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8 Tips to Adopt a WhatsApp Business Messaging Strategy Now

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on 8 tips to adopt a WhatsApp Business messaging strategy.
WhatsApp Business Strategy

With WhatsApp Business API coming into the picture in 2018, companies found a new, more efficient way to connect, engage, and support their customers on this massively popular messaging channel.

WhatsApp has become a convenient conversational platform where businesses can attain the full attention of their customers. More engaging interactions can take place via chat, voice notes, video calls, multimedia sharing, documents, and links shared via desktop and mobile devices. The end-to-end encryption adds a sense of security among customers while sharing information in all formats. Real-time communications can happen on a global scale.

Still, most business leaders think that adopting WhatsApp messaging strategy is extremely challenging. But, with smooth WhatsApp API integration and a targeted content strategy available, you can easily approach WhatsApp as the primary platform for communication.

Hence, here are 8 tips to adopt a smart, relevant, and well-timed messaging strategy on WhatsApp:

1. Offer Real-Time Customer Assistance

For many businesses, real-time customer support seems like a distant dream, but WhatsApp Business API can make it possible with the scope of combining Live chat with AI bot automation.

An AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot can help you stay there for customer assistance 24*7. A bot can help customers with their requests, required information, any procedure or questions in real-time. Then, only the most complex queries will be transferred to human agents, that too, on the same platform for customer’s ease.

2. Manage Repetitive Customer Queries

Most of the time of your customer support team is spent handling repetitive queries from customers every day. This hampers their ability to focus on critical and urgent queries and other important tasks.

Now with a Verified WhatsApp Business Account in place, you can automate those repetitive queries using an AI chatbot.

3. Use WhatsApp for After-Sales Communication

As a business, you must build and maintain a personal relationship with every acquired customer. After-sales communications play a vital role in achieving that.

WhatsApp offers that 24*7 connectivity with customers, which you can utilize for proactive communication with customers. You can start sending valuable reminders, recommend new products, help with return/refund requests, and collect reviews from happy customers as well.

4. Engage with a Personal Touch

Whether through an AI chatbot or 1:1 live chat, you get to directly connect with every customer on a personal level. New-age artificial intelligence chatbots can understand human intents in real-time and offer a humanlike conversational experience. Hence, you can enhance your customer engagement.

5. Create Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are working way better for businesses on WhatsApp than any other channel such as emails or SMSs. You can automate your drip messages for each customer and send them over WhatsApp using a pre-defined sequence of time.

ORAI can help you set up WhatsApp drip campaigns for your business.

6. Share Product Images, Video, and Descriptions

WhatsApp allows you to communicate in versatile formats, so you should use them all. Images, videos, text, documents, and links can help you share in-depth information about your product and services in a conversational way.

7. Enable Instant Ordering and Payments

WhatsApp for business is rising with order placements and payment features offered by WhatsApp API. You can recommend products and get orders with payments right on the same chat platform. In fact, it all can be automated with AI WhatsApp chatbot integration.

8. Run Conversational Ads

Another valuable strategy you can apply with WhatsApp is running conversational ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create click-to-WhatsApp ads, which you can run on Instagram and Facebook with a button that leads to your WhatsApp account.

This way, you can create a variety of lead creation and engagement ads based on your marketing strategy, and drive conversations instantly with any interested prospective customer.

If you need assistance in setting up your WhatsApp Business API and AI WhatsApp chatbot, ORAI can help. We have an award-winning WhatsApp conversational AI platform ready to be implemented and serve your industry-specific use cases.

Click here to chat over WhatsApp. Or, you can register for our FREE DEMO session right away.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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