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WhatsApp Business API: Everything that you need to know

ORAI's blog image showing a WhatsApp chat with a animated girl and text showing Here is All You Must Know About WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp Business API

With over two billion users, WhatsApp has become one of the most prevalent online messaging applications for talking to friends and family. Furthermore, corporate companies are shifting towards WhatsApp Business to connect with their customers and better communicate with their internal team. Given this increasing use of WhatsApp amongst corporate users, Meta (earlier Facebook), the parent company of WhatsApp, chose to monetize this online platform and introduce WhatsApp Business API. 

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business lets companies harness one of the most popular messaging applications across the globe that holds billions of active users. In addition, with the scope and reach of a company, WhatsApp Business can allow companies to use platform transformations, given that the target customers, service, product, and place all cater to a particular customer’s persona. Therefore, based on the requirements and scope of a company, WhatsApp business accounts remain classified into:

WhatsApp Business remains targeted for small and medium-sized companies that let them perform tasks, such as product listing, automated messaging, and message categorization. In addition, it allows the client to get to a brand effortlessly and lets the brand cater to client requirements quickly. So, to help businesses become more at ease with WhatsApp Business, the platform offers a green verification badge that certifies your company and its chatbot features. 

Getting Started with WhatsApp Business API

Just like standard WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp Business API streamlines interaction between a business and a client. This WhatsApp automation caters especially to large companies with extensive client databases and considerable messaging volumes. It is a monumental shift from traditional mails and conversations to app-based assistance that is efficient and holds a high ROI compared to other assistance. 

Use Cases and Benefits for Businesses in Implementing WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business APIs usually have the following use cases:

  • To remain connected with the client round the clock

  • To send automated notifications, reminders, and messages

  • To obtain a verified green badge, confirming a branded presence on WhatsApp

The top advantages of implementing WhatsApp Business APIs are as follows: 

  • WhatsApp Business API assist in building a strong relationship with new and existing clients through interactive discussion, which usually remains a challenge in email and SMS services

  • Two-factor authentication provides a certified green badge that guarantees that every message you send to your client will appear with your brand name a green badge. In addition, WhatsApp verification also guarantees the genuineness of the brand, building confidence and commitment

  • Push notifications and message templates assist in staying always connected with the clients. Messages and reminders can be sent straight to the clients, helping them remain connected with the brand

  • End-to-end encryption guarantees full data security on both brands’ and clients' sides. It lets effortless and dependable interaction between both parties. 

Applying for a WhatsApp Business API Account

With official WhatsApp Business APIs (Application programming interfaces), companies can get their business accounts verified with the green tick. Practically, this indicates that the WhatsApp Business account will show up with the display name and the certified green tick, even without the customer storing the company's number in their phonebook. Also, to get started with WhatsApp API, companies must follow the below steps. 

  • Choosing a Business Service Provider

The initial step is to apply for access to the WhatsApp Business API through different BSPs (Business Solution Providers). You must keep in mind that online platforms will only give access to WhatsApp APIs. It is why you must use ORAI's comprehensive WhatsApp API services. 

  • Setting Up an Account

Unlike other online applications, setting up the WhatsApp Business APIs is not as effortless as it might look presently WhatsApp has provided direct access to its APIs to only some multinational corporations. Nevertheless, companies that want to link to the WhatsApp API still could accomplish so via business solution providers or WhatsApp partners. It is much more effortless to get authorized for an Official WhatsApp Business Account by applying through our platform at ORAI.

The initial stage of this procedure is to get your Facebook Business Manager account verified. Once you get your Facebook Business Manager account verified, you must present a number that you plan to use for your WhatsApp API. In addition, the number you employ should not have a linked WhatsApp account connected. So, it becomes evident that you must delete your existing WhatsApp account if you intend to set up and use the Official WhatsApp Business API Account, as you cannot switch between WhatsApp API and WhatsApp App.  Apart from that, as WhatsApp API accounts do not have handy mobile applications, you must use GUI (Graphic User Interface) provided by your business service provider. Also, note that you cannot alter your WhatsApp API display name once you create an account, and you must put up a request to get this done and go through another verification procedure. 

  • Pricing

The pricing for setting up your WhatsApp business API usually differ from one service provider to another. Principally, you will need to sign up with a business service provider to get a WhatsApp API Account. Also, note that, unlike any other application, you need to pay charges for your WhatsApp Business API accounts. 

Business service providers pay for WhatsApp API from their end to link these WhatsApp APIs. Therefore, they charge their customers for every live listing per month, regardless of you use the account or not. 

In addition, every business service provider offers various costs and service providers will have their extra costs to maintain every WhatsApp API account from their end and based on the other characteristics and assistance delivered by them.

How ORAI can help businesses with AI-Enabled WhatsApp API?

At ORAI, we manage a leading Global Conversational AI Platform that can help you set up your WhatsApp API and eventually work on getting your company account green tick verified through our AI chatbots. Gain a real edge over your competitors by availing yourself of our comprehensive services at ORAI.

Get a FREE DEMO of ORAI’s Conversational AI. Or, Click here for instant WhatsApp chat. Swapnil Jain CEO-ORAI Robotics LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Stay in contact with ORAI LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


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