wish to experience the drive of a vehicle can ask the bot to book a test drive via your WhatsApp Verified Business Account.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance

The insurance industry constantly struggles to provide swift online support to policy buyers and holders.

Companies wish to speed up the process of application filling and claim process. However, the traditional techniques and tools aren’t sufficient to manage the complex documentation at large scales.

Buying and maintaining insurance policies are difficult processes for customers- terms and conditions change from policy to policy. And, emails and SMSs aren’t capable enough to satisfy customer needs.

A WhatsApp chatbot for business can assist with AI/ML conversational abilities to offer a high-quality customer experience. The security assurance allows confidence to users while submitting their income statements, signed proposals, ID proof, and other critical documents.

Sample Automated WhatsApp Chat for Insurance Industry on ORAI's blog
Automated WhatsApp Chat for Insurance Industry

Artificial intelligence chatbots also automate premium calculation. They ask customers for their age, job, income, selected policy, duration, and other factors to provide accurate premium amounts.

Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance

  • Document Assistance: Provide policy document details, collect address proof, income proof, age proof, IDs, and other documents with the help of WhatsApp chatbot automation. The bot can directly store those documents in an integrated database and process them as per the requirements.

  • Policy Renewal: Send automated reminders to policyholders about policy expiry dates and help with the terms of renewal. The chatbot can even share the benefits of renewing a policy to reduce the number of cancelations.

  • Claim Processes: Make a claim filing simpler for policyholders. An AI chatbot can eliminate bad service experiences and unnecessary delays from the process. Policyholders can use WhatsApp to submit all the documents and obtain confirmation of their claim status.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Real Estate

The stakes of gaining or losing a potential customer are very high in the real estate industry. Every lost lead puts a visible dent in the expected revenue.

With a WhatsApp chatbot for business, a real estate agency can capture and qualify valuable leads 24*7. That too, without any human intervention till the leads get qualified.

An AI chatbot can use its conversational abilities to collect names, location preferences, budget, contact details, and more information to validate the quality of a lead. Then, it can instantly transfer all the top-quality leads to realtors on the same chat platform.

Sample Automated WhatsApp Chat for Real Estate Industry on ORAI's blog
Automated WhatsApp Chat for Real Estate Industry

Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Real Estate

  • Qualifying leads: A WhatsApp chatbot gives the freedom of conversing instantly whenever a potential customer wants to. While talking, the bot collects qualifying information such as names, phone numbers, email ID, desired budget, required amenities, and others. After qualifying, the bot continues the conversation to nurture those leads and allows instantaneous bot-to-human handover in relevant situations. Hence, your human realtors can take over the conversations and convert leads when they are most interested.

  • Scheduling Visits: After qualifying and nurturing a lead, a chatbot saves them from the chain of unwanted emails and multiple calls. It encourages leads to schedule their visit to properties right on the WhatsApp platform. Plus, the bot sends timely reminders along with the address and contact details of the realtor to help your customers.

  • Assisting with Documents and Payments: A smart bot can also send personalized reminders related to EMIs, maintenance, pending payments, and document submission. It’s more friendly than bothering customers with multiple calls when their due dates come close.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel

In travel and hospitality, businesses face the issue of 24*7 traffic. Customers can choose any time to visit the site, click an ad, or reach out to customer support. Without 24*7 availability, it seems impossible to answer queries, generate leads, and provide support.

With a WhatsApp chatbot for business, travel and hospitality services can direct such requirements to their AI-powered chatbot.

Sample Automated WhatsApp Chat for Travel Industry on ORAI's blog
Automated WhatsApp Chat for Travel Industry

Use Cases of WhatsApp Chatbot for Travel

  • Personalized Tour Package: An AI chatbot on WhatsApp can quickly understand the unique requirements of a customer to design a personalized tour package. It improves customer experience in travel, where different people come with different priorities.

  • Instant Support for Urgent Queries: While traveling, customers can rely on the instant support and 24*7 availability of an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot. They can get urgent queries resolved such as an incorrect address, confusion related to a location, or any other issue. The bot can always revert without wasting any time.

  • Connecting with Potential Customers: Through social media, messaging platforms, and websites, travel companies can connect with potential customers quickly by integrating a WhatsApp chatbot. Smart bots can engage potential customers with intent-based recommendations and offers.

How to Get a WhatsApp Chatbot for Business

It’s high time to give the quality of experience your customers demand and improve the productivity of your employees. We, at ORAI, specialize in enabling your business with the power of conversational AI. Our WhatsApp chatbot for business comes with valuable abilities such as:

  • Omnichannel presence

  • Predictive Intelligence

  • Automated lead qualification

  • 100+ language support

  • WhatsApp drip campaign

  • Video chat

  • Instant bot-to-human handover

And more!

Click here to know more. Or, Sign-up for a FREE DEMO to see all the use cases in action.

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