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Why is Conversational AI a great career choice?

orai blog on why Conversational AI could be your dream career 
Conversational AI could be your dream career

In today's data-driven business world, the art of unlocking the hidden narratives from the unstructured pool of information plays a vital role in the growth of an organization. Handling substantial data sets calls for the need for automation to meter and monitor every data. Conversational AI is one of the most successful subsets of AI that businesses are now leveraging to make impactful customer engagement strategies. AI bots are no more the 'next big thing' but an 'in thing' for enterprises worldwide. Using AI bots, companies can save time and cost, improve productivity, attain result-driven outcomes, fortify client relationships, and generate revenue.

Now, the question arises, if the conversational AI platforms are so efficient, then will they take over human job opportunities. There is speculation in the business world that virtual assistants will rule the market soon and cut down human labor considerably. On the contrary, if the prospects can reskill and upskill their professional capacities, conversational AI becomes a lucrative career option.

Let us have a look at some of the significant reasons why a career in Conversational AI looks promising:

1. Better Future Prospects and Relevance in the Market

Virtual communication has become the norm for the first level interaction across several industries. AI-powered intelligent agents are remarkably contributing everywhere, especially in enhancing customer engagement through customer service automation. As a result, these platforms are here to stay. The scope for AI job roles is expanding with the growing requirement for professionals who have expertise in AI and can contribute to creating these intelligent assistants. If you are an AI specialist, you will get to use the cutting-edge applications daily, learn new things, and grow your horizon of knowledge to be future-ready in the market.

2. Multiple Industries are Embracing the Benefits of Conversational AI

The AI-enabled conversational platform has been phenomenal in evolving the camaraderie between humans and machines. These platforms will provide more realistic approaches across organizations in the future. It will become more widely adopted in the workplace as business leaders believe AI can augment humans' natural abilities. AI bots are everywhere: education, automobile, banking, healthcare, travel/tourism, eCommerce, etc. The number is still rising, opening a broad scope for career development in this field. As one of the innovative technologies on demand, it needs human brains to create, customize and maintain it.

3. Get Rewarding Job Opportunities

Suppose you have noticed a remarkable difference between the pay scale of a general software developer and an AI programmer. This disparity is because the demand for AI specialists is very high compared to the availability of such innovative skills. AI has a huge potential to grow worldwide in the coming years, and there will be hardly any industry left untouched by this game-changing technology. The rise of AI, or more specifically conversational AI, will not take away jobs; instead, it has opened a pool of innovative opportunities for the present, and it will scale in the future.

4. Conversational AI helps in employer branding

Apart from customer engagement, companies like Starbucks, Zillow, L'Oréal, and Audible succeed by using chatbot AI tools to communicate with potential employees and resolve issues if needed. Looking at this year's trends, conversational AI is notably effective for employer branding. The advancement of technology adds personalization, individual growth, and more to candidate experience and helps organizations attract the best talent. Organizations that use AI-powered conversational bots to streamline and simplify the entire recruitment process have been widely accepted among candidates. AI makes it more efficient for teams and individuals to connect and collaborate seamlessly through real-time digital applications that eliminate the challenges of distance and time zones.

With the help of AI, both the employees and HR support team connect through a common platform like a bot and pass the information or resolve any issue in no time. AI coaches and chatbots help organizations foster employee skill development courses under one platform, ensuring employees get the knowledge they need.

Why Should you join ORAI Robotics?

ORAI Robotics, a conversational AI platform, provides a brilliant solution to fortify customer conversation and customer engagement. ORAI helps build an instant conversation with customers over voice, text, and Messenger apps. We are a team of highly experienced and driven experts skilled in AI, ML, Design Thinking, and Robotics. ORAI's "Oshi" is a virtual assistant created with innovative technology to be indispensable, sustainable, and scalable in the global market of customer outreach, conversion, and retention.

We cater to various industries such as education, healthcare, real estate, automobile, eCommerce, manufacturing, etc. We are planning to ramp up big time to penetrate other domains. Joining ORAI's team will help create a brilliant career opportunity that is agile and robust, with an excellent learning schema for every potential employee. We value our people and provide an outstanding professional ecosystem where you learn, develop, grow, and feel valued. ORAI Robotics is taking a wonderful initiative by implementing #WePowerConversation and changing the dynamic of the employee-employer relationship. To celebrate the success of employees and the organization, the company gifted NFT to all employees and became India's first organization to do so.

Final Thought:

Businesses are transforming by integrating their processes with modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to utilize unstructured business data in a meaningful and productive way. Behind every innovative technology in the market, brilliant human brains foster the creation, operation, innovation, and maintenance in the backend.

Conversational AI not only helps businesses grow but also helps create a rewarding and sustainable futuristic career that deals with cutting-edge technologies.

As per the World Economic Forum's report "The Future of Jobs Report 2020", by 2025, 85 million jobs will be replaced while 97 million new jobs will be generated across 26 countries. Thus, the perception of 'AI is declining jobs' is being challenged every day. Rather than taking jobs, now this technology is enhancing workplaces in more ways than one.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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