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Transforming Omnichannel Customer Experience with AI Chatbot

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

ORAI's blog on Transforming Omnichannel Customer Experience with AI Chatbot
Omnichannel Customer Experience with AI Chatbot

Chatbots are now the new best practice in customer service. They have become a new frontier for the digital experience. At the same time, as business owners struggle to increase their bottom line, they are looking for new ways to generate revenue.

Our AI Chatbot, “OSHI,” is a new way to interact with customers and increase the customer experience on your site. OSHI can help you solve problems, resolve queries, or answer any customer questions. OSHI has been designed to adapt itself to users based on their experience and behaviour.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Omnichannel Customer Engagement is a business-to-business (B2B) concept that enables organisations to engage with their customers in real-time, 24/7. It is about engaging consumers at any stage of their purchase journey, on any device, and using any channel, to create and is not surprising that most organisations are looking at customer engagement as a way of bringing new life into their customer service processes.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement is the term used to describe the concept that organisations must engage their customers across multiple channels, and the data from each channel must be integrated to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.

In a connected world, it makes sense to consider the customer as a person who has a very real existence and a busy life. And, just like any other human being, the customer has needs, wants and expectations. So, to engage with the customer in a meaningful way, organisations need to provide them with the ability to do so. This is the role of omnichannel customer engagement.

  • Omnichannel Customer Engagement is a new way to think about your business.

  • Omnichannel Customer Engagement helps you engage with the customer.

  • Omnichannel Customer Engagement enables you to understand the customer better.

The world of marketing is ever-evolving. Customers are buying and selling online, through their mobile phones and tablets, and they want companies to meet them there. Today, every organisation is moving towards the idea that customers want to have access to the information and content they need from any device at any time.

Omnichannel drive stronger customer experiences.

Omnichannel customer engagement (Omnicom Engagement) is the concept of building customer relationships by engaging people across channels in meaningful ways. Omnicom Engagement enables organizations to reach customers where they are always, through multiple channels. It is about providing a seamless journey and experience for customers, so they do not feel like their interactions with your brand are disjointed.

ORAI: Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

With ORAI’s Single AI Platform, connect all your contact centres and create a consistent experience across all touchpoints. It is about taking your omnichannel strategy and putting it into practice by using one single platform.

  • Social Media Chatbot

  • Web & Mobile Chatbot

  • Voice devises Virtual Assistant

  • Contact Centre Virtual Agent

  • Agent Assigned by AI

  • LOB Applications


With a single platform, you have the freedom to deploy your AI technology in the form of APIs and SDKs that will help your customers engage with your business.

In addition to these APIs and SDKs, you can create a single customer journey to improve the consistency of the customer's experience.

Setting up the customer journey!

Omnichannel is the future of business. Connecting all channels, in real-time, with a single AI platform gives you more control, more insights, and more agility.

ORAI's conversational AI platform is built on the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to empower businesses with automated AI-powered customer interactions.

To know more, let us have a WhatsApp chat or sign-up for your personalized FREE DEMO.

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