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What is Hyperautomation And How It Helps In Sales Amplification

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Hyperautomation is the top technology trend right now and ORAI can help you in sales Amplification using it.

First appeared in late 2019, the concept of ‘hyperautomation’ has swiftly moved up to the top trends of strategic technology. Gartner’s recent list of Strategic Technology Trends 2020 has hyperautomation as the number one strategy. So, it is obvious that business owners want to know what this is all about.

Here, we’ll help you find what hyperautomation means, its advantages, and its adoption strategy. So, let’s dive right in!

What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is a method of applying modern technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to increase process automation. It is a technological strategy that combines multiple components. This way, you can automate various legacy processes in a centralized manner with sophisticated solutions.

In a nutshell, hyperautomation involves a strategic mixture of multiple automation technologies utilized to enhance and augment human capabilities.

How Hyperautomation Differs from Traditional Automation?

When talking about automation, tools like discovery bot, predictive intelligence bot, process automation bot, and data analytics bot come to mind. Hyperautomation creates an ecosystem of all such advanced technological tools to make a more organized way of achieving automation in business processes.

This way, you can have a comprehensive automation solution based on advanced AI, ML, and NLP to optimally perform various tasks and give improved outputs with little or no intervention from humans. Then, combined with the capabilities of humans, hyperautomation can enable an agile, well-informed, and data-driven way of running your business.

Let’s help you understand better with an example:

When using hyperautomation for sales, you improve the entire journey of a prospect allowing an automated ecosystem to help him find a product/service, get queries resolved, place orders, and avail post-sales services. Hyperautomation for sales multiplier means you can automate:

  • Customer Service

  • Price Comparison

  • Customer Information Storage

  • Sales Orders

  • Lead Qualification

  • Lead Filtration

And more!

A customer can choose a social media platform, click an ad, or reach out to your business via a messaging platform. The same AI bot stays available everywhere that remembers all previous conversations with the same person. Whenever needed, the bot hands over the conversation to a human agent to convert leads into sales faster. This is how hyperautomation is used for sales amplification.

Components of Hyperautomation

Gartner says you can enable hyperautomation successfully by empowering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with AI & ML technologies. This gives the much-needed flexibility and power to automate on a larger scale.

Components of Hyperautomation By ORAI
Components of Hyperautomation

1. AI-Enabled Process Discovery

Using AI, a process discovery bot can identify the required processes and define necessary action automatically. This can increase the automation pace up to 5x. Hence, businesses get to achieve a more sophisticated way of identifying internal and external tasks.

2. AI-Enabled Document Processing

With the power of AI and ML, bots can enable smart document processing to capture, gather, and segment unstructured information. This helps to create highly intelligent bots that learn and adapt while working for your business online.

3. Robotic Process Automation Platform

Robotic process automation or RPA enables error-free process execution for businesses with the help of AI-powered bots. Such bots contain digital skills similar to people, which they use to perform process-related tasks in all environments and applications. Plus, they offer other value-added benefits like:

  • Completing tasks flexibly

  • Instantly starting tasks on their own

  • Scaling services on demand

  • Working 24*7 at maximum capacity

4. Analytics & Insights

Hyperautomation allows AI-powered bots to gather insights in real-time. Self-monitoring and measuring capacities allow such bots to collect and analyze every process and the way it performs to complete those processes. It helps with predictive intelligence to make meaningful decisions.

Benefits of Hyperautomation

Here are hyperautomation use cases that can amplify the digital performance of your business:

1. Faster Completion of Complex Work

Hyperautomation gives a top-speed route of completing tasks by engaging everyone. It transforms business processes with automation support in a way that even complex functions become easy to complete at a faster pace.

2. Deploying AI-Powered Virtual Workers

RPA upskilled with AI intelligence creates a team of virtual workers that take over repetitive functions to optimize employee performance. These virtual workers are the agents of automation, capable of connecting multiple business processes. They take over everything from analyzing data, operating with unstructured and structured data, discovering processes, and making decisions to allow automation at greater scales.

So, what can your business expect with these use cases?

  • Flexibility and scalability in operations

  • Greater employee productivity

  • Integration of automation platforms into legacy systems

  • Reduced costs and revenue boost

ORAI Platform: Your Pathway to Attain Hyperautomation

ORAI Robotics is an AI-powered platform created for modern businesses to attain hyperautomation. Our platform will allow your business to:

  • Discover opportunities for automation using AI and existing manpower

  • Create visual automation with drag-and-drop and flexible templates powered by AI-based enterprise RPA

  • Manage automated business processes at any scale from anywhere

  • Deploy omnichannel bots to unify automation across all digital channels for a seamless experience

  • Engage robots and humans for hyper-personalized assistance given to your customers

  • Analyze the quality of leads and segment them into Hot, Warm, and Cold leads automatically in real-time.

Your Business is Great. It’s Time to be Greater!

Hyperautomation will give rise to new thoughts, ideas, and opportunities to grow your business at any scale you aim for. Connect with us, so we can work together for your business process automation and liberation of smart human minds working at your firm.

Connect now to schedule a meeting with our experts!

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics


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