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Why Everyone Is Talking About WhatsApp Chatbot For Customer Experience

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on WhatsApp chatbot for customer experience
WhatsApp Chatbot For Customer Experience

The existence of your business depends on the quality of relationships you build with your customers. And, relationship building is not possible without offering the kind of experience customers demand nowadays. It is a constant commitment you make with a customer the moment he or she gets in touch with your brand. And if you fall behind at any stage, there will be many competitors to lure them with better, more impressive experience.

We are living in the world of WhatsApp and WhatsApp chatbots for business. Consumers and businesses are finding and interacting with each other on this messaging platform. In fact, businesses now connect their WhatsApp API to other digital touchpoints like websites, social media profiles, and digital ads as well.

With that, you can achieve:

  • Reduced ticket turnaround time or TAT

  • Higher engagement with customers on their favorite platform

  • Faster query resolutions with AI chatbot

  • Instant first response for support

  • Easy scaling at lesser costs

  • Decreased human agent dependency

Empowered by these abilities, businesses are using AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots to create top-quality customer experience:

Instant Services for Great Experience

1. Before you sell

Right from the very first engagement with prospects, you need to showcase that you’re there to offer a GREAT experience. You can start by communicating via a channel that is familiar to them – WhatsApp. The ease of using WhatsApp will allow your prospects to focus more on the products and services you’re offering.

Then, there will be an AI-powered chatbot for WhatsApp to find out:

  • Who are those prospects?

  • Why are they looking for a specific product/service?

  • What benefits/solutions they want to achieve with it?

  • When are they ready to make a purchase?

A conversational AI bot can identify all this critical information to personalize the whole buying experience for every customer.

Sample Personalized Automated WhatsApp Chat on ORAI's blog
Personalized Automated WhatsApp Chat

2. After you sell

Once a customer makes a purchase, it means he or she believes in your product, service, and brand. Now, it’s time to maintain that trust by answering their queries, solving problems, and providing post-sales assistance.

With a WhatsApp business chatbot, you would know what to do when:

  • Customers come with a complaint/request

  • Customers want an exchange or return request

  • Customers wish to schedule a repair or maintenance service

  • You want to resell or upsell to customers with personalized recommendations

  • You want to collect reviews and feedback from happy customers

And more!

Proactive Communication and Engagement

Proactive communication is what sets you apart from all competitors and creates impressive experiences for customers. An omnichannel AI chatbot for WhatsApp can be integrated everywhere from websites and social media to ads, emails, and SMS campaigns. That way, you can be available for a conversation wherever your customers want.

Moreover, you can personalize your interactions with every customer based on their intent, emotion, and preferences detected by conversational AI. Unlike humans, a bot can remember minute details about customers like their birthdays, date of onboarding, previous purchases, and more.

It knows when your customers would be in need of a new product, a renewal, some maintenance, or any other requirement. That way, a WhatsApp chatbot sends value-added updates, exclusive offers, and new deals regularly to your customers.

Sample Automated Updates Pushed on WhatsApp chat on ORAI's blog
Automated Updates Pushed on WhatsApp chat

The best part about having a chatbot for WhatsApp is that you don’t just broadcast messages- customers can also engage in a two-way conversation with your brand. They can ask questions regarding new launches, updates, offers, and other elements of your products/services.

Alerts and Notifications with No Spams

Your customers admire the fact that you send them timely notifications. However, they don’t wish to be bombarded with spammy messages. Enabling WhatsApp chatbot for business gives you the ability to frequently ask them whether they are happy with your communication or not.

You can ask customers for the days and timings they prefer to receive messages from you. This will convey that you care about their comfort, resulting in a stronger customer experience. The power of artificial intelligence and machine learning will help the bot remember all the preferences of every individual customer.

Be Available and Approachable 24*7

Your availability is the number 1 parameter of quality customer experience these days. They can choose any time to pick up their phone and ask a query. And, if you stay approachable 24*7, it builds trust. It says that you are there to answer and assist your customers day and night.

You can keep this promise effortlessly with a WhatsApp chatbot for business. It offers 24*7 AI automation to your communications with customers across all digital channels. From personalized support and query resolution, these bots can instantly respond to customers whenever they come with a problem or request.

Chatbot Automation with a Human Touch

The presence of your human agents is also important. While WhatsApp chatbot automation allows you to answer more queries faster, some situations demand human intervention. Sometimes, customers just want to talk to a human, not a bot.

For such scenarios, you need a WhatsApp chatbot with 3-way communication abilities. It should connect customers to a human rep on the same platform whenever they demand. So, customers would know that you care about them. Plus, you’ll be able to resolve complex queries quickly instead of letting customers wait for hours or days.

In Conclusion

If you want to build long-lasting relationships with customers, impress them with quality experience. To achieve that goal, you’ll need:

ORAI has both under one roof! We help all kinds of businesses to attain their verified business account on WhatsApp with our conversational AI chatbot for automation.

You can click here to chat with us on WhatsApp to ask more questions. Or, just sign up for a FREE DEMO right here!

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