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How ORAI helped Aerocity by fully automating their customer experience

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

ORAI's blog on Conversational AI for Hospitality Industry
Conversational AI for Hospitality Industry | ORAI Robotics

Hospitality is experiential. Right from searching for a property on the internet to checking out, the business has a lot more to do with the user journey than anything else. As an owner, lot many things are done to better the stay and travel experience of the guests. And to strengthen that business growth aspiration, we devised an ingenious gateway that enhances the user journey like no other.

Currently, it is estimated that the utilization of Conversational AI in the travel and hospitality domain has a potential annual value of up to $600bn. Let us look at the applications, importance, and benefits of AI-Powered Virtual Assistants in the Hospitality industry and how ORAI can contribute to your business.

Challenges faced by the Aerocity industry

Aerocity is a business centre where you can book hotel reservations, multiple properties, and other services for various occasions.

Without any preference, it was difficult for a user to determine what properties are available within the Aerocity. The challenge is when one wishes to explore first and do bookings as per choice later and guide the visitor to a property that suited their needs, thereby increasing their chances of booking.

How ORAI can help you solve this!

ORAI – The Virtual Assistant’s – WhatsApp API is a platform that serves the users with all the needed data. Any user who wants to procure the details could access all the information before locking any kind of avenue or service.

Fully Automated Experience

ORAI’s Conversational AI assistant is completely automated which helps the users with wholesome assistance without any human intervention towards the tip of your WhatsApp.

All queries can be resolved simultaneously with ORAI’s automated AI – Assistance. With this, we cut down the need of having a huge team of representatives resolving the same issues over and over 24x7. ORAI stands as a cost reducer for your business.

Quick & Accurate

ORAI is empowered with Conversational AI that enables the assistant to serve accurate information in no time. Once the user taps onto a preferred choice the next options are served in the blink of an eye.

In cases of complaints or emergency situations, the assistant notifies the team immediately helping them to resolve/address the issues on point in real-time. The users are always provided with contact details for contacting the concerned department or team.

Omnichannel Integration

ORAI is easy to integrate with all your existing digital channels. Empowered with omnichannel and autocomplete capabilities, ORAI’s Conversational AI technology delivers context-based, most relevant information to your customers as well as internal users across all digital touchpoints.

Assistance and personalized service

AI-enabled automation is making the guest experience better in the hospitality industry. The AI assistant offers a variety of service options, including Things to Do, Restaurants, Lounge, Navigation, Work, and more. It can get help from the emergency service, help desk and other services.

Voice-enabled interactions

ORAI's AI-enabled voice Assistant allows users to request assistance by simply speaking their request. AI prioritizes and smart-routes requests to the right resources and the support teams are alerted to solve the queries or complaints.

Multilingual Capabilities

Our AI Assistant is extensively modelled and trained with vocabulary relevant to the Hospitality sector in more than 100 languages. The bot ensures consistent interactions on each platform you target online.

WhatsApp Business API integrated

ORAI’s AI-powered virtual assistant integrated with WhatsApp Business API establishes a branded platform for user engagement.

Phone screen displaying a chat
Fully Automated chats

All your Support team can access the business API simultaneously with no restriction at all.

Phone screen displaying a chat
Assistance and Personalized Service

If you are looking to implement an AI-powered virtual assistant for your hospitality business, ORAI is the go-to choice. ORAI is a global conversational AI platform created to build 1:1 instant conversation with customers over text, Voice, and Messenger apps. 

With ORAI, smart interactions can be had by travellers and guests with conversational AI to procure exceptional assistance and services 24*7 in any language. ORAI can also be integrated with other digital platforms, including WhatsApp, to access all the data needed to improve customer experience.

Click here to download our case study on AeroCity & ORAI: The Hospitality Pathbreakers

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Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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