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6 Tips To Use WhatsApp Chatbot For Better After-Sales Customer Experience

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Orai's blog on after sales customer experience
WhatsApp chatbot for after-sales customer experience

After-sales customer experience includes various experiences and interactions between your business and your customers after they purchase your product.

Customers’ experience begins right when they connect with your brand to make their purchase decisions. But an after-sales experience starts after selling a product with an aim to ensure brand loyalty and customer retention.

You can ensure a top-notch experience for every customer by delivering meaningful engagement and assistance. Quality experience given to a customer creates stronger relationships and long-term brand loyalty.

So, in this post, we’re sharing with you some useful tips for using AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot for customer experience after-sales. An AI chatbot for WhatsApp allows you to use customer support automation for a better after-sales experience.

After-Sales Customer Experience

When you think about customer experience, you have to segment it into 3 major stages: Pre-sales, During-the-sales, and After-sales experience.

Customer experience before and during a sale is about helping customers choose and purchase your product. After that, you need to provide after-sales experience to ensure that they feel satisfied with your product and come back in the future.

Every text you send to them on WhatsApp has to be more than a plain message. After-sales messages should be about serving your customers and encouraging them to repeat their purchases. Your messages need to leave a satisfactory feeling in the mind of a customer.

Importance of After-Sales Customer Experience

It takes a lot of effort and investment to acquire a customer. Hence, companies should put some effort into after-sales experience to encourage repeat sales, which is more cost-effective than attracting new customers. That way, you can obtain the maximum extent of business from an acquired customer.

Every customer has a lifetime value that depends on the quality of experience you provide to maintain a relationship. The lifetime value increases when you get a customer to purchase your product over and over.

While there are various techniques to increase your customer’s lifetime value, personalized and meaningful engagement can be called the best.

An improvement in your after-sales experience results in:

  • Higher customer retention- The quality of your service makes your customers loyal to your brand. They come back to buy your products again and again, which adds to your per-customer-revenue.

  • More new customers- Satisfied customers become your walking advertisements. They encourage their friends and family to purchase from your brand. That’s called word-of-mouth.

In a nutshell, it’s all about providing value at every stage of customer experience to make them your ultimate brand ambassador.

WhatsApp Chatbot Automation for Better Customer Experience

WhatsApp brings you closer to your customer’s behavior and psychology. Your automated conversations using an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot can help you engage customers who are:

  • Happy to have a new product

  • Worried about on-time delivery

  • Not sure about their decision

  • Not happy with product quality or performance

An AI can understand their emotions and needs to build trust and relationships. You can use personalized automation to send regular communication messages, answer questions, provide exciting offers, and support across multiple channels. Most importantly, you can engage all your customers in instant conversations at any scale.

Now let’s see how you can provide a better after-sales customer experience with an AI WhatsApp chatbot:

Infographic of tips to use WhatsApp chatbot for Better after-sales customer experience.
Tips to use WhatsApp Chatbot for better After-Sales Customer Experience

1. Communicate Proactively

Communication is everything. You have to showcase your care for customers right after they make a purchase. So, send them a thank-you WhatsApp message automated and personalized with their names and other specific details.

Along with that, you can deploy AI on WhatsApp to proactively send shipping confirmation, order details, delivery dates, and latest offers. Unlike generic chatbots, AI-powered bots ensure personalization while sending these messages, which enables a high-quality customer experience.

2. Send Reminders

To attract the attention of your customers, you can send reminders to their WhatsApp instead of emails. On-time reminders related to a product or service can encourage them to repurchase.

You can automate this process as well with an AI chatbot for WhatsApp. Use it to define time intervals for such reminder messages right after a customer makes a purchase.

3. Recommend Products

Right from the first interaction, an AI starts collecting data of your customers. And it uses that data to identify when and what a customer would need. For instance, a virtual assistant can use data to recommend other products that go with a previously purchased product.

While chatting, a bot can inform customers about other products they can buy for higher value and performance. Plus, it can also share frequently bought product pairs automatically with customers as per their preferences.

4. Give Omnichannel Experience

You have to be available everywhere and all the time to engage with your customers online. And, that’s what an AI WhatsApp chatbot for business can help you achieve. The advantage of having a chatbot on WhatsApp is that you can integrate it with various channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Websites, Landing Pages, and even Digital Ads. These are places where people spend time and usually try to connect with brands.

An AI bot can remember customers across all these channels once integrated. So, you can provide a unified and seamless experience despite what channel a customer picks to communicate. This improves the level of satisfaction.

5. Make Refund/Returns Easy

Customers feel most disappointed when they face difficulties in returning a product or getting refunds. These are the processes when they expect your help the most.

The presence of an AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbot allows instant assistance in these situations. It can share your return policy information and fulfill a customer’s request without wasting any time. Complex requests can be handed over to a human agent in real-time for a quick resolution.

6. Collect Feedback

You can only improve your products and services by listening to your customer’s point of view. Their opinion and inputs worth millions if you want to keep on growing your market share.

With an AI WhatsApp chatbot, you can collect feedback in an interactive manner avoiding those boring feedback forms.

What to Avoid in Your After-Sales Communication?

There are things that you should avoid when automating after-sales customer communication. Avoiding the following activities will also help you improve customer experience:

  • Don’t send marketing messages

  • Don’t spam your customers with too many messages

  • Don’t send irrelevant product/service recommendations

  • Don’t leave a customer waiting for too long

  • Don’t disregard a customer’s feedback

All in all, you need to deploy an AI chatbot on WhatsApp right away to successfully automate and improve after-sales experience. Establishing ongoing nurturing is the best way to build loyalty and long-term retention.

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CEO-ORAI Robotics

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