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10 Ways Car Dealerships Can Use WhatsApp Chatbot For Customer Communication

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Most automobile dealerships rely on digital channels to convey information to customers. However, many are still stuck in between phone calls, emails and SMSs.

On the other hand, digital communication has move forward towards WhatsApp with 2 billion people actively using it every month to interact with family, friends, and businesses. It is offering a secure way of sharing information between customers and car dealerships.

Automobile dealerships with AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot are able to:

  • Ensure higher level of customer satisfaction

  • Save resources and costs of marketing, sales and service communications

  • Being reachable 24*7 for customers

  • Doing proactive messaging to build ongoing relationships

Here are 10 specific use cases of WhatsApp chatbot for automotive dealerships:

Infographic on ORAI's blog showing use cases of WhatsApp chatbot for car dealership
WhatsApp chatbot use cases for Car Dealerships

1. Book a Test Drive

Easily book test drives for customers at available time slots.

AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots can schedule appointments through personalized chat. These conversations can happen without your customers having to wait for a response. Along with a date and time, customers can decide on other details such as the car model, how long the test-drive will take, and more.

Image on ORAI's blog showing automated whatsApp chat for booking a test drive
Book a test drive through automated WhatsApp chatbot

2. Vehicle Advisory

Provide car details, brochures, configurations and pricing tables 24*7.

While buying a car, customers look for a lot of information, details and consultation. It can be difficult for human agents to quickly understand those requirements for every prospect and provide them with valuable advice.

A WhatsApp chatbot for automotive dealerships can do this effortlessly. It can talk about car configurations, share pricing tables and offer other details to help a prospect reach a buying decision.

AI bot can validate details of a lead (such as name, contact details, etc.) while discussing models, mileage, and financing options. This personalized consultation helps customers to schedule a test drive faster.

Image on ORAI's blog showing personalized chat for car buyers
Provide personalized help to car buyers

3. Dealer Locator

Find the nearest dealership and service centers with address and contact details.

For car buyers/owners, your WhatsApp chatbot can be of great help whenever they wish to find the nearest dealership or service centers. During repair or service urgencies, customers can simply open their WhatsApp to ask a virtual assistant about where your service center is. Hence, the bot can share location details without making customers wait.

4. After-Sales Services

Assist owners with service booking, accidental assistance, damage repair quotes and more.

The requirement of personalized communication doesn’t end after you sell a car. All dealerships know that but struggle to manually manage all after-sales services.

An AI chatbot for WhatsApp can automatically manage those services for you. It can respond to requests regarding service bookings, accidental assistance, damage repair quotes and more with information based on every owner’s preferences and needs.

5. Sending Reminders

Notify about repair, maintenance, monthly EMI and insurance renewal.

Customers will admire your services if you send them important WhatsApp notifications. These frequency and type of these notifications can change from customer to customer.

  • Appointment reminders: Sending reminds to customers regarding their scheduled test-drive, monthly vehicle check-ups, EMI payment date, and insurance renewal.

  • Alerts: Sending alerts regarding maintenance services will help owners to get timely service done on their cars for long vehicle lifecycle.

  • Delivery status: Delivery updates can be sent regarding the purchase of a new car, pick-up time, delivery date, or any other.

6. Pre-Owned Car (POC) Discovery

Recommend pre-owned models with usage history and service details.

A WhatsApp chatbot for automotive dealerships can be a great asset for your business as well customers looking for used cars. It can communicate with people to know their requirements can find them a perfect pre-owned car model. Once a user selects a model, the bot can explain all the specifications, pricing, and more details. Finally, it can arrange an on-site appointment and a test-drive.

7. Insurance and Loan Inquiry

Explain all insurance and loan options with personalized recommendations.

Customers interested in getting car insurance and loan will be happy to see your virtual presence for the same. You can give them the ability to ask their questions and information on insurance policies, loan duration, interest rates, required documents and more. An AI-powered virtual assistant on WhatsApp will be enough to respond to such requests for everyone at any scale.

8. Spare Parts and Accessory Availability

Find required spare parts and accessories from the inventory faster.

Via WhatsApp, you can allow your customers to send inquiries for spare parts and accessories. An AI-powered chatbot can be there to respond to those inquiries, telling them about the availability, pricing, and associated services.

9. Schedule a Repair

Allow owners to book emergency repairs and regular repairs at convenience.

Car owners find themselves stuck with emergency repair requirements apart from regular repair work. Urgent repair service booking can be managed more efficiently in the presence of a WhatsApp chatbot for car dealerships. A bot stays active 24*7, so it can check the available slots and scheduling repairs immediately for car owners in need.

10. Road-Side Assistance

Give online quick vehicle check-up with instant video chat calls.

An artificial intelligence chatbot on WhatsApp can enable live calls between car owners and repair experts. These calls can be used for road-side assistance whenever an owner needs a quick check-up while traveling, especially in remote locations or on highways.

How to implement a WhatsApp chatbot for your automotive business?

ORAI is your leading solution to adopt and implement WhatsApp for chatbot-enabled marketing, sales and services. We will make your business ready for all the above-mentioned use cases and more with WhatsApp Business Verification and WhatsApp Chatbot with the power of conversational AI that:

  • Offers omnichannel experience

  • Has multilingual conversational abilities

  • Understands data and emotions

  • Learns with conversations

  • Qualifies leads with real-time information assessment

And more! So, click here to get started. Or, Sign-up for a FREE DEMO now!

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