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WhatsApp Business API: All-in-One Messaging Automation Guide

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Orai's blog on WhatsApp API For Business
WhatsApp API For Business

It’s impossible to imagine a customer feeling happy with your product or service without the ease of conversational connection. Even the best of products and services start to look incompetent if you don’t create a convenient two-way conversational relationship with customers.

These days, customers don’t accept inattentive and slow support from your service agents. They also don’t want to spend hours trying to connect for a single query. They need your business to be as responsive as their families and friends on chat. In a nutshell, customers demand quick, easy, and reliable messaging with your business.

So, you need to choose the right platform for such interactions.

Do you know which channel has the maximum popularity around the world?

It’s none other than WhatsApp with a massive 2 billion active user-base in more than 180 countries. Using its scale and reach, your business can bring customers closer to your brand. WhatsApp offers its WhatsApp Business API to fulfill that purpose through automation in customer connect.

ORAI is a leading partner for various enterprises that use WhatsApp for business. If you’re thinking about using WhatsApp for your business, ORAI can help you with its whole setup and automation. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

What is WhatsApp Business API All About?

WhatsApp API allows businesses to quickly and easily connect with customers via WhatsApp. It enables improved conversations where businesses can proactively give relevant information and swiftly answer customer queries.

WhatsApp chat showing appointment booking and query resolution on ORAI blog
WhatsApp chat showing appointment booking and query resolution

WhatsApp Business API has been made to fulfill the communication needs of organizations way better than a WhatsApp Business App.

Why Use WhatsApp For Business?

2 billion monthly active users are all the reasons you need to start using WhatsApp for business. Beyond that, you can leverage its ease-of-use, easy integration with social media and websites, multi-media sharing, and other features powerful enough to boost your marketing, sales, and support communications.

Not only that but WhatsApp surpasses calls, emails, and contact forms in terms of delivery rate, open ratio, and conversions:

  • 70% higher open rate than emails

  • 50% higher response rate

  • 20% increase in sales closure ratio

WhatsApp API with ORAI- What is Your Advantage?

ORAI’s intelligent and easy-to-implement Conversational AI platform is the finest solution for WhatsApp business automation. It can take care of end-to-end enterprise communication with customers. ORAI’s AI platform empowers businesses with features like WhatsApp-SAP integration, multilingual conversations, 3-way communication, real-time lead qualification, personalized drip marketing, and more.

As AI partners, ORAI team works hand in hand with your internal teams to ease every stage of adoption, implementation, and maintenance of AI-led conversations on WhatsApp API.

Thus, WhatsApp API integrated with ORAI’s platform empowers your ability to scale up customer communications and manage various business processes around sales, marketing and support.

Human agents can use the 3-way conversational ability of ORAI on WhatsApp

3 Way communication btw customer, AI bot & Human Agent on ORAI's blog.
3 Way communication btw Customer, AI bot & Human Agent

When you choose ORAI with WhatsApp API, it creates a unique 3-way conversational environment where a customer can use the same platform to connect with both an AI bot as well as a human agent.

While simple and common queries are handled by AI, human agents are called on the chat only to solve complex problems. Hence, your business gets to stand out with an impeccable customer experience.

ORAI’s WhatsApp Conversational AI- How does It Work?

Here’s how WhatsApp Conversational AI allows quick and smooth conversations between your business and customers:

Infographic showing how WhatsApp conversational AI works
WhatsApp Conversational AI

1. Support customers 24*7

Having ORAI’s AI assistant available, you can ensure 24*7 customer support with instant responses. During your business work hours, support queries can be answered by WhatsApp chatbot or your support agents based on their complexity. And during odd hours, the AI bot can take care of all the queries with relevant responses, so you don’t leave your customers hanging.

2. Run drip campaigns

ORAI’s conversational AI platform also offers you the ability to create personalized drip campaigns and automate them on WhatsApp. The engagement ratio over WhatsApp is 70% higher than emails and SMSs. In fact, you get a 99% open rate of messages when sent over WhatsApp. Thus, your drip campaigns can drive more sales on WhatsApp with ORAI.

3. Send notifications

To engage your leads and customers, you can use ORAI’s conversational AI platform for personalized reminders, notifications, and updates. Such notifications will help customers get confirmations on bookings, deliveries, and upcoming appointments.

Case Study- How ORAI Amplified Business with AI-Enabled WhatsApp API

A leading pre-owned car dealership required a platform to engage prospects and customers instantly with automated yet personalized conversations. They were hoping to reduce the support overhead and increase the quality of leads captured via digital channels.

Once implemented with ORAI’s Conversational AI platform on WhatsApp Business API, the POC dealership was able to increase overall interactions by more than 195% and improve qualified leads by 217%.

Infographic showing overall leads and interaction
POC Dealership Engagement Insights

How to Start Using AI Chatbot for WhatsApp?

If you also need an AI chatbot for WhatsApp, come to ORAI. We will help you get your WhatsApp Business API approval for a verified ‘Green Badge’ account on WhatsApp. Our experts will require some necessary information based on WhatsApp verification guidelines to complete the application process on your behalf.

After getting the WhatsApp Business API, we will implement a no-code ORAI Conversational Platform. Our experts will train your internal team for a smooth adoption. Then, you can start leveraging WhatsApp automation in your business.

Want to dive deep into WhatsApp Conversational AI? Click here and let’s chat over WhatsApp, or schedule a FREE DEMO.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

Stay in contact with ORAI

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