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8 Ways AI WhatsApp Chatbots Automate Customer Support With Personalization

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

ORAI's blog on Automate Customer Support with WhatsApp Chatbot
Automate Customer Support with WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp is a perfect platform for customer support. It makes your business just a click away from customers. But resolving all queries constantly is a hard task for support teams. So, the best way to automate customer support is with WhatsApp chatbot. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), bots can deliver customer support without losing personalization.

There was a time when chatbots were so generic they drove users away with basic, irrelevant responses. They didn’t have the ability to understand user preferences, so support automation always came at the cost of personalization.

With AI, NLP, and ML, chatbots have become much smarter. Parallelly, you have messaging platforms like WhatsApp growing with a simple-to-use interface, end-to-end encryption, and multimedia exchange features. So now, the combination of these two is enabling users to obtain self-service instead of relying on human agents for support. AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots are making things easy, quick, and personalized for every user.

Striking that first conversation with your visitor, qualifying leads, guiding through their product/information research, and assisting them at every step of a process. An AI WhatsApp chatbot can automate customer support at every stage of buying.

However, many businesses still feel sceptical about introducing automation, for fear of losing the personal touch of human agents. To resolve this confusion, we’ll tell you the use cases of an AI chatbot for WhatsApp that automate customer support, but not at the cost of personalization.

8 Ways to Automate Customer Support with WhatsApp Chatbot

1. First Greet Engagement

The first greet from an AI doesn’t sound like a robotic “Hi!”. It engages users right from the first message. An AI bot detects the name of a user to personalize the first greet during automated customer support. The message sounds more conversational and engages a user.

For example, a generic bot would say, “Hi, I’m your chatbot”, while an AI chatbot would say, “Hi Will, I’m your virtual assistant, how may I help you today?”

If you notice both the responses, you’ll find a subtle difference that makes a huge difference in a support conversation on WhatsApp. People are habitual of casual 1:1 conversations over WhatsApp, so they expect the same from your Verified WhatsApp Business account. And, AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot does the same for them.

2. Context-Driven Communication

An AI chatbot on WhatsApp can be integrated across multiple channels such as your websites, social media pages, and ads. The bot understands the intent of a visitor based on his or her interests in all integrated channels. This understanding leads to a personalized text resulting in context-driven communications.

Unlike generic chatbots, ML-enabled chatbots learn on their own with time and more conversations to get better at providing personalized, and context-driven interactions.

3. Personalized Offers

Customers who have bought your products before, receive personalized offers, discounts, and deals for reselling. It allows existing customers to feel more special, thus, triggering the purchase. They feel happy that the AI can send them offers related to products they prefer via WhatsApp, resulting in long-term loyalty.

4. Solving Queries

From repetitive to complex queries, you don’t want your customers to wait for too long to find the right solutions. Customer queries become easy to answer when you have an artificial intelligence chatbot integrated with a platform that is available on every mobile phone.

AI chatbots can understand common and not so common queries with NLP and NLU technologies. Plus, they are equipped to respond with a useful solution, information, or action. And, in case a query seems too complex to resolve automatically, AI bots allow human agents to take over instantly in the middle of that conversation. This creates a 3-way conversation on WhatsApp ensuring instant resolutions of queries.

5. Sending Relevant Notifications

There’s no need for your agents to call up customers to remind them about their upcoming bill payments. You can even stop sending those emails informing customers about new product launches, offers, and other notifications. Everything can be done with a single AI chatbot for WhatsApp. It can send important notifications, gentle reminders, and valuable alerts based on every individual customer’s preferences and previous behaviour.

6. Adding a Friendly Touch

AI brings a distinctive, attractive personality to your WhatsApp chatbot just like you see in Alexa or Siri. You can design a bot’s personality based on your brand positioning and industry standards. Then, let it engage users with humorous, witty, and friendly conversations.

This enhances the experience your customers attain while engaging with your brand. Plus, a distinctive personality allows the bot to imprint your brand positioning in the minds of customers.

7. Collecting Reviews and Feedback

It’s hard to collect feedback and reviews from customers after resolving their queries, especially when you direct them to static forms.

When you automate customer support with WhatsApp chatbot, it also automates the process of feedback and review collection. That too, in a conversational manner without giving boring forms to customers.

8. Talk in Their Native Language

Beyond anything else, an artificial intelligence chatbot on WhatsApp gives you the ability to talk to every customer in their native languages. Multilingual chatbots can detect or ask a user about their preferred language and conduct an entire conversation as per their choice. More than 70% of consumers are ready to pay more if you can engage them in their native languages. Businesses are going global by integrating a chatbot that understands all local languages.

How ORAI’s AI Chatbot for WhatsApp Automates Customer Support with Personalization

We understand the vast scale of support requests that reach your internal team. While support automation seems mandatory, you don’t want to give away personalization. So, here comes the conversational AI of ORAI with unique capabilities of holding personalized conversations. We are changing the way businesses look at automated customer support!

Our virtual assistant balances automation with personalization using:

  • AI/ML-driven intent analysis in real-time

  • NLP and NLU-driven responses based on a user’s request

  • 100+ language support

  • Instant bot-to-human transfer for 3-way communication

And more!

Seems like the right choice?! Click here to know more or let us schedule a FREE DEMO for you.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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